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Political Subterfuge & The Eternal Triangle
John T. Ryan1 May 2015
EVER SINCE IT debuted in the daily and Sunday newspapers and quickly emerged as one unique comic strip, it has continually made inroads into other media. In addition to its native home within the confines of the comics panel, LIL ABNER adaptations have permeated: Animated Cartoons, a Radio Show, an RKO Radio Pictures feature film, a Broadway Musical and its highly successful adaptation to the Silver Screen.

WE MUST HAVE missed the meeting when the news of this Sitcom Pilot was announced. Until this very day, both Schultz and myself hadn't heard of it; let alone had ever screened same. It must truly be among the best all time best-kept secrets of Tinsel-town.

ALTHOUGH THIS EPISODE (Pilot) is hampered by the typical trappings of the whole sitcom genre, such as the snippet-like segments and (horrors, Horace) the Canned Laughter; the basic handling of this story is not really so bad. The situations, the actors' facial expressions and body language is strictly Al Capp comic art.

THIS SHOULD NOT be so very much of a surprise; being that the story was written by Mr. Capp himself. It seems to be fairly certain that wardrobe/costume-design, casting, the director and the general overall look and feel of this production must have had plenty of input from Al Capp also.

AS FAR AS the cast goes, all are at least passable in their casting. The cast features: Sammy Jackson (Lil Abner), Judy Canova (Mammy Yokum) Janenine Harper (Daisy Mae), Jerry Lester (Pappy Yokum) and Robert Reed (Senator) all worked hard I trying to give the characters a Capp-esque appearance in facial expressions.

ALTHOUGH THE ACTOR is not credited, the Local Dogpatch politician looks and sounds very familiar. Could it be Radio Actor, Kenny Delmar? Please let Schultz and his buddy (me) know i9f you have any information.
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