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16 May 1967
Two strangers sheltering from the rain, discover they are both sheltering from unhappiness.
23 May 1967
A Man Inside
A middle aged man taunted by his young office colleagues about his bachelorhood turns to violence.
30 May 1967
What Will You Do About Christmas?
An executive looking for a property for his young mistress had not met an estate agent like Ed before.
6 Jun. 1967
Myself, I have Nothing Against South Ken
A middle aged couple hope to recreate a time when they were most happy, by moving back to a district they left years ago.
13 Jun. 1967
The Gentleman Caller
Two wayward brothers convince (in their own way), an unexpected visitor from the Social Security Department that they have a genuine claim to certain benefits.
20 Jun. 1967
Gone, and Never Called Me Mother
A son discovers his father is marrying his old girlfriend.
30 Jun. 1967
The Necklace
A landlady finds herself becoming unexpectedly jealous over a necklace her lodger has just bought his girl friend.
5 Jul. 1967
Between Men
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19 Jul. 1967
Hawks and Doves
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26 Jul. 1967
Dead Certainty
Poor Arthur discovers fate has left him with a very short straw. An opportunity however for him to settle an old score.
2 Aug. 1967
A school pupil embarks on a sinister campaign against one of his teachers.
9 Aug. 1967
The 45th Unmarried Mother
Lady Harriet uses her wealth and influence to help unmarried mothers, they are in turn grateful to their caring host. But underneath her facade are her motives as well intentioned as she likes people to believe?
16 Aug. 1967
Set in the future of 1992. Renewal of a seven year marriage, poses problems for Flora and Jimmy.
23 Aug. 1967
No Sale in Newhaven
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30 Aug. 1967
Quick on the Takeover
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6 Sep. 1967
Two old friends meet up in a Northern hotel, both with intense opposing political opinions on Vietnam, their noisy ripostes draws attention to the manager who judges them to be homosexuals and proceeds to throw them out.
13 Sep. 1967
Radio ham QPJakes suspects his wife of an affair, and hires a seedy private detective to spy on her.
30 Sep. 1967
George's Room
A man is interviewed by a young widow as a potential lodger, and learns some disturbing facts about the woman's relationship with her dead husband.

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