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Blood Diamond is a gem in a season with lots of worthy movies.
Chicago Tribune
A visually sumptuous, bullet-train-paced thriller with a really provocative theme.
Not that Diamond skimps on the social commentary; far from it. But it makes its points without too much breast-beating, caching its polemic within a tough-minded entertainment.
New York Daily News
Blood Diamond is, in the vernacular of Old Hollywood, a rip-roaring adventure, the kind made in the '30s with Clark Gable and the handiest leading lady on contract at MGM.
It's a solid performance from Leonardo DiCaprio, who has grown into this sort of "gritty" role and is more believable after having been seen dancing on the dark side in "The Departed."
Blood Diamond attempts to be an action thriller with serious political overtones, to be as much position paper as "Zulu Dawn."
The Hollywood Reporter
To the unlikely role of a Bogart-esque reluctant hero, Leonardo DiCaprio brings an intensity that compels even when the script falters.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's earnest, but it feels beside the point. Blood Diamond's real point: box office.
Wall Street Journal
Thanks to the redundancy, though, Blood Diamond is dramatically diffuse, and at least 30 minutes too long. Thanks to Mr. DiCaprio's raffishly dashing soldier of fortune, the movie is worth watching all the same.
Entertainment Weekly
There is every reason to learn about the link between jewels and death, by all means, but no reason to try to disguise a term paper as entertainment.
DiCaprio is terrific, but he can't save this lecture from the shame of using Africa as a vehicle for another white man's redemption.
Director Edward Zwick tried to make a great movie, but somewhere in the process he forgot to make a good one.

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