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A must for cinemaniacs and die-hard fans...
MartinHafer18 October 2011
This is one of a huge number of extras that is included with the multi-disc "Gone With the Wind" collection. This short is about the restoration process that occurred to bring the newest version of the film to the public. Such topics covered is the condition of the Technicolor print, removing defects, aligning the film to increase clarity, how the film's score was miraculously saved, color correction, converting the movie to stereo--all while maintaining the integrity of the original production. All of this might bore the causal viewer, but for fans of the movie as well as old movie buffs will get a kick out of learning about the amazing efforts that went into the restoration. And, it really makes you love and respect the folks responsible for the re-release, as over time serious degradations occur to old films--especially since the film stock is so fragile.
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