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Entertainment Weekly
A helluva lot happens in 16 Blocks - an outrageous amount, really, along with a coda that deposits the audience squarely at a movieland finale. Who knew that looking both ways before crossing is where the real action is?
Wall Street Journal
A mismatched-buddy movie that's endearing, funny and affecting in equal measure.
The bedrock of the plot is the dogged determination of the Bruce Willis character. Jack may be middle-aged, he may be tired, he may be balding, he may be a drunk, but if he's played by Bruce Willis you don't want to bet against him.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Richard Wenk's script, taut and enjoyable, pays homage to those police procedurals, with a nod to the Brazilian hostages-on-mass-transit documentary, "Bus 174."
New York Post
Achieves the odd distinction of being the first post-9/11 NYPD corruption movie - complete with a shootout in the Criminal Courts building. Cool.
TV Guide
A throwback to an age when action movies had room between shoot-outs and car chases for dialogue - real dialogue, not rim-shot-ready one-liners - and character development.
The Hollywood Reporter
Although much of the plot defies credulity, Richard Donner directs the odd-couple action drama with a nimble facility that draws viewers in.
Until Richard Wenk's script drives the characters into a brick wall of pukey sentiment, it's a wild ride.
New York Daily News
The action sequences that follow are routine to the point of monotony, involving chases through crowded streets and store fronts, a commandeered bus, a woman in peril, and so on. But Donner wisely devotes long spells in between to the evolving relationship between Jack and Eddie.
Another urban action thriller that's better than some, worse than most and so forgettable that it's possible to forget it while watching it?
Willis' performance mystifies, while Mos Def's mesmerizes.

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