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Best comedy film after Hera pheri!!!!!!!!!
rasraj13 June 2006
This movie by far is the best comedy movie to be made after Hera pheri Every single actor was amazing. I never liked fardeen khan but he wasnot bad in this movie. Anil Kapoor was bloody brilliant, his acting his always fantastic. Salman Khan was not bad Celina Jaitley was pathetic, she's hot though Anees Bazmee is a fantastic director a well deserved comment for him There should be a No Entry sequel as well But I still firmly believe that Hera Pheri and Andaz Apna Apna are the two best comedy films ever to be made in Bollywood. i recommend everyone to watch this film at least once in their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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Laugh all the way
computermech12 October 2005
I loved the movie. I became ill from laughing so much. Very simple, no violence and funny plot. I would highly recommend to everyone. All the girls were gorgeous ! Loved their clothes. Some of the scenes in the songs are a bit on the revealing side. Personally this is not a movie for young children. The actors and actresses did a very good job. There was not a single scene that I found unprofessional. Only complaint with the movie was the songs were awful. Anu Malik could have done a better job with the song writing and music. Anu, please don't use pathetic, partial English lyrics. It's so embarrassing to see them being sung in front of Western audiences. "Just Love Me" !! Come on Anu ! The male singer was awful and should never sing. CAST: Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Celina Jaitley, Esha Deol,Fardeen Khan, Lara Dutta, Salman Khan
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A complete entertainer!
namashi_123 April 2009
Anees Bazmee's 'No Entry' is one of the finest comedies to come out in the history of Indian Cinema. What a film! A complete entertainer.... fabulous script, made into a fabulous film. First-rate performances, good music and classy locales. 'No Entry' is a pure example of entertaining cinema, that too at its best. I've seen this film countless times, and I enjoy watching it per viewing. Two Big Thumbs Up for this 2005 Box Office Blockbuster Hit!

Pluses of the film: Almost everything. Bazmee is a fantastic writer/director and No Entry proves that. The performances are first-rate: Anil Kapoor is the life of No Entry. He's fantastic in each and every frame he appears in. Salman Khan is in decent from, he plays to the gallery in an extended cameo. Fardeen Khan is superb. Lara Dutta is excellent. Celina looks alluring and does a decent job. Esha Deol doesn't get scope, yet she does well. Especially towards the end. Boman Irani is hilarious, ditto for the actress who plays his wife. Others are also good.

Minuses: Salman's role could've been extended.

on the whole 'No Entry' is a winner all the way... don't miss this one at any chance!
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Funniest Film of the Year
Liakot Ali11 June 2006
No Entry is with out Doubt The Funniest Film of the Year. This is a roller coaster 3 hour ride of Entertainment at its Best. After a Long tome Anil Kapoor has given us a Great Movie with a very funny role. Fardeen Khan is Amusing at times, although i preferred his acting in Love ke liye kuch bhi karega. Salman Khan is hardly in the movie, but the scenes he does appear in are very funny. Lara Dutta is unpredictabilly Superb as the suspicios wife. Celina Jaitley has an immature role, but her sexy eyes and Good looks doesn't bother the movie. Esha Deol is effiecient in a small role. Bipasa Basu looks less and less sexier then her previous film Jism, where she looked stunning. No Entry is an absolute Must See packed with hours of fun and adventure.
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Laugh Riot
Dead_Immortal11 October 2005
It is one of the Best Indian Comedy I even Watched. The Situation are Funny. Lyrics and dialogs are Hilarious. Total Laugh Riot. Contains no old jokes except the B+ joke which the director once used in his TV series. It got a lot of Chain Reactions, One thing leading to another. Worth every Penny and every Jiffy. And Don't ever miss the Ending. It's killing. You can't control your laughter. (I laughed till I fell off my chair.)

All Comedy fans must watch this. You don't really need to know the language to enjoy this Awesome Hindi Movie. 150 minutes of Comedy. 95% of the movie are awesome-ly awesome.

The DVD released so grab it ASAP.
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The best bollywood comedy to date!
mist-2 October 2005
This was a film which for me lived upto the hype generated by it. Superb performances by the cast and absolutely awesome script writing and directorial work make this a comical masterpiece. Many scenes in this movie had me on the edge of my seat as to where the story would take me next, it was really brilliantly done. For a large percentage of this movie i was in fits of laughter due to the sheer comic genius of the script and how well the actors & actresses pulled it off. Even the serious moments were wonderfully done, mainly down to Anil Kapoors supreme acting. Overall, this film is a must have for any avid bollywood film fan and without a doubt makes it into my personal collection. Best Bollywood comedy i've had the pleasure of seeing :)
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No entry is a class comedy
Ninad Palnitkar9 September 2005
This one is one of the most funniest movies ever seen. Salman was definitely the best. His expressions were just class. Surprisingly, Fardeen was GOOD in a comic role.He and Anil had great chemistry between them.They were class apart.Bipasha had played a striking role after a long time.Lara was very good in her Biwi No. 1 type role, but Esha hasn't got much footage.Celina was absolutely ravishing. Anil was also great. Boman Irani was also great even though he has got extremely less screen time than he deserved.

Overall this movie is both comedy and bit goofy.Salman has very little screen time compared to Anil and Fardeen. Boman Irani is grossly underutilized. This reminded me of wonderful Hindi movies in the past like Andaz Apna Apna, Hungama, Munnabhai MBBS and Mujhase Shaadi Karogi.
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The Best Comedy In Modern Indian Cinema
Shiv Mehta7 June 2006
No Entry Directed By Aneez Bazmee Is The Best Comedy Feature Film In Modern Indian Cinema Alongwith Hera Pheri. The Actor's Did A Splendid Job With Fardeen Khan Falling Little Short Than Others While Lara Dutta Over Acted In Some Scenes But All In All A Very Funny Movie With Good Screenplay And Awesome Cinematography By The Great Indian Cinematographer Ashok Mehta.

Anil Kapoor's Acting Is Evergreen Supported With Fantastic Peppy Numbers By Anu Malik Make This A Must For DVD Lovers Too To Buy This Out.

Salman Khan's Role Is Short But Pretty Well Defined. The Climax Is Probably The Funniest Climax In Indian Comedy History.

Dialogues Are Amazing But The Main Characteristics That Made The Movie So Amazing And Fully Worth Watching Was Acting, Music, Cinematography, Direction And Editing.

In Short A Perfect Comedy Very Rare To See In Indian Cinema.
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Ganesh Salian8 April 2011
No Entry,directed by Anees Bazmme was one of the biggest hits in 2005.

The film promises big laughs.The best thing is that it promises laughs scene by scene.

There are just some few scenes which make you feel ho-hum.But overall the film is a laugh riot.

Direction by Anees Bazmee is very good.

Music is okay.

Dialogs are very good.

Performance wise-Its Anil Kapoor who rocks the show.His comic timing is just so amazing.Salman Khan is good.Fardeen Khan is also funny. Among the 4 ladies.Lara Dutta is the best.Followed by Celina Jaitely who has screen presence.Bipasha Basu looks gorgeous.Esha Deol is weak. Boman Irani is wasted.

Overall No Entry,deserves a watch.
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Awais6 September 2005
Very funny movie. Songs are load of crap. But the pros outweigh the cons. The male actors perform very well as does Lara And Bipasha. Salman Khan is at ease playing a womaniser with charm. Anil Kapoor is on form playing the frustrated husband. Lara Dutta is equally good playing the untrusting wife. Fardeen Khan is a pro for his first time in comic role. Celina and Esha have minimal roles, but are adequate in their performances. Bipasha is at her sultry best as nightclub dancer paid by Salman to seduce Anil; Fardeen is also roped in under her spell. The wedding story, the Anil-Lara combo and ending are the high points. Leave your critics hat at home and enjoy this circus.
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Great Humor
abhro_00711 September 2005
I enjoyed the movie very much. I found a great fun from most of the dialogues. Every actors and actresses did a great job in this movie. Particularly, Anil Kapoor did excellent and marvelous acting, which entertained me lot. His dialogues are very much hilarious. Basically, 'Be Positive (B+)'. Fardeen and Salman also acted very nicely. Salman's appearance was a small comparing to Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan. But this is because of the story. The story basically emphasize on the enormous twist with great ending. I loved the ending most.

I laughed 95 % time of the total movie duration time. You should watch this movie to get real entertainment with obvious humor in each dialog. This movie deserves best score.
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very entertaining, nice
Raj Ram11 December 2005
Excellent. Well Made. Entertaining. Anil, Salman, Fardeen and all the girls have done a great job. Fardeen seems to look like Sylvester Stallone (or I am watching too many movies).

Salman is beginning to look old. Anil Kapoor looks young given his age. Esha has done an excellent job.  

Salman's ability to spin stories was hilarious ' excellent job Salman! Anil excels in his ability to play the scared husband - wonder if that is acting or normal!!

The character of Bobby was really funny.

  • Rajesh
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Enter...the NO ENTRY
espiritlibre22 March 2006
Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Salman Khan= good times, it does not really matter who the heroines were. BUT Bipasha looked fabulous, I liked her ethnic look. I think she stole the show. The wives were arch typical (stereotypical). You had the dumb one, the suspicious one, and the bratty one. Most woman are a combination of these. The guys were a bit more complicated. Anil Kapoor played the good husband, Salman Khan played himself (kidding). They both played roles that were expected of them. Fardeen Khan showed range, he is very sensitive and that reflects in his work. I liked him in Khushi with Kareena, and in Fida. The entire movie was so silly that you could not stop laughing. I saw in the theater, at home with my parents then again with friends on video. Even Non-Indians enjoyed it, subtitles and all. One guy thought that SK looked late 20s, impressive. Salman Khan looks good, and it has nothing to do with bodybuilding. The entire movie was cast well.
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This movie was the funniest movie ever
bhavikapattni20 January 2006
Well this movie is definitely the best Indian comedy ever. First there was Masti which was too funny that it roked so much. But then when I watched no entry i couldn't stop laughing. This film was pure comedy and the fact that it had salman khan made it better. He played his role superbly and his expressions were class. Anil looked so innocent at the beginning but turned into a serpent with the tongue of lying. Fardeen was funny in the beginning and kept helping out anil and going along with his lies. When they met up after anil's heart attack i was laughing so much. All their wives were confused and so was Bobby. This film is the funniest film ever. I can't believe this is a film. Its too good. So funny. Definitely the best comedy ever.
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Humorous in parts....could have been better with some editing
jayeshsam10 October 2005
By the time I walked out of the hall, I had a headache as well as a stomach ache. A headache because there are certain scenes in the movie that are totally unbearable, while certain others made me laugh a lot resulting in the above consequences. The movie is very colorful and has great humor in parts. However, some of the coincidences in the movie like everyone meeting in Mauritius and landing at the same hotel are a bit of an exaggeration. Right around there, there's a song that seems totally unnecessary; so are a few other songs. No Entry title song is a great item number. The actresses all have done a fair job. Anil, Fardeen and Salman have done a good job as well. Overall I would give this one a 7. Could have been better with some more editing.
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Laugh Riot!!!
rekha-r-nair7 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I watched 'No Entry' yesterday evening. I laughed so hard that my stomach is aching even now. If you leave your brains aside and watch it, I am sure that it will tickle your funny bone too.

The story revolves around three married men - Anil Kapoor who is dedicated to his highly suspicious wife Lara Dutta, Fardeen Khan who is newly married to Celina Jaitley and Salman Khan who cheats on his doting wife Isha Deol. The madness starts when the sizzling hot Bipasha Basu comes into the picture. Sallu promises to pay Bips 2 lakhs if she can get Anil to sleep with her. Lara thinks Bips is Fardeen's wife. Celina thinks Bips is Anil's wife. Thus starts the crazy circle of life that ends in a dramatic cliff-hanging scene, and a 'nagina' and some funny remarks about Sunny Deol ;) As far as the soundtrack goes, the ONLY good song is 'No Entry'. All others are quite forgettable. My favorite scene in the movie is where Fardeen comes to save Sallu who is hanging off a cliff. The rest of the cliff scene is just hilarious!! Altogether, the movie is worth the ticket money.
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Laugh your guts out!
Dingataca14 February 2007
No Entry lived thoroughly up to the hype surrounding it. I went to see this expecting something time-pass, and I was very surprised.

Anil Kapoor rules this film, from the male side. Fardeen and Salman are nothing compared to him here. Lara, Esha, and Celina are all just acceptable. Celina being the most disappointing - she had nothing to offer apart from a slutty performance! I liked Bipasha Basu though, surprisingly, she showed signs of talent, and I quite liked her in this one. It isn't easy to play a prostitute, you have to act well, in addition to being super sexy, and Bipasha managed it.

POSITIVES: 1. The acting is pretty much better than average.

2. Music - very fresh.

3. Direction and plot is awesome!

4. The comedy - the most important thing to be on the Positive list - was amazing. You'll laugh your guts out, seriously!

NEGATIVES: 1. Humour was great but extremely crude/vulgar at more than one occasion,

2. Script - a bit cheesy, I would expect something more realistic.

I think Indian Cinema has met a new form of comedy - in the form of No Entry. Thank you Anees Bazmee.
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Best comedy do not miss
aaronbir10 September 2017
This is a best comedy of salman khan after Maine pyar kyun kiya he is good in both movies

They were both were proved successfully

Songs are cult and super hit

The direction is good background music is fine editing is superb story-line is hilarious screenplay is entertaining

Salman does well Anil is funny fardeen is great Lara is amazing es-ha is good Celina is fine bi-pasha is the show steal-er


Don't forget to watch
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Excellent comedy .... Can watch 10 times ... again and again....
harsha-6238622 May 2017
Throughout the movie there is not a moment of time that you are thinking of anything else in the world. The story and humor throughout the movie keeps you entertained even till the finishing shot. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys comedy.Just watch this and enjoy anytime you feel bored.
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NO Entry Without Laughter
Katgara_aresh29 August 2005
This movie is definitely one of the funniest movies ever seen. All the characters played their part well.Anil was definitely the best. His expressions were just class. He is one of the few actors who can perform almost any role with versatility.Fardeen was GOOD.He and Anil had great chemistry between them.They were class.Bipasha was awesome after a long time.Lara & Esha were also good.Celina was absolutely stunning. Salman was also great but very little screen time. Boman Irani was also great.

However overall this movie is both comedy and goofy.Salman has very little screen time compared to Anil and Fardeen but there is a balance between them.
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Mediocrity, thy name is Bollywood
Aam Aadmi22 December 2005
This movie is supposed to be a "laugh riot, comedy, hilarious" and all that, according to the previews on the local desi channel.

It is anything but. Jokes are the typical B-grade 'el cheapo' kind. The comedy is slapstick. In this hastily written story (no plot, of course, otherwise it can't be Bollywood), a guy who it seems is not-so-happily married to his suspicious wife, is lured into tasting the "forbidden fruit" by his BIL (bro-in-law) and his photographer colleague who also conveniently happens to be an employee searching for a place to stay. What happens at the end is anyone's guess.

Acting is tepid (why do they even bother casting Esah Deol??) with Khan and Kapoor clearly looking over-age. They don't come across as married-guys-looking-to-settle-down, or as enjoying married life. No wonder they fall for the dancing damsel. All in all, it is a bogus farce that only Bollywood can cook up.

Could be much better on stage (likely where its stolen from).
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It was funny, I'll give it that...
Sherazade11 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
but there's something to be said about films that glorify men having scandalous affairs and getting away with it. Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan are three friends with very different views on life and relationship. Fardeen just wants to mind his own business and dish dirt on men who cheat, Anil doesn't want to even think about cheating, and Salman lives to cheat. Esha Deol, Lara Dutta, and Celina Jaitley play their wives. Esha is married to Salman, Lara is married to Anil, and Celina marries Fardeen during the course of the film. It is important for you to note this arrangement because if you blink, something might have been switched around on you and you would end up thinking that you're going crazy but it's just the characters having fun, or lack there of. Bipasha Basu plays a sex kitten vixen type as usual. She is a mistress to Salman's character but is then introduced to Anil's character by Salman when Anil gets tired of his wife always accusing him of cheating. He decides to actually cheat. Unbeknowst to him, Salman is paying Bobby (Basu) 200,000 to make sure she seduces Anil to the point of no return, so when Anil tries to back out, Bobby is unrelenting. The songs and some of the costumes are very nice. The film has many plots, twists and turns but sends a very bad message to women about men. At least Indian women who worship their husbands. The message here is that men are dogs and there is little or nothing women can do to change that. Sad!
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No Entry-Good if they are telling this to the Audience
sandhirflora13 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
As if we do not have enough of those David Dhawans and Indra Kumars that now we have another addition to this list called Mr.Anees Bazmee. This film maker has given us at least bearable "Pyar To Hona Hi Tha" and "Deewangee" in past but this time he joined the list of those above mentioned highly celebrated ones whose prime purpose is to play to the gallery and for that purpose no matter how regressively they have to portray their women folk, they care a damn! So again another Masti-type, a poor American pie category product where instead of youngsters you again have those ageing highly frustrated typical MCP types chasing women like a dog as if women are not human beings but those strange creatures "from Venus", meant to satisfy and also boost the ultimate wants/ego of this species, and worse their women also believe so. What a great thought and imagination in 100 plus years of evolution of cinema? Oh, oh what is that great thing, the super-duper discovery hidden under the frock or for that matter under the "cholis" of women? Come on dudes, grow up, this is 21st century and men definitely have other interesting things in life than woman to do and discover. American Pie at least has some comic situations that look genuine and apt in those circumstances but here when your favorite stars do something similar, they appears pitiable and cut a sorry figure. Sir..Kaam…sorry Kaamedi hai sir, Edoolt Kaamedi ,boldwala… public ko wohi chahiye. Dekha nahi aapne TV pe wo audience reaction? Oh God! What the f*** , sorry …hell, am I talking about? Am I reviewing or lost my sense? This is "suppose" to be biggest hit of 2005 and considered an entertainer by all box office Badshahs. Eureka, they discovered a new formula. Something must be wrong. I should say something that is diplomatic and politically correct. Therefore, Control Alternate Delete everything I said so far. I should talk like a proper review writer. This is highly entertaining, full of comedy that you can definitely watch with your families. It has a strong message too for the society and doing a great service by educating youngsters about the most important things in life (courtesy Mr. Boney Kapoor and Mr. Anees Bazmee). It is film for the masses. Direction, story, script, acting everything is class. Don't miss. Go watch it. It's your daily dose of popcorn. Right sir?

Note: for those who read this review, if you don't like it even I give a damn!
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What an eye wash for the dumb Indian audience!
Aparna Gangopadhyay11 September 2015
Film: No entry

Character name – Bobby (Bipasha Basu) Profession – Escort Services (Call Girl)

Brain wash for Indian Audience: Bobby became a call girl so that she could treat her paralyzed husband who needed Rs.30,000/- per day! REVIEW:

SO in this film, the males are trying to show an example of a very sacrificing female – whose husband is hospital-bed-ridden that needs Rs. 30,000/- per day – i.e. the hospital authorities will throw her husband out if she does not give them the said amount per day!

we, the people, are screaming 'Poverty'!

In India, some males are so filthy rich that they can hire the services of a call girl by paying her Rs.30,000/- per day!! They are the same males who probably do not give bonus or extra working hours money to the factory workers or employees.

These are the same males who happily 'hump' around females of any age groups and call themselves 'consenting adults'! All the miserliness of such depraved, whore monger males come in front when they have to pay those employees who work day and night for the sleazy pigs! These are the same males whose wives also sleep around with gatekeepers, drivers, gym instructors, gigolos….after all they have to take revenge – their husbands are sleeping around so they want to get even.

The daughters and sisters of such males of course grow up to become 'consenting adult' females who sleep around with anyone who catches their fancy – DNA extensions of debauch males after all! Such factors are rarely hidden from the commoner – thus the slogging workers also turn into corrupt thieves forcing the commoners (customers/ consumers) to give bribes etc. and indulge in swindling company assets. You see, if the Boss (maalik) is corrupt/ debauch, why should those reporting to him be honest in their dealings? As a result, slowly and gradually only the vile creatures begin to rule and make rules and regulations (according to their own sweet will) for the commoners.

Breaking News: Females who enter into Escort services and become call girls are not all that helpless as Bollywood tries to show them. Bollywood will always treat the sassy, shameless girls with kid gloves because it is due to their unabashed nude body display that Bollywood managed to make so much money…and continuing to do so!
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