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Dumb People Write Dumb Comments...

Author: darkxoe from United States
15 November 2007

I really think it's funny when someone writes "I serious it Retarded of a cartoon."

Wha? This person cannot even write a simple sentence, yet they feel they can bash a show that is obviously superior to their own banal excuse for intellect - and I don't even know what that means.

Apparently they are not "Responsible" or "Dependable" or "Reliable" or "Not an Idiot". And what about CN being 90% cartoons? Umm. CN = Cartoon Network. Hmmm.

Maybe I have misjudged this person and really they are a comedic genius that deserves to be revered as sublime.

The Monkey Show Rules whether or not you are smart enough to know it.

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Great show that re-imagines what it was like to go to school

Author: mi-lo from United States
11 September 2006

I actually love this show! It has a great premise and some creative re-imaginings of many tales from all our school days and even some new ones. Throw in crazy animal antics and you've got a winning formula. The voice acting is great and pays wonderful attention to the mannerisms of the animals. There is a plethora of wonderful character voices as well as those that recollect the usual suspects from school. (The deep, smart kid, the superficial popular crowd, the school bully, even the optimistically depressed guidance counselor).

Instead of having to just adjust to the rigors of middle school, poor Adam Lyon needs to adjust to an innumerable amount of different species that all have their own ins and outs that make day to day differences hilarious. Sure there are a lot of easy gags like fart or butt jokes, but I think I'm mature enough to admit that they're still funny....and always will be. Whether it's trying to fit in at the school dance, learning why it might not be okay to bring a hamburger for lunch, or competing against a dolphin in the school science fair, it will never be a dull day at Charles Darwin Middle School.---- Fart Jokes rule.

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The theme got to me mama

Author: rohan_g from Australia
26 May 2008

There are two things that go through my mind when I watch My Gym Partner's a Monkey: 1) It is a cartoon 2) Comedy. I suspect if I were living in some bizzaro cartoon universe, anything is possible i.e. my jaw dropping to the ground, and my tongue dragging on the floor.

Back to the cartoon itself. As Jake's last name is Lion; subsequently he is shifted from a human school to an animal school. Basically Charles Darwin School is used to educate young animals. Again, this scenario could be possible in a cartoon universe. Jake Spider-Monkey and Adam Lion are best friends, and they get up to all sorts of stuff. One of my favorite episodes is, when the animals from Charles Darwin School, stayed at Adam's house for the night.

For a cartoon that has been produced on the cheap, I like it, because it is funny. If you want realism, well go and watch Nat Geo, or Discovery. It is a cartoon, Jake Spider-Monkey and Adam Lion can do anything they want, ranging from a talking Spider-Monkey, to being transferred to an animal school.

Nevertheless, my Gym Partner's a Monkey, could be a metaphor for school. Looking back at my youth, there is one place that could come close to a zoo, and that is high school, as the kids are out of control, and all the students are tearing each other to bits.

I have to give the my Gym Partner's a Monkey 8/10. That theme song is going to haunt me, until the day I die.

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A fairly decent show

Author: kelleant
30 March 2017

Too be honest I really don't have many memories the few I do have are OK. I re watched some episodes a week ago just to see if it was any good and it wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. I love Tom Kenny in it but that about it. So if you're bored or want to try something new then maybe you should try this show.

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A Great Show, Dumb Reviewers...

Author: zinko-os from United States
5 May 2012

My Gym Partner's a Monkey, compared to many (hell, not many, all of' em!) of the newer shows on Cartoon Network, is a classic - yes, a classic. It's a about a boy named Adam Lion who is transfered to an all animal school (cause' Lion's his last name). There, he meets his best friend, Jake Spidermonkey, and a number of other lovable characters. Original, clever, well-written, nice story with great characters, funny (I mean FUNNY), etc., etc... Believe me, this show definitely deserves a higher user score than 5.6/10! In-fact, I see that most Cartoon Network classics how not-so high scores! Pff... What a shame, such a great show!

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A surprisingly good show

Author: Teddie1056 from United States
26 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My younger brother (8) usually likes horrible shows (likes to watch Disney channel). I, being 17, usually watch his shows one time, dismiss it, turn off the TV, and criticize it. I was ready to do the same to this show. The premise is kind of silly; a young boy (Adam) with the last name of Lion is accidentally put into a school for animals. All of the animals can talk. It so happens that Adam is paired up in gym with a monkey named Jake Spidermonkey, and they soon become best friends. As you can see, the whole idea of the show can turn one off. I watched it, and I found it witty and clever and a bit crude. (SPOILER) During what i believe is the first episode, Jake stands over Adam in the school bus and squirts a yellow liquid at him. This sent me into a fit of laughter. Right after Adam freaks out, the scene zooms out and shows an apple juice box. That cracked me up as well. I highly recommend this show to anyone ages 5 to 18.

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Hmm? Entertained by a new CN show?

Author: mirosuionitsaki2 from United States
13 July 2007

MY GYM PARTNER'S A MONKEY is an odd show featuring talking animals and a boy named Adam Lion.

Anywho, I got bored one time so I decided to go to Channel 36 which over here is Cartoon Network. And this show happened to be on and I seemed to enjoy it. It's slightly funny, but keep you watching.

I usually don't like the new shows on Cartoon Network except Camp Lazlo (only a slight bit), The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and this show. Also, I usually don't like children television shows because it's lack of cussing, violence, etc.. But this one was okay.

I recommend this for parents to show their children if they are not too old to watch it and still think children shows are funny.. like the simple bong on the head or tripping..

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Author: xgodofhalflifex from United Kingdom
3 June 2013

I cannot believe I am writing a review for this abomination. just when I thought it couldn't get any worse than George of the jungle, in comes this horribly shameful excuse of a show.

so how bad is this show you might ask? well lets start it off like this, the story is about a boy who is sent to a school filled with talking animals all because his surname rhymes with lion, and he befriends the most irritating character I ever seen, called jake the monkey.

when I was watching that show I wanted to reach into my TV screen and strangle that little monkey to death, he got on my nerves so much I couldn't take it anymore.

you'll either get boring characters, or very annoying characters in this show, talk about horrible characterisation.

and the humour will fail to make you laugh if you actually have intelligence unlike most people nowadays who laugh at things nobody else with a brain finds funny.

this show is only good if you like torture as a form on entertainment, otherwise, this show will make you're eyes bleed, it is that bad.

if cartoon network carries on airing garbage like this, they'll go out of business very soon.

please, just please avoid this show.

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How Long dose this show stay on? Forever?

Author: tommypezmaster from United States
9 April 2007

This show is so retarded. #1: I hate baby shows. #2: I hate the plot. #3: I now hate CN! This show is so dumb! I only actually seen this show once, but it is SO retarded! What happened to the glory days of CN, back when they had a few cartoons shows. Not all cartoons like now! Hamtaro, Sheep in the Big City, I am Weasle, Code Lyoko, Courage the Cowarldy Dog, Mucha Lucha, The Cramp twins, ASSY McGee, Home Movies, R and Bobobo-Bobo-Bobo? Those were good shows! Don't get me wrong, i like a few shows like Camp Lazlo, Naruto, Aqua Teen Hunger Fource, & Garfield & Friends. But 90% of this channel nowadays is CARTOONS

I serious it Retarded of a cartoon. The reason why I don't watch this anymore because Im too busy playing "Mario Power Tennis".

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