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Really Funny Show

Author: Mark Tatertot from United States
13 September 2005

"The Buzz on Maggie" is not just another Disney Channel show. After watching the reruns over and over again, typical Disney programming, I've really started to understand the show. The humor is really funny, its not just a typical cartoon. It seems like the makers of the show were making it funny for everyone, its almost like a "Simpsons." I've read a lot of negative feedback for this show on the message boards, which I think mostly comes from 12(ish) year old boys who are angry Disney Channel is ignoring them. Yes, it is true that most Disney Channel shows focus on a girl, but you shouldn't take that out on this show. "The Buzz on Maggie" would be great if it was on any channel. It's really funny, each character is dynamic, the voices are all really different, and the animation is really good, I can picture every single character as a plush doll and printed on sheets and lunch boxes. Besides the marketable nature of the show, the writing is really good, and the stories are clever and well thought out. Kudos to those who make it, I can't wait to see more episodes.

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Surprisingly Good

Author: Nicholai from Minnesota
17 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first heard of this new flash animation cartoon being broadcast on the Disney Channel, I was naturally skeptical. It's not enough that they had to make yet another show starring a (shudder) female "tween" that involves school, bothersome parents and the requisite obsession with boys, but now in order to make the show "unique" they've added the wrinkle of making this young teenager into a fly? Sorry, not buying it.

But it was summer and I was bored, so I scanned the mostly unwatchable cable channels and happened upon this show. It was the episode where the main character, Maggie Pesky, unwittingly found herself the love object of a socially repellent stinkbug. That episode was characteristic of what I found appealing about the character carrying the show - an adolescent girl continuously conflicted between her vanities and her better nature. She is sure she does not want to become intimate with a stinkbug, but she continues to lead him on in order to take advantage of his connections to a country club that offers mudbaths, snorkeling in swamp water, and other amenities fit for insects.

Adding to her appeal is the fact that she is not your typical wallflower type that populates these shows. She's unconcerned about popularity, and she makes no secret for her disdain for the popular, snobbish bugs at her school. But she can just as easily be the one who needs dressing down, especially the times she takes advantage of other people for her own personal gain.

The voice of Maggie is very appropriate for a tomboyish pre-pubescent girl who seems to be into popular punk (if I were to callously categorize her), with all the cracking and deepening of a child going though puberty. It almost recalls the voice of E.G. Daily's (Tommy from "Rugrats"). I have yet to get totally used to flash animation being a medium of choice for cartoon shows since it has a stop-motion quality that is hard to ignore, but the animators really outdid themselves here in trying to keep the motions fluid. The bright and stimulating colors, aesthetic designs and those big expression-able eyes on the characters are also appealing.

I give this show three out of four stars, but it might not be for everybody. This show is a personal favorite of mine for the additional reason that it panders to my background in biology. Aside from presenting a hypothetical world of flies and other insects where rotten food and garbage are considered delicacies and germs can be kept as pets, I love how they incorporate trivial facts about flies such as how they regurgitate some stomach contents on the food they are about to eat in order to facilitate digestion. *** out of ****

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Heres my point of view on a few bad comments

Author: karyssabusching from United States
4 March 2006

OK you know what? You need to chill. You're saying, "this show is horrible!!" And the only proof you have is the fact that your favorite shows got taken off because of it. Are you even judging the actual shows content? And if you flip the channel to anything else but Zoey101 or Naturally Sadie or whatever, then how on earth do you know whether it's bad or good? Personally, I think the shows are interesting. And Life with Derek is like the best show I've ever watched. And they have a lot of viewers because all of my friends and all f the kids I've ever babysitted watch it also. So if you're going to put the shows down, at least use an example OK?

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The Buzz On Maggie

Author: min_harts_el from United States
16 April 2008

The Buzz On Maggie is a refreshing return to cartoons that has been missing for a while. It's funny for children, but has references and nuances that adults will catch - just like Bugs Bunny did! It seems to me that the cast and crew went into this with the idea that they only got one shot (or one season) so let's just go way out full blast - and IT WORKS! Children need more cartoons of a lighter fare! ADULTS DO TOO! Maggie's high jinx are akin to Cartman from South Park, but with less edge. She also puts me in the mind of Disney's "Pepper Ann", which was yet another wonderful cartoon geared more towards teens. I really hope that in the near future Disney puts some of their cartoons on DVD. I would buy them and I'm nearly 40 years old. I want to keep a youngness to myself and they are a WONDERFUL break from real life without violence and sexual innuendo!

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One of the better examples of flash animation

Author: atomius from australia
7 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd have to say that this is one of the finer examples of computer 2D animation ('flash') iv'e seen. It certainly outranks 'Being Ian'. The plot concerns a young female fly and her best friend Rayna in the tip site city of Stickyfeet. Maggie and Rayna attend the Buzzdale Academy school where much of the action happens. The show is a good example of flash animation, using the slick glossy style as a benefit rather than just making it appear cheap. It is drawn nicely and has a distinct feel. The humour is quite good too, when compared with the usual flash stuff. Hopefully other companies will see this as a shining example of how computer animation should go, rather than churning out a constant supply of shorts. The characters themselves are, being insects, generally quite human except when using a gag related to their insect nature. This doesn't really ruin it (who actually expects realism in a cartoon anyway?) and there are some good parts where this insect nature is referred to with genuine humour. (like maggie's baby pic of her as a maggot) All in all a good show, and deserves more episodes.

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Totally Good!

Author: fan_drewrg from Viet Nam
5 March 2006

I think this movie is really good. I love to watch that show. It's makes me feel so warm I even draw lots of pictures of Maggie and her friends. The friendship, family... in the show is full of love. I always wait to see it on Sartudays and Sundays.I hope that Disney Channel will make more episodes of this movie and maybe make a long movie.I know somebody hate this movie but I hope that Disney will continue on making this movie because its story is good for education, relaxing...The friendship in The buzz on Maggie is so nice. Maggie and her friend sometimes argue with each other but they always say sorry and then they become friends again.I love this movie and I will keep watching it until the last episode( i hope this will not happen)

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A very good show

Author: schaitelh from Monroe, LA
5 March 2017

It's a phenomenal show except it could have been better off a sitcom. For this, 2005 has been a very good year for Disney. Highly recommended if you are prepared to watch a TV show with flies talking and interacting with each other. Another one of Disney's highlights, and it will stay that way. Watch it.

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Banned for life

Author: tommypezmaster from United States
17 June 2007

OK why bother making another crappy show we already had CatDog?The jokes,well Maggie should;vie went on My Gym Partner's a Monkey and just tell their gross jokes there.The School Insects,well I just want to rip my eyes out at the sight of them!Sure the concept of the show might sound great on paper,but not as an actual show.Disney started out with Weekenders,then somehow in 2005,4kids turned Disney Channel into an actuals crap fest.Plus it's also a Homestar Runner ripoff,just give her jobs at a crappy School.Plus every episode involves some form of gross humor that makes you want to throw up.If they tried to make it like Kirby: Right Back at Ya!,they didn't do a very good job.And the plots,monkeys could make better plots than that!the humor that isn't meant for kids which makes the series otherwise controversial.It's an all around immature series and provides plenty of Teenage stereotypes(Maggie being a "geek",the Dumb-Beetels being "totally cool",and the jocks beating up on smaller kids).I think the crude humor was better when it was in a show called "Courage the Cowardly Dog" that's insanely funny.No doubt the worst 4kids show ever made(even though it's not that much of an anime)And oh look,now these idiots from CatDog have made 4kids go down the tubes and fall apart piece by painful piece.Shows like this are the reasons why I rarely watch Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network .I can see why this has such bad ratings. Who must'vie been on drugs when he put his voice CatDog & The Buzz on Maggie? Now if it's going to have a new season on Disney Channel,the last thing we need is more shows that give Nicktoons Network, Disney Channel, & CN a chance to animate all 4kids TV classics.Now we have to worry about a season that I heard 4kids end. might be planning,but I doubt it will sell well.Worst show put in development,Nuff said.And a few other things:flash?Sure not many shows have gotten canned that these days,it's nice to try something else over hand drawn and computer animation,but we are in 2007,not 1967.

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The Buzz on the Buzz on Maggie.

Author: Megan_Koumori from Still Nowhere
18 February 2008

So a few years back, Disney Channel was doing pretty good. It featured a menagerie of shows that were popular with the younger crowd, tweens, teens, and even adults. Among these shows was the mega hit, Kim Possible, which rightfully gained a huge fan based, tons of merchandise (Still got my Rufus doll! ;)), and brought in the moolah for the monkeys in suits that run Disney.

So what was the only thing to do? Why, cancel Kim Possible and replace her with Lizzie Maguire in a fly suit! It made perfect sense! If you're a Disney Exec with the brains of an apple snail, that is.

Needless to say, fans were flabbergasted. "THIS?" They cried. "You ****heads cancel Kim Possible and THIS is what you give us in turn?" OK, I was the one who said it, but the feeling was pretty much the same throughout the KP fan base.

'The Buzz on the Maggie' was pretty much doomed. What could have been a cute concept was undermined by lousy characterization, irritating voices, unoriginal plots and a resentment toward it for replacing Kim.

The end of the story is well known: Head Monkey Eisner got the boot and so did 'The Buzz on Maggie.' The sixty-five episode rule that Eisner instated was tossed and Kim was picked up for another season. The Little Fly with the bug eyes and the purple hair was quickly forgotten as we crowded around our sets and waited for Kim to return.

Flies live for a week, so they say. Maggie got two seasons. She should consider herself lucky.

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The worst show ever.

Author: AshWink17 from Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
7 August 2005

The Buzz on Maggie has got to be the worst show that the Disney Channel has ever pumped out. Right next to their flop-after-just-five-months, Dave the Barbarian, which was even somewhat slightly funny with the infamous Estelle Harris. However, honestly, how many people like flies? I hate 'em. I turn off the TV or change it to another channel or even watch a movie when this show appears on the Disney Channel. The worst part is that they made Kim Possible (which we all know is about the best animated show on the Disney Channel ever) move up a time slot because of this gutter trash. Who would want to watch a show about a tween fly? Who? As a fan of the great Disney Channel shows (Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, Lizzie McGuire, Phil of the Future, Lilo and Stitch: The Series, and That's So Raven), I feel it makes these quality shoes look bad. To be forced to share air time with a show about a tween fly? Yuck.

Let's hope Disney will learn the different between quality and grossness. Swat The Buzz on Maggie.

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