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The Sandman (Jim Fullington) pours beer on a woman's cleavage and licks it off. He then pours beer on former ECW valet Elektra (Donna Adamo), turning her shirt see-through, and commentator Mick Foley acknowledges that it must have been a cold beer.

Francine's (Francine Fournier) thong is visible during her catfight with Beulah McGillicutty (Trisa Hayes).

Justin Credible (P.J. Polaco) hits Chris Jericho in the head with a Singapore cane.

Tables and chairs are used frequently, starting with the Sabu (Terry Brunk)-Rhyno (Terry Gerin) match forward (the exception being the Chris Benoit-Eddie Guerrero match, which is wrestled as the kind of straight wrestling match they were known for doing.)

Mike Awesome (Mike Alfonso) powerbombs Masato Tanaka over the ropes through a table to the floor and pins him with a splash to the floor.

The Sandman makes himself bleed by bashing a beer can against his forehead during his entrance. The Tommy Dreamer/Sandman-Dudley Boys match is the most violent match of the show. (Dreamer's nickname is "The Innovator of Violence".) Sandman's Singapore Cane is used. A chair is set up against a seated D-Von Dudley's (Devon Hughes) groin and the chair is caned. Tommy Dreamer wraps a ladder around his neck. Bubba Ray Dudley (Mark LoMonaco) makes Dreamer bleed by raking a cheese grater against his face. Justin Credible gives Dreamer That's Incredible (Tombstone Piledriver) on a barbed-wire sphere. The Dudleys win when Bubba pins Dreamer after powerbombing Dreamer through a flaming table.

During the big ECW-WWE brawl, John Bradshaw Layfield (John Layfield) busts open the Blue Meanie (Brian Heffron) with real punches.

Paul Heyman tells Eric Bischoff and the WWE crusaders, "You're in our house, bitch!", which gets bleeped. Joey Styles says that if the Dudleys powerbomb the Sandman through a table, "it might just sober that drunk bastard up." After Bischoff takes the Dudley Boys' 3D (Dudley Death Drop), Chris Benoit's Diving Headbutt, and Rey Mysterio Jr.'s (619) kick to the face, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin asks Bischoff for this thoughts on the night. Bischoff says, "Fuck ECW!," which gets bleeped. During the beer blast, the Sandman says, "Ahhh, E-C-FUCKING-W!," which does not get bleeped.

After the Sabu-Rhyno match, there is a segment where Al Snow is talking to Head (a mannequin head) and blaming Head for the WWF SmackDown! invaders being there. Al says that the PPV was for the fans and the wrestlers that made ECW what it was, "not a bunch of SmackDown! assholes!," which does not get bleeped.

From "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's promo on the WWE invaders (among various uses of "ass"):

"You're all a bunch of sorry-ass cowards."

"Kurt Angle, you gold medal son of a bitch, pull that finger out of your ass!"

During the ECW-WWE brawl, Joey Styles tells Eric Bischoff, "You were the worst god damn play-by-play man I ever heard, and if you didn't run that company you'd never get a freaking headset!"

In Rob Van Dam's promo, he mentions his old catchphrase, "RVD 4:20: I just smoked your ass," which is a marijuana reference (and a parody of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's, "Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!")

Paul Heyman starts his promo saying that the tears in his eyes aren't from crying, they're from how he "just shared a joint with Van Dam."

The Sandman drinks beer and smokes a cigarette during his entrance. There is a beer blast at the end of the show.

The main event, particularly Dreamer's bleeding and getting powerbombed through a flaming table, could be shocking for those people who have never seen anything like that before. As ECW bragged, "It's not for everyone."


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