Blood Diamond (2006) Poster


Plot Keywords

diamond rebel
fisherman sierra leone
smuggler american
zimbabwe journalist
mercenary smuggling
redemption refugee
fight doctor
hiding african
village blood
refugee camp civil war
jail 1990s
street shootout two word title
father son estrangement father child reunion
indoctrination subjective camera
character's point of view camera shot revolutionary united front
communism firing squad
homelessness wood carving
taxi stretcher
photograph chimpanzee
shantytown street market
arson sierra leone national anthem
gun search
captain van
cave rifle
sex cafe
family relationships lantern
video camera magazine
student pickup truck
hanging a dead body wine
engagement ring vandalism
black market walkie talkie
ivory camera
freetown sierra leone mirror
eye bandage frisking
breaking a car windshield thirty something
tent city brainwashing
amputee boat
soldier ambush
molotov cocktail money
grief bicycle
orphanage controversy
children brutality
digging morocco
target practice montage
jail cell fish
food nudity
nihilist razor blade
bartender trafalgar square london
demonstration cameraman
opportunist beer
vineyard terrorist
hit with a shovel shenge sierra leone
cutting letters into one's arm dog
murder of father sierra leone civil war
tent kimberley south africa
drink apartheid
united nations rebellion
mende the ethnic group food distribution
child soldier violence
scoundrel revolutionary
hand bandage forecariah guinea
reporter crying
punched in the gut car on fire
eating song
singing baboon
oil news photographer
drug use microphone
running teacher
kono sierra leone attack helicopter
ransacking airfield
corpse rain
father son relationship elephant
belgium binoculars
tattoo watching tv
singer boy
fire child uses a gun
national geographic magazine drinking
fishing piggy back ride
dying sunglasses
kidnapping cynicism
pursuit ritual
car explosion goatherd
battle hiv
protest telephone call
knife school
guard tooth cap
greed minibus
tattooing oneself evacuation
baby medic
soccer dead body
photographer machine gun
panning for diamonds airplane
mobile phone jewelry store
tv news self cutting
hustler magazine restaurant
roadside bomb dancer
hand wound cell phone
cnn unicef
visa torch
pilot river
burying war crime
blowing smoke in someone's face drunkenness
rebel army gold
chase master slave relationship
vault train tracks
colonel dragging a dead body
surrender red soil
sister sister relationship tears
militia hit with a rifle butt
kiss shot point blank
mining diamond mining
revolution bombing
bomb torture
cape town south africa africa
thrown off a balcony father daughter relationship
murder of mother subtitled scene
brother sister relationship mother daughter relationship
mother son relationship husband wife relationship
prologue street life
waterfront bar blood diamonds
terrorism wound
village set on fire rocket launcher
mutilation mutilated child
journalism explosion
exploding car armed child
anti hero shooting
air raid landscape
jewelry angola
rape car accident
hands cut off racist comment
racial slur ethnic slur
soldier of fortune shooting gallery
self dentistry rpg
prostitute military training
machete laptop computer
holding cell goat
fisticuffs female reporter
execution dying man
diamond smuggler cigarette smoking
child with a gun car chase
bus ride burning house
bludgeoning beach
american abroad teen drug use
shot to death shot in the leg
shot in the head shot in the chest
shot in the back shot in the arm
severed arm ex soldier
death child rearing
murder of a child bloody body of a child
blood splatter betrayal
beaten to death zimbabwean
south africa shovel
shootout severed hand
separation from family rainstorm
murder massacre
london england liberia
jungle hotel
helicopter gunshot wound
guinea eye patch
drugged double cross
dancing conference
child in peril child in the military
bus bridge
bar antwerp belgium
airport rescue
death of father death of mother
death of child death of friend

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