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The Right Way to give ECW a WWE produced event

Author: jts0405 from United States
5 January 2009

This was a hell of a lot better than that crap December to Dismember show in December 2006. This is the right way to utilize the ECW talent in one night.

Match 1: Lance Storm vs Chris Jericho - Great opener. Both these guys pull off some impressive high flying action. Jericho was only in ECW for awhile, but since he was contracted WWE talent at the time and originally worked ECW he was put into this show. Storm really did great for his first match in a long time. In the end Justin Credible gives Jericho a Singapore cane shot so Storm can pick up the win. Nice opener.

Match 2: Super Crazy vs Tajiri vs Little Guido - It was nice to see Nunzio using his original ECW name in this match. A truly incredible match. These three since the original ECW have put on classic three way dances. Guido is the first to go and then we are down to Crazy and Tajiri. Crazy hits all three of his moonsaults off the ropes to take the win. He also did an incredible balcony dive earlier in the match. Great candidate for match of the night.

Match 3: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Psychosis - In the good spirit of WWE wrestlers taking their original ECW names we have Rey Mysterio competing as Rey Mysterio Jr. once again. These two tore the roof off the place. ECW didn't take time to slow down the event, instead they put on this classic contest between two fantastic luchadors. Rey in the end takes the win, but he earned it after some of the maneuvers he pulled off in this one.

Match 4: Sabu vs Rhino - I know WWE pronounces it as Rhyno, but I will refer to him by his truly spelled named, Rhino. This was the first hardcore extreme match of the evening. Rhino attacks the injured Rob Van Dam during a shoot promo, Sabu then defends his former friend and takes Rhino on in the ring. In the end Sabu his the Arabian Skull Crusher off the top rope through the table, getting him the well needed win over ECW's last World Champion Rhino.

Match 5: Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero - As if the matches couldn't get any better we now have Benoit vs Guerrero once again. It would have been cool if Dean Malenko would have come out of retirement for this event or even participated as a special guest referee, but still this match was great either way. Guerrero and Benoit both shine like they used to in the old ECW. In the end Benoit picks up the win, but both shake hands in respect for one another.

Match 6: Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka - These two stole the show once more. Many were upset with Mike Awesome after he left ECW for WCW in 2000, but he made them take that bad taste out of their mouth after some of the things he did in this particular contest. Tanaka was in top form as well for this one. They did so many table spots that I really couldn't count. In the end Awesome wins the final encounter match between these two. He then Awesome Bombs referee John Finnegan for the hell of it.

Match 7: The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman - This was the greatest match of the evening. All four of these guys have respect for each other and it played into this memorable main event. Spike Dudley even comes down to help his brothers. The match takes awhile to start because many ECW alumni ensue in a huge brawl before the match. In the end the Dudleys put Tommy Dreamer through a flaming table for the win. Incredible finish.

Then in the end Stone Cold comes down to the ring with the ECW alumni to wage war on the WWE invaders. In the end Taz makes a surprise appearance and chokes the hell out of JBL.

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ECW One Night Stand 2005

Author: wrestlingsitewebmaster from England
28 July 2005

This was a FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, UNBELIEVABLE PPV! I LOVED everything about this PPV, and I just hope McMahon does another one, one day.

Joey Styles was clearly emotional as he entered the ring at the beginning, and he shouted the famous catch phrase "Oh, My God!" The fans were shouting "Joey!" and "ECW, ECW!" Match one kicked off as Lance Storm took on 'Lionheart' not 'Y2J!' Chris Jericho in a fantastic battle. The Lance Storm and Dawn Marie partnership brought back fond memories. This was a fantastic technical battle, and that's a shame when you think about it because WWE will not allow Jericho to use this kind of wrestling in the WWE. Storm won when Justin Credible hit Jericho with a kendo stick. All perfectly legal! Next up one of the best Cruiswerweight matches I have seen in my 13 years as a wrestling fan, Yoshiro Tajiri took on Little Guido and Super Crazy in a crazy match! Highlights included Super Crazy jumping off the balcony onto Guido and The FBI! and Mikey Whipwreck took Little Guido out with a neck breaker off the top rope! Crazy won this amazing battle! Even though this was good, it featured too much interference from Mikey Whipwreck and The Sinister Minister and was 6 minutes long. Then the Smackdown! invaders which consisted of JBL, Kurt Angle, The Basham Brothers, Carlito, Matt Morgan and Orlando Jordan 'invaded' the arena. The fans shouted " You suck d*cks" and Angle shouted back " Yes I got that off your mothers!" This was brilliant and then RVD's music hit the arena as he made his way out with Bill Alfonso! RVD's mic skills were ace during this, as he said things like "Remember when I had a vocabulary?!" and " This is EC f*ckin W!" But then Rhyno ran in and gored RVD out of his boots until the fans shouted "Sabu, Sabu!" The lights went out and there he was the man himself! The match was on, Rhyno vs Sabu, this was a fantastic battle, which saw RVD getting involved despite his injured leg. He hit Rhyno with a Van Terminator, and this caused Sabu to jump on top off Rhyno on a table for the win! Brilliant! Next up Rey Mysterio battled Psycosis. It wasn't that good. It featured a sleeper hold from Psycosis which was booed and a non ECW move 619 which was also booed. Mysterio won. Then Eddie Guerrero battled Chris Benoit in a fantastic battle. Benoit won with the cross face. One funny moment during this match was when half the arena shouted "Lets go Benoit" whilst the other half shouted " Lets go Eddie!" LOL! Next up I just could not believe my luck. Mike Awesome took it to Masato Tanaka in a cracking battle. To be honest this was probably the best match of the night. Awesome flew out of the ring onto Tanaka, he powerbombed Tanaka out of the ring onto a table and powerbombed him again on a collapsed table in the ring! Awesome won, and the fans loved this match up, and so did I! This match was...... Awesome! Then the main event took place as the Dudley Boyz took on The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer in a blood filled match. The fans were all over The Sandman who whacked his head several times with beer cans! This was hardcore, bloody and damn right dangerous! They used cheese graters, kendo sticks and even put Tommy Dreamer through a FLAMMIN TABLE! for the win! Then at the end, the Raw and Smackdown! invaders got in the ring and had a BIG fight with the whole of the ECW locker room. But the story was that JBL actually beat up The Blue Meanie for real during the brawl. Then they all beat the crap out of Bischoff, and they all drank beers! Thank you Paul Heyman, Thank you Vince McMahon and thank you to all the wrestlers who made this very special.

The only real disappointments on the PPV were Mick Foley's awful commentary. Even though Joey Styles was fantastic, Foley wasn't. It reminded me of Art Donovan at King of the Ring 1994, but old Art had an excuse he was meant to be clueless. Secondly the repeated camera shots of the Raw and Smackdown! invaders and thirdly a WWE version 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin coming to the ring. But these details aside this was awesome.

A tribute video to those wrestlers who are no longer with us, was touching and upsetting, but thank you for showing this and making sure that are still not forgotten.

Overall Grade A**

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Author: johndertaker from United Kingdom
13 June 2005

I sat Up and watched this Pay-Per-View last night (Sunday Jun 12th) in awe, At the start I never liked ECW but the things that I saw that night was just unreal. Thank You Paul Mr. Heyman Thank You. The matches in this event had blockbusters written all over them, From the opening contest right to the end. The biggest blood bashing, Slobber-knocking Hard Hitting Pure Bread No Storyline Wrestling. A great night for any-one that was there and for the millions and millions watching at home.Finally Like I say before if you a big wrestling fan this show will definitely appeal to you and if you think wrestling is fake, watch this AND THINK AGAIN.

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ecw before it got bad

Author: liam_donnaz from Australia
6 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

ECW's resurrection show is without argument the best thing that happened to it during its second coming. The show represented everything good about the old school ECW, and was everything that made it work. I'll start with the matches. Jericho vs Storm A great opening contest, the contest showcased the technical gifts of both competitors. The only problem with the match came from its end. It could have been a standout match if not for it. Mysterio vs Psicosis Another great match, the Lucha Libre style looks great in this bout, and though not the best, definitely gets things going. Benoit vs Guerrerro Again, not the best match, but a good one. Both of the late wrestlers put on a great showcase of their abilities. Sabu vs Rhino Now we're getting into the good stuff. Set after an emotional RVD speech, this match was the first display of extreme wrestling. Tables, chairs, and the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, death defying mad man make a great match. Awesome vs Tanaka Arguably the best match of the entire show, Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka put on a contest which highlights the best of both competitors. Awesomes insanely athletic abilities and hardcore style clashed wonderfully with Tanaka, and the matches climax made for a fantastic match. Dreamer, Sandman vs Dudleys I'm a Dreamer fan. I'll admit it. This match is second only to its former. The amount of weapons used is truly wonderful for extreme fans, and shows the best of both teams. The conclusion was amazing, and I liked the appearance by Beulah, Kid Kash, the B.W.O, the hardcore chair swinging freaks and especially Spike Dudley. A great way to end a great show.

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One of the best PPVs of all time

Author: filthydeeds from United Kingdom
1 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I personally see WM 17 as the best PPV of all time though this certainly comes close - if not better.

Every match was solid and had very, very few errors throughout. There incredible matches such as Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit which is always entertaining, a 3 way dance between Super Crazy, Tajiri and Little Guido (Nunzio) this was truly remarkable. There were other matches such as Chris Jericho vs Lance Storm and Rey Mysterio vs Psicosis these were all fantastic.

Though there are 2 matches in which I see as undeniably 2 of the hardest fought matches ever.

Firstly there was the main event of Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs The Dudley Boyz which is remarkable Bubba Ray gets a cheese grater and rubs it against Dreamers head which results is a massive loss of blood and the the match ends with a classic Dudley moment a flaming table this match was epic.

Though there is one match that was on the mid card in which I see as one of the best matches ever and that was Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka, which was just incredible the amount of tables and chairs used are massive and the amount of broken pinfalls is also incredible - this match in my opinion described ECW, as pure devotion.

Overall this was an incredible PPV it is one of very few PPV's in which I can say that every match was basically perfect.

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The Return of Extreme

Author: Terryfan from United States
10 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me say that this is the best Pay Per View of 2005 because it marks the reunion with all those who helped ECW get to where it was at in the 1990s return in 2005 for a great big event.

The matches were just a pure classic each match has something that make it worth watching.

Also great cameos from legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin and all the legends of Extreme Championship Wrestling like ECW Hottest women Francine and Beulah Mcgillicutty.

Also ECW One Night Stand show some of the classic moments from ECW Past.

Now on to the matches each match is worth watching on this pay per view.

1.Lance Storm with Dawn Marie vs Chris Jericho. The match shows how well both Storm and Jericho can work good matches as they both always put on great matches in their careers. The match is a great opening match and a lot of great spots. Justin Credible makes a Cameo in this match.

Final Rating: 9 out of 10

2.Super Crazy vs Tajiri with The Sinster Minister and Mikey Whipwreck vs Little Guido with the FBI

A great triple threat match with a lot of great high flying moves in this battle.

Final Rating 8 out of 10

3.Rey Misterio vs Psychosis. Another reason why fans of ECW shows were always into the matches was because Rey and Psychosis and others put on a lot of great wrestling matches. This match was no different this is a great match to watch with two legends.

Final Rating 8 out of 10

4.Sabu with Bill Alfonso vs Rhyno. This match came up during Rob Van Dam shoot promo about how much it hurts him that he was not going to be able to wrestle on the card. Rhyno gored RVD only for Sabu to come out.

The match is just as wild as Sabu is always know for having wild matches in wrestling.

Final Rating 8 out of 10

5.Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero. Two men that always work well together in the ring no matter who they face or face each other.

Final Rating 8 out of 10

6.Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka. Listen to Joey Styles on this match is wild because Mike Awesome was known for walking out on ECW with the title. Overall a good match.

Final Rating 7 out of 10

7.The Dudley Boyz vs The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer. This is the main event and it was a great way to end the show and a lot of wrestlers like the Blue World Order made cameos along with Kidd Kash, Francine,Beulah Mcgillicutty and the Impact Players and Spike Dudley.

The match show how extreme ECW got every night at all their shows. They use about everything you could image. The match had one of the best finishes in a match ever.

Then after the show the ECW stars beat up the Raw and Smackdown guys who were at the show.

So overall I'm glad to say that this is the best Pay Per View of 2005 and should be watched by all fans of Wrestling.

I give ECW One Night Stand 2005 a 9 out of 10

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Great PPV.

Author: paulofthebakers from United Kingdom
14 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is possibly the best PPV I have seen since WrestleMania X-Seven. I was never a 'fan' of ECW to say the least, because when I started watching wrestling again, ECW was over. 4 and a ½ years later we get an ECW re-union. I was looking forward to a PPV, which is something I haven't had since about Wrestlemania 19. There were some great moments and quotes from the shows by RVD, Paul Heyman and the awesome Joey Styles. The best moment of the show was the shoot (real life) promo by Heyman with quotes like "I have 2 words to say to you (Edge).. Matt Freakin Hardy", which what Matt got sacked for, Paul E. must have some balls to say. Joey's best quote was "That's gotta hurt more than being Simon Dean on TV! I know I'm sacked, I lasted one night!". Great matches were Tanaka-Awesome; Storm-Jericho and the main event for the balls the dudes had. Benoit-Guerrero was extremely poor for what they can do, but almost everything else was solid if a little short. If you want a re-union show. THIS is it. A very fun show for all the smarks to mark out for, and although we didn't get Raven, Stevie or RVD wrestling, this was a great show. ECW with a touch of WWE, but it was great!!

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one night stand

Author: Hoodfella from United States
12 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

my thoughts.

1.Lance storm with dawn Marie vs Chris Jericho.Great way to open the show lance storm gets the win in his last match.8.5/10 2. 3 way dance Tajiri vs Lil Guido vs super crazy. Another short match but it didn't need to be long they used the time they were given in this great match. super crazy does a crazy moon salt off the balcony on to the FBI. this match should open the company's eyes to there little guys.Lil Guido is pinned first then its down to tajiri and super crazy. super crazy wins with a beautiful moon salt off the ropes. 9/10.

3.Rey vs Psicosis. Another short match that was great. This match had a lot of back and forth action in it. When psychosis doing a crazy leg drop on Rey while he was laying on the guardrail. A lot of high flying moves in this match. Rey even got booed for doing the 619 but he got the pin.9/10.

Smackdown and raw invade. Jbl talks trash about the ecw fans calls himself a wrestling god. Kurt angle talks trash to. that promo was actually good. not to long just strait to the point.

Rob comes out with bill Alfonzo and does a shoot about wee not giving him a chance on the Mic. And how he held the belt for a year. He basically tells the truth in his shoot promo. Rhyno comes out a takes out Rob. The lights go out and its Saba setting up the next match.

4. Sabu vs Rhyno. THis match was short but it had a lot of good hardcore action including a hard chair shot from Saba. And tables getting involve in the match. Rob even kicks the chair in rhinos face. Sabu does a leg drop from the top rope with the chair underneath him while he puts rhino threw the table. 7/10 match because of the length but it was good for what it was.

5. Paul hey-mans awesome shoot on the wee,edge,WC,and Eric brushoff. This is the best shoot I've ever heard. He also tells the truth. IN the shoot he shoots on edge saying he takes peoples wife's, and he says Matt freaking hardy. to a massive you screwed Matt chant.He says that Bradshaw was the champ for a year because triple h didn't want to work on smack down. And he said many things about Eric. Basically saying that this was Ec F****** W. 10/10 for the shoot fest.

Match of the night-Mike awesome vs Tanaka- This match rules chant during the match. Need I say more. Tables,crazy dives,Hard shots with the chairs.Mike wins. 10/10.

Second match of the night.THe Dudley boys vs sandman and dreamer. This match had everything. Tables,ladders,chairs,barbwire,cheese graters. And plus is had tons of interference in the match but that didn't hurt the match it actually made it better. THe ending was tommy going threw a Flaming table.Holy s*** chant rang threw the arena.

At the end of the show. stone cold came out. And said he wanted it to be wee vs ecw. ecw won and beat the H*ll out of Eric brushoff. Stone cold drunk beer with sandman. Joey styles said-ECW's alive................ the show was great.

Better than wrestlemania 21.

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Watered down ECW

Author: Eric Jorgenson
5 August 2005

As a huge fan of ECW back in the day, this ppv was somewhat disappointing. ECW comes back for only one pay-per-view, for one night only(I really doubt it though, they probably will be back), and this is the best they could come up with? Don't get me wrong, it was a great ppv, but it really wasn't very extreme. The most extreme aspect of the show, was the historical montages of ECWs past great matches and character highlights. It wasn't really until the final match, that we actually got to see what ECW is all about. I thought that the ppv wasted way too much time on the whole idea of the WWE being there. It was a stupid storyline, and the ppv should have just focused on main reason for the event; EC F'N W!!!! I really don't think I could pick one match from the event that will ever be remembered as memorable. ECW has had better ppv events in the past, but its probably not really their fault for being watered down, because it was ran and supervised by WWE. Overall it was some great wrestling action, but not great when in terms with what ECW used to be in the past. For any wrestling fan, its def. worth a rent, but hardcore ECW fans may be disappointed.

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