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Rousing, affirmative entertainment.
Like an Astaire and Rogers musical, this is a movie you don't go to for the dialogue.
Chicago Tribune
Is this the modern version of "Going My Way," with those squabbling, heart-warming Irish Catholic priests mixing up pop songs and hymns? Well, in a way it almost is, though its mood is far different and it's set in a far different world that moves to a different tempo and has graver and more troubling social crises.
New York Post
The gospel according to The Gospel is this: There's a party at God's house, and you're invited.
New York Daily News
You may not subscribe to the film's evangelical message, but you'll be floored by the extraordinary musical scenes, which lead up to a showstopper featuring gospel superstars like Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams.
A creaky melodrama that wants to be a musical.
Though unpolished and formulaic, this tribute to the power of faith and music benefits from the contributions of musicians Tamyra Gray, a first-generation American Idol contestant who plays D.T.'s wholesome love interest; Grammy winner Kirk Franklin, who contributed six songs — three original — to the rousing soundtrack; and faith-based singers Yolanda Adams, Martha Munizzi, Fred Hammond (who also executive produced) and Delores Winans.
A heartfelt but muddled melodrama.
L.A. Weekly
There may be an audience out there for any movie about gospel music, regardless of how bad it is, but as filmmaking or as drama, it's hard to imagine anyone singing the praises of this one.
The New York Times
When not in song, the words that come out of the frustratingly undefined characters' mouths are mostly awkward and contribute to the film's overall incoherent narrative.

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