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worst movie of 2006

Author: racerxxx98 from United States
28 January 2006

Okay first off let me say this was the worst movie i've seen all year.If you want a movie that has no plot and the worst script i've ever heard.Serious tho one thing i did like about this move is the amount of skin is show in this movie but this is just another stereo typical movie that doesn't cut it.What i don't understand is the rap video like intermissions that happen through out this movie.The one thing that really disturbs me about this movie is i will never get that hour and half back.I was really expecting something more from snoop dogg but i was wrong.

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Mildly amusing

Author: anchguy from Anchorage, AK
15 February 2006

I've never seen a movie quite like this. It is an apologia for pimping. Snoop set out to make a movie about becoming and being a pimp. Depicting the lifestyle and the mentality that goes into it. Basically this entails bending weak-willed women to your will and exploiting them for money. Snoop generally portraits pimping as a good and desirable thing.

For this reason I found it entertaining as a more conventional filmmaker would try to depict such a thing as nothing but vile or at the very least, morally ambiguous. I found it absurd at times but kept having to remind myself that this stuff actually exists and Snoop is just showing us what it's all about.

It could have been a far better movie with more money and a better writer and director. Needs a lot more polish but good nonetheless. But not great by any means.

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Remake of the movie The Mack

Author: bless1 from United States
4 June 2007

Yes. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Snoop Dogg is clearly remaking the classical 70's movie The Mack. This was a very interesting movie and not a bad one. It is certainly worth buying, especially if you are a fan of Snoop. The role in this film played by Snoop came all to easy for him. It's seemed so natural, as if he didn't even really have to work hard at the role.(a listen to a couple of his albums and you will know exactly what I'm talking about!). I must say that i was impressed by the script of this movie. It was carefully written and not dragged out. The movie is straight to the point and definitely in your face. It's only humorous because of Snoop, who we know can be a bit humorous at times. All in all it's just a movie about Pimps and Whores. But the story line, from the very beginning, draws you right in, and you will want to see what happens to Corde'(Snoop) and Chardonnay(Shilae Anderson), who plays Snoops main "Ho".

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something for all young G's

Author: shanasdad from United States
6 June 2006

this movie has it all music,love,sex and most of all a hero as well as a happy ending to make you wonder is the laws on pimping in these united states wrong? Why, due to the fact that whether you're married or whatever you're still a pimp in a domesticated manner the only thing that's different is your woman is'nt on the street.So, the next time you see a movie about pimping think of how you wined and dined her before you condemn an honest to goodness professional such as a pimp. For, they're just living out the life that you as a committed person wish that you could have. due to the fact that you decided to choose 1 special woman to spend the rest of your life with and not submit her beauty to the public as to live out your fantasy of a true pimp And live your life in the finer things that pimping has to offer

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Great For What It Is

Author: freestyla_10 from Canada
23 April 2006

This movie had me gripped straight from the beginning, now, this may just be that I love Snoop Dogg, well yeah, it is.

Hawthorne James though, he was the acting stud of the movie, delivering the great pimp goods, as only a real pimp could deliver, or an actor.

Now there is a song in this movie that will through you for a loop.


Now as this is not your everyday movie, yes, it is a pimp musical, it may not appeal to all audiences, who it will appeal to, are, hip hop fans, Snoop fans, and pimp

Big Pook, I commend you on making a very good movie, the camera work, the plot, the dialogue, all on the mark.

This movie is, what it is.

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Truly tragic.

Author: Dev Raval from Loughborough, England
17 December 2010

Words cant describe just how awful this film is. I made this IMDb account just to comment on this film. My house mate was given this DVD for Secret Santa, and we decided to watch it out of banter. Little did I know that this was perhaps the worst decision i've ever made in my life. I feel like i've wasted 88 minutes of my life watching this drivel. This is 88 minutes of my life which i'll never get back, I could have done my ironing rather than watch this bottom of the barrel rubbish. Needless to say, I couldn't wait for this film to end, at one point I was literally counting down the minutes until the glorious end. They say "pimpin ain't easy", well neither is watching Snoop Dogg's attempt at acting.

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Boss'n Up

Author: setfree1209 from United States
18 December 2005

I watched this movie and started crying 10 minutes into the movie. Snoop not only looks like, but portrays similar aspects of my deceased brother's life. My entire family was in Awe at the similarity of Character and even thought that we were actually looking at my brother instead of Snoop. Between the tears, I could only say "job well done", because the actions in the movie was somewhat similar to real life. We all grew up in Long Beach and both my daughters attended Poly High School where Snoop, also attended. My nephew "green eyes(R.I.P.) knew Snoop very well and I'm sure that Green Eyes would be the first to say to his little Cousins that Snoop and their dad looks so very much alike and even though Snoop is acting in his movies, he's portraying and looking just like the person we lost and loved so very much. Keep up the good work Snoop.

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Great Movie!! Moving & REAL!

Author: Jeffrey Lund ( from United States
9 December 2005

Great Movie!! Moving & REAL! Snoop was in the roll like no other! Very captivating and pulls you into the movie like you are really there! Visual Effects were outstanding! This moving really set the mood and feel of the characters & brought them all in your face! Great directing and cinematography! A must see! Music driven and emotional controlled! Pimp'n & Ho'n is the best thing go'n! The script, lines, scenes are all tailored to perfection! Pook is amazing in the way he merged the Musical driven story and the raw life in the streets. Snoop is a master of talent, skill, poetry & pure genus! Yet another masterpiece in the ever growing library of Snoop's work! Great Movie!

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