16 Blocks (2006) Poster


Plot Keywords

detective courthouse
witness jail
police alcoholic
convict nypd
corrupt cop cop killed by a cop
police officer shot snowing
lockup cake recipe
angel food cake recipe kidnapping
wound shooting
violence partner
pursuit telephopne disconnect
shirt dead body
barrricaded door jail cell
police lieutenant car accident
police corruption homicide
manslaughter extortion
eye witness lawyer
standoff rifle
gun cat
prologue urination
evidence tampering contrived evidence
alleyway shooting out a car window
sharpshooter friend
liar assassin
telephone call telephone
grand jury angel food cake
watching tv police raid
tape recording voice over letter
chinese american black american
african american manhattan new york city
death chinese laundry
street life drunkenness
drinking drink
policeman self righteousness
one step ahead of police one man army
friendship gone bad friendship between men
betrayal by friend lie
life changing decision chinese girl
damsel in distress child in peril
child hostage reading a newspaper
conscience guilt
depression self sacrifice
wilhelm scream sawed off shotgun
seattle washington tracing a telephone call
voice over narration slow motion scene
flashback bar
bare chested male told in flashback
testimony tape recorder
swat team suspense
subway station sniper
sniper rifle silencer
shot in the side shootout
riddle remorse
police station murder of a police officer
police detective police captain
pistol photograph
petty thief paranoia
overtime one day
on the run old man
murder marked for death
limping last will and testament
kicking in a door hit by a car
hired killer held at gunpoint
heart attack handcuffs
gunshot wound gun in mouth
friendship flat tire
ex partner epilogue
elevator disguise
deception corpse
construction site chinatown manhattan new york city
cell phone car crash
blood blood on shirt
black and white scene birthday
bandaged hand attempted murder
race against time double cross
crooked cop bus
tear gas subway
siege shot to death
rooftop redemption
letter gunfight
chase shot in the leg
shot in the hand shot in the back
rogue cop prisoner transport
paramedic new york skyline
new york city girl
liquor store hostage
foot pursuit female district attorney
dictaphone scene of the crime
conspiracy brother sister relationship
birthday cake bakery
ambulance notebook
number in title title spoken by character
surprise ending

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