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enter the matrix?

Author: enos9 from United States
30 November 2005

Go with enter the matrix? That game was worse than Path of Neo. I'm a huge fan of the series and I was very disappointed in both games, but I do like the fact that the movie was recreated in PoN. In fact, it looks like Atari built PoN on the same infrastructure as EtM. Now however, you get to train in the construct (more believable) instead of running through a post office that is 4 square miles (not believable). And don't get me started on the hovercraft or car driving, that was incredibly horrible. Sure PoN fudges the continuity a little, but the overall plot works great. (the helicopter scene was ridiculous though- Trinity takes off on the roof and Neo just stands there. Then SWAT comes out and you have to run and leap onto the helicopter. Why didn't he get on board?)

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Simply a Blast !

Author: Batkid1 from United States
20 October 2007

This is undeniably a good "movie-to-game" adaptation of the hit trilogy and is also written/ directed by the Wachowskis and edited together by them as well.

It's action-packed, allows the player options on how to advance Neo, you play in training missions set before the film and even when you're playing a level from the movies, it's totally not like the movie. For example, in one mission where you're in a chopper trying to save Morpheus, from the 1st film, the player ends up having to shoot at other people/things besides the Agents like other helicopters and S.W.A.T. team soldiers.

There are tons of missions that explore the vast universe/time line of the films and allow the player to use several "combo" attacks w/ mêlée attacks, guns, swords, staffs, axes,etc. You can even hit people back with your guns, then punch them in slow-motion while they're falling backwards.

The only voice from the series returning is Laurence Fishbourne, but that's not bad because all the voice actors have better voices then the actors that portrayed them in the films ( with the exception of the person who voiced Agent Smith, who is so not Hugo Weaving) !

While I kinda liked "Enter the Matrix" better, this is still a "must-play!"

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The end was screwed.....

Author: Andrew Adam from United Kingdom
11 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When i first played it i was swept off my feet. What a game........the levels were impressive. Neo was so 'cool' to play as and some levels not in the films proved to be the best (Time trial is so fun) However!!!! There are some huge flaws and annoyances in the game. Firstly, why are there GIANT ANTS? That nearly made me strangle myself. Ants????? Why not werewolves or soul reavers? Why Ants? Then there is the last level against the Mega Smith. WHY? Why ruin the whole storey and that little piece of practically garbage from the Wachowski brothers about why they made this weird ending level.

(Oh, you have to destroy a huge metallic Smith!) I don't think it would have made any difference if Neo died in the end. Would gamers care? Nope. Hey would be going " Yes i did it!" Not like this: " What the hell? A giant Mega-Smith? That nearly ruined the game! " They could have scrapped the Ant level and the last level. It would have been just as phenomenal without them.

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Quick and Fun Action, it is as simple as that.

Author: Robin_forfan from Sweden
29 November 2005

I did not really have so high hopes for this game, but still it is always fun to use your kung-fu in slow-motion. Anyway, the game starts of with a challenge that will test your skills and match the difficulty accordingly. I started with Normal,and that was just right for me. Now I'm playing "The one path (Hard)" and it is really hard.

The graphics are pretty cool, although they seem to be an upgrade from "Enter the Matrix", this game would have been really good looking if they had spent more time on the graphic tweaking and so on.

It has some great parts, some boring parts and some mediocre parts.

The worst thing about this game is the sound, i don't think that it is just my computer but the voices seemed so... not alive, and hollow. And some of the final skills, are quite weird. The "Spoon" skill for example, i have never figured out what it actually does, but do not worry you will still get all the other skills.

But still, a fun game and worth playing 2 times, at least!

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Smart, dicey and action-packed.

Author: camdbz251 from Australia
25 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Coming from a huge Matrix fan, this is one of the best action games I have played. The graphics are very well done, definitely one of the best on PS2. The combat system is wide and varied, and the skilled player should greatly enjoy replicating the action from the films. Beating Smith to a pulp before bashing him into the ceiling and pulling a spinning aerial throw on him just can't get old.

This game gives you not only the classic battles from the films in all their glory, but also adds in a monumental amount of new 'director's cut' missions, from saving Redpills from the Matrix, to bailing out your friends after the meeting at the beginning of Reloaded.

The voice acting is impressive, with the sound-alikes doing a wonderful set of impressions (except for Morpheus, who is actually voiced be Fishburne once again), and the scattered humour and various secrets - including a hilarious Jack Thompson parody that simply cannot be missed - are well worth the effort. The film's cut-scenes may seem schizophrenic at first, but they are simply cut together following the story's themes, not it's chronology. As for the ending...

Don't listen to the detractors. Whilst the ending is not exactly faithful to the storyline like the perfect ending of Revolutions, it is instead an absurd and hugely funny kick-in-the-butt to all the cheesy Hollywood endings. One might also consider that the Wachowskis are saying, "We tried the intelligent ending, but you were obviously too dumb to get it, so, we'll sink to your level" - which I would heartily agree with. It also boasts a pair of sweet FMVs - the only two in the game.

Overall, if you are a Matrix fan, I can't stress how quickly you should buy this game. If not, I would still recommend it, but if you're strapped for cash and need some vicious 3rd-person bashing, then you might prefer Devil May Cry 3 or God of War - more blood. Go for it.

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Positives and negatives

Author: WakenPayne from Valhalla
23 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have played this game twice, once on my Playstation 2 and once on my computer that I am writing this review on. This movie-based game is a game based on The Matrix trilogy, I might be more fair to the trilogy than most people are willing but it is good.

Seeing me battle a 50ft Agent Smith at the end was unexpected, The thought of it as an alternate way to finish The Matrix Revolutions was great in the game... would have ruined the movie though.

Also I feel that the levels in the section where it is supposed to be "Matrix Reloaded" went on way too long, my opinion is that if there is a game with the storyline of a trilogy what would be good is if they evened time up for all the levels. There are 3 levels of Revolutions, I would prefer playing a few levels getting to the machine city on The Logos.

The use of Bullet-time in the first few levels made the use of it seem pointless because it's there for a few seconds, not enough though to press a button. I liked how in later levels the bar of Bullet-time increased This game is definitely an improvement on Enter The Matrix, unlike other movie based games this one manages to have some levels with nothing to do with the plots of the movies.

The best movie based game?

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A Matrix Fan Must-Have!

Author: CrowBat2005 from United States
4 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Matrix: Path of Neo" was actually a decent game despite reviews I've read. It has qualities that will be liked by some and be disliked by others. It all depends on your preferences.

First of all, it seems that the Wachowski brothers strayed from the dramatic feel of the movies and made the game strictly a video game. I say this because of several things you encounter as you play. You run into these giant ant things in the Château level, a glitch in the Matrix that shows the fight between Neo and Seraph on a movie screen with an annoyed audience member as you fight Seraph, the infamous change to the ending: "Monster Mega Smith," and of course: "We Are The Champions" playing when you win.

In my opinion, these things don't make the game worse; they show the brothers' sense of humor. There were differences from the movie that made the game fun to play, such as the extended roof escape in the beginning, rescuing Red Pills, and even the training levels. I've read that the training levels were annoying, but I actually like them.

All depending on preference, making this game without the drama of the movies may not be very appealing. I happen to be someone who likes to play movie-based games that are very close to the feel of the film, plot to music. I also was disappointed when I didn't hear the original actors' voices. I'm sure they were too busy, especially Mr. Weaving since he has a movie coming out this year that's by the Wachowski brothers.

However, the Wachowski brothers made a very smart move: 'release a Matrix game while the movies are still in theaters that isn't solely based on main characters. Give them side characters first.' When I played "Enter the Matrix," I craved to play Neo. They waited 2 years before they released the second Matrix game so that nearly every Matrix fan and gamer will rush to the stores and grab every "Path of Neo" copy they can get their hands on.

"Is this game better than 'Enter the Matrix?'" There are several noticeable differences. First of all, "PON" has much more to unlock and it seems like more time was put into it. However, "ETM" had a more polished look with its characters and settings, whereas "PON" has a very fog-like appearance. Also, the music for "ETM" was extremely bombastic but very "Matrix"-like. "PON"'s music is more subtle and lightly touches "The Matrix" theme.

Effect-wise, "PON" definitely has cooler effects. Being able to fly in mid-air and jump so high has its rewards. Also, "PON" has a target lock that enables you to shoot with more accuracy. It makes you work more where "ETM" had your character aim automatically when you're not in 'first person mode.' The addition of mêlée weapons and the bigger variety in fighting combinations makes "PON" more exciting and less repetitive. I also enjoy the qualifying challenge in "PON" that requires you to defeat as many enemies as you can in order to determine which level of difficulty you're best suited to play.

But I can't help but wish that this game that I waited 2 years for adhered more closely to the movies. The cut scenes were nicely done, but they weren't exactly in sequence. The Wachowski brothers basically said: 'you know the story. You're an avid fan. You know what happens.' This is alright, but I would have preferred it if I was taken through the movies step by step with the cut scenes in order.

There is always room for improvement and I would have probably done the following:

1. put cut scenes in sequence

2. add 2 more levels, one where Neo fights Bane and one when Trinity and Neo are flying through the Machine World

3. keep the musical score exactly from the movies

4. choose NOT to play Queen's song at the end

5. keep the ending the same

These are merely suggestions on how I would have approached this project. I feel the game was too short and I don't think Neo's sacrifice could have hindered the game that much. Afterall, that's what happened in the movies.

I DO like how "PON" turned out. I feel you have to play it for yourself to develop your own opinions. I recommend it is at least rented so you can walk in the shoes of the One.

I rate it a 7 out of 10.

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Author: adonis98-743-186503 from Greece
1 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Matrix: Path of Neo is basically all 3 movies combined you fight Mr. Smith, Those white ghosts and Giant Mr. Smith. I loved that they made you repeat the awesome scenes from the first Matrix like the slow motion or when he grabbed the minigun and started shooting the building or the hallway scene i remember playing the demo and i thought it was cool but in the game omg it was awesome and the final battle even tho it's pretty difficult it was cool. I finished the game in a weekend and i thought it was awesome and a total fun every time that you get to fight Mr. Smith in the train station or in the rain from the 3rd film it felt kinda real like in the movies and it was pretty exciting for me and i'm going to give Matrix: Path of Neo a 10/10 it was cool as hell and you need to play it if you are a fan of the movies or the Original at least.

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Doesn't get where it's going without stumbling along the way

Author: abgkasjlkasjla from Denmark
13 April 2009

I base this on the release for the PC. I'm not ruling out that some of the problems have to do with that, that this was geared towards consoles. Hey, I won't claim that this is all negatives, it isn't. This does recreate many favorite scenes, almost all they could(albeit hardly any flying). It does, of course, expand on them, otherwise this would be even shorter than it is, and not all of this is bad. There are also new levels, the quality of which varies, but, honestly, there are several(not all of them) nice ideas, and done well, to be found in them. At any time, you can replay an earlier one, and twice, you're given a Mission Selector, and can choose the order of the next handful of them. The story-telling is OK, the worst part of it is the hideously, and oddly, cut up and stitched together Frankenstein's Monster of the trilogy that is the series of clips they use(a couple of times, it even seems like they just thought "well, this was funny, let's put that in there"). Don't get me started on the crappy music they put to it. The sound is well-done, though the acting can be awful, and the voices do not always fit. Link, for example, and can someone tell me when The Merovingian became German? The new plot has good to it. The acrobatics, shooting and fighting are probably the biggest attractions to this. They are a mixed bag. There are cool moves, but it is truly sad that they had to be taught how to make a VG taking place in this universe by the new Prince of Persia ones(of 2003, '04 and '05), and incredible that they still managed to screw it up. And the guns are fine, if often useless(and why so few?). Aiming, well, it can be done, they actually put a cross-hair in this time, though the mouse doesn't move right. Now, the martial arts system, when you get past how clumsy it can be, as well as how sluggish and either too fast or overly slow(that's a theme with this one, it hits the extremes, and goes back and forth between them) it often reacts to your commands, it can be entertaining. There are a lot of combos, if you can activate them, with how similar they are to do, and on account of them making up most of the powerful attacks, the Free Form thing didn't entirely work, and you wind up typically taking them on one at a time. There are not enough buttons devoted to it. Meleé weapons range, but tend to be a positive in this. The Bosses... do not. Defending by striking could be fantastic, but it wasn't really, here. The camera is free, with zoom and 360 degree turning. The abilities are decent enough, the main thing here is that each you get is helpful a little, and that's it. The adventure portions are nothing but a method of prolonging this. They were happy to make it possible for characters to be tossed about, and objects(as well as walls) around you to break, so it's happening all over the place, and it quite frankly looks preposterous. This makes the astounding occurrences in the three commonplace, and they lose their impact. The bugs and glitches are all over this, and stability could be better. The graphics are great, with fluid animation, if at least one of the faces(Smith) come out looking ridiculous. Cut-scenes are, with one exception(which is CGI, and gorgeous), in-engine, and fair. This does manage to put a lot of you-know-who's in one place, up against you, lets you squeeze the trigger in the chopper, and features aerial combat. This is either too easy, or annoying, depending on what specific portion you're playing. Replayability is essentially nonexistent. There is bonus stuff, including an extraordinarily unfunny outtake reel. Saving is still automatic, and offering only four slots. The puns are gag-inducing. The altered continuity is reasonable. This takes some of the best moments in the original film and makes gimmicks out of them. Why all the silliness? The changed ending(cheap attempt at getting audiences to purchase this, contact me and I'll let you know what it is), which I actually don't consider to be a poor concept, it's merely wrong for this? My guess would be that the brothers saw the reception the sequels got, and got scared, gave up trying, or perhaps both. Thus they almost invariably(there is philosophy in this, and situations that could really be impeccable) didn't try to make this serious. I would hate to think that they belong in the group of people who refuse to believe that games can be complex and innovative, after what they did to the action flick genre, and reinvigorating the science fiction cinema. A tremendous lot can be achieved in this medium, and the only cause for alarm at these being less than stellar is the sheer fact that done right, an effort of this kind, inside the Matrix universe could be excellent. This, however, is downright stupid. Superficial and empty aren't off the wall as words to describe it. Not to mention ammo for those who claim that the 1999 movie was nothing but a stroke of luck. It's a terrible waste of potential. In case you weren't sure, I've been comparing this to Enter the Matrix(so much that I didn't write where I did so). All in all, I'm sorry, I find that to be the superior title. Less frustration, comes closer to you being able to count on it to deliver, and while both overreach, the result here is at times painful. This has, well, not direct sexuality, but adult material, as well as language, relatively strong, not in copious amounts. I recommend this to fans of the franchise, if you prefer the visuals and battles to the exploration and the food for thought(perfectly acceptable, I simply feel that what the Wachowski's made deserves more). 7/10

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Good, but not great

Author: travis-326 from Canada
14 March 2009

After waiting to be able to play this game for a while I finally had a chance. After playing the first bit, I was really starting to enjoy it, but it started to go downhill after a while. It's a fun game, no doubt about that, but it isn't something that I think I would play twice. If you enjoyed the Matrix, and want to play it, go ahead! It's fun and enjoyable. However if you haven't seen the Matrix and want to play this game, go see the movie (preferably all 3) first. As the movies really tie into the game, it would be best if you saw at least the first one before playing.

The game is okay for graphics (could be better) and the sound/audio is okay, but there are some bugs that you may run into, and some of the levels are just ridiculously annoying. But aside from these minor setbacks, it's a pretty good game.

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