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20 Feb. 2006
Lyon of Scrimmage/Bad News Bear
Bad News Bear: Jake and Adam are punished for breaking the school's fish tube. Lyon of Scrimmage: Adam becomes the new quarterback for the football team.
3 Mar. 2006
Shark Attack/Me Adam, You Jake
Shark Attack: Adam becomes known as the school's new bully. Me Adam, You Jake: Adam challenges Jake to a 'Tarzan-off' after he loses the part of Tarzan in the school play.
10 Mar. 2006
The Sheds/Shiny Thing
The Sheds: Panic breaks out in school when Slips believes he has a contagious disease. Shiny Thing: Jake's shiny ball hypnotises everyone into doing his bidding.
17 Mar. 2006
Amazon Kevin/Grub Drive
Amazon Kevin: Chaos breaks out when Adam invites a TV star to school assembly. Grub Drive!: Adam and Jake try to sell their chocolate grubs for the annual school fundraiser.
24 Mar. 2006
Law and Odor/Yesterday's Funny Monkey
Law and Odor: Jake and Adam are sentenced to Hall Monitor duty. Yesterday's Funny Monkey: Jake discovers his talent for making his classmates laugh.
7 Apr. 2006
It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon/My Science Project
It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon: Adam tries to escape from the Howl-o-ween celebrations. My Science Project: Jake's new robotic arm begins to take on a life of it's own.
24 Feb. 2006
Chew on This/The 'A' Word
Chew on This: Adam complains about the cafeteria food, which leads to CDMS serving human food. Animals are instantly addicted. The 'A' Word: Jake seems offended by the phrase "Going Ape," so he ends his friendship with Adam and tries to replace him.
14 Apr. 2006
Two Tons of Fun/Docu-Trauma
Two Tons of Fun: Adam and Jake try to help Mr Hornbill to overcome his shyness. Docu-Trauma: A documentary filmmaker believes Adam to be the missing link between humans and apes.
21 Apr. 2006
Supplies Party/She's Koala That
She's Koala That: Adam befriends a sad koala despite warnings from his friends. Supplies Party: Adam tries to keep his human friends and animal friends apart during his party.
28 Apr. 2006
Political Animals/Guano in 60 Seconds
Political Animals: Adam tries to make some changes at school by running for office. Guano in 60 Seconds: Jake accidentally sets the portable classroom rolling down the street.
12 May 2006
Bubble or Nothing/Up All Night
Bubble or Nothing: Adam lies about being allergic to animals and finds himself in a plastic bubble. Up All Night: Adam's paintball date with Kerry is in danger.
26 May 2006
Kerry to Dance?
Kerry to Dance?: Both Jake and Ingrid want to go with Adam to the school dance, but Adam wants to go with Kerry.
8 Jun. 2006
Le Switcheroo/I've Got a New Aptitude
Le Switcheroo: Mr Mandrill orders Adam and Coach Gills to switch jobs for a day. I've Got a New Aptitude: Jake and Adam are disappointed by their career test results.
19 Jun. 2006
Cheer Pressure/Basic Jake
Cheer Pressure: Adam reluctantly agrees to join the school's cheerleading squad to replace an injured member. Basic Jake: Adam discovers Jake's secret - his very own Cable TV show.
19 Jul. 2006
The Times, They Are Exchangin/Cool Kids
The Times, They Are Exchangin': Adam goes back to his old school on an exchange programme. Cool Kids: Jake falls in with a crowd of 'cool kids' and forgets his old friends.
31 Jul. 2006
Disregarding Henry/Nice Mustache
Disregarding Henry: Jake mistakes Henry Armadillo's horrible singing voice for talent. Nice Moustache: Jake wakes up one morning to find a big, bushy moustache on hip upper lip.
8 Aug. 2006
The Poop Scoop/Leaf of Absence
The Poop Scoop: Adam turns the school newspaper into a gossip-spreading tabloid. Leaf of Absence: Adam and Jake try to get Principal Pixiefrog his job back at the school.
15 Aug. 2006
I Fear Pretties/The Magic Fish
I Fear Pretties: Margaret Rhino develops a superior attitude when Adam tells her she is a rare species. The Magic Fish: Adam rescues a stranded fish and is given a 'fish wish'.
21 Aug. 2006
Ain't Too Proud to Egg/The Two Jakes
Ain't Too Proud to Egg: Adam, Jake and the gang are given eggs to care for. The Two Jakes: Adam is shocked to learn that Jake has a clone.
31 Aug. 2006
Lupe in Love/Jake's Day Off
Lupe in Love: Lupe falls in love with a bird who tells her everything that she wants to hear. Jake's Day Off: Jake persuades Adam to take a day off from school.
22 Sep. 2006
Carny Crazy/Up and Adam
Carny Crazy: Adam gets obsessed with winning a snow globe at the carnival. Up and Adam: Adam is rewarded with the keys to the Lockout Tower to watch out for threats to the school.
10 Sep. 2006
Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas
Adam tries to join in with the Annual Animal Holiday, Animas.
10 Nov. 2006
Making the Grade/One Lump or Tutor
Making the Grade: Adam complains about the school's grading system. One Lump or Tutor: Bull Sharkowski is appointed Adam's new tutor for the 'Feeding Frenzy' exam.
17 Nov. 2006
Pranks for the Memories/Talking Teddy
Pranks for the Memories: Adam is unwittingly drawn into a prank war with Jake. Talking Teddy: Windsor enrols his ventriloquist's dummy, Teddy Truman, into school.

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