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parents beware

Author: debra from United States
22 January 2007

This show(Next)is one of the most horrible shows on the airwaves. The young adults, (if you can call them that)are extremely promiscuous and talk vividly about sex. It is not what I consider entertaining TV for my teenage girls or anyone's for that matter. No wonder the producers of this show have to pay people to be on it for minutes at a time. I am sure if they didn't (the producers) they wouldn't have a show. MTV used to be great when I was in my teens and 20's. I don't even think they play music anymore. Do they??. After watching an episode of NEXT, I had to make my girls change the channel while avoiding their questions as to what a "pearl necklace " was!!!. And you might think that this is the year 2007 and I should get with the program, But morality never goes out of style.

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Author: thug_thug from Toronto, Canada
5 November 2006

I hate this friggin' show. It's incredibly stupid and just plain mean... However, I'm addicted. Damn you MTV Canada!

The show repeats its formula constantly with 5 guys/girls waiting to date 1 guy/girl. Some of the stuff they say seems staged but does provide sufficient entertainment.

The only thing that truly bothers me is how they elongate everything. Like, "hey... I like mushrooms" and etc. doesn't always need to be shown.

You know, it's OK to watch mindless TV sometimes.


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Sex sells. Trash t.v. works.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
28 February 2007

I've seen enough of this show. See, "Next" is part of my "dead time" (two hours before I return to college at 6:00 p.m.) so I watched many episodes because to be sincere, there's nothing more interesting on t.v. at 4:30 p.m.

"Next" perfectly displays how superficial people are. I mean, 99% of the people who "next" someone just look for physical attributes. So if you are hot and sexy you have a chance to go on and make some money or get a second date; but if you don't look like a MTV artist then you don't have a chance and people will make fun of you.

Well the concept is mildly entertaining and works better for criticizing purposes but let's be honest, this is PURE TRASH T.V. Superficial people will mostly enjoy it.

Reality t.v. is the cheapest excuse for selling and buying sex.

"Next" should be like fast food; quickly use it and then boot it. Dating isn't like this!

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Dating perfection

Author: walter-107 from United States
3 January 2007

NEXT is the most addictive show ever produced. I've watched it for hours and hours. It is produced perfectly. The editing, music, writing results in a perfect package of confection. Wisely Kallissa Miller's company logo loop at the end features a cat that winks---it's a pretty good laugh.

I admire the production team that makes this work, it can't be easy. Every transition is written in rhyme and to get those contestants to say those word convincingly must be a challenge.

What I don't understand is why, considering that the show takes up a majority of MTV's broadcast day, they don't promote it off the air at all? Where's the press? Where's the push? They should be proud of this, it's a riot. Thanks

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Fun to poke fun at, as much as it is fun to watch.

Author: lloosescrew1 from United States
15 March 2007

4 out of 10 stars seems right.

This is perhaps the most staged or scripted show on MTV, but somehow, it's sort of entertaining. I'm always explaining to sister all the flaws. The impossible camera angles, the stupidity from every contestant, the corny ill-timed remarks, the unnatural speech, etc. I explain it, she understands it, but she doesn't care. Her idea for watching futile television actually made the show bearable for me and somewhat entertaining.

So if you're unable to recognize how ridiculously fake the show is, you might enjoy the show.

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The End of the World As We Know it

Author: lambiepie-2 from Los Angeles, CA
8 August 2006

The lovely thing about TV now, is that you can watch several programs within a certain time period by just scanning. I happened to scan to MTV and catch an episode recently.

This show is the worst show ever for young people. Whoever thought this was a great idea, must hate young adults and have had extremely troubled childhoods.

Life is not the best, we all know that. We are all not perfect and love does not follow Disney story books. But as you are maturing in this world, trying to find out who you are and gather up enough self esteem to be productive and loved in this world, a bunch of people in production like this comes along to make you feel even more like crap. No wonder young adults these days are much worse with their esteem than previous generations. They're shown they are crap and just feel that they, and everyone else is (or should be) crap too.

Five young adults are placed in a bus and each come out one by one to meet someone who chooses them for a date. It's a cattle call, and these young adults are treated exactly like cattle -- round them up, move them out, cut them up, package them, display the cuts under nice lights, and let the consumers buy.

Not only that, they are sitting in this bus left to throw a whole host of mental, physical, and racial slurs at each other for being accepted or rejected by someone who is choosing them -- basically on looks alone as they get out of said bus.

This is NOT the show for young people to look at themelves, feel good about themselves, advance themselves or most importantly -- entertain themselves. Who's wanta watch THIS, and then feel good about themselves afterward!???! The episode I watched was 5 young ladies arrived on a bus. They went out one by one, looking like candidates applying for the "Mustang Ranch" -- deliberately trying to flop out their breasts or pull down their pants to show pelvic bone, tattoos or whatever else jumps at you --to look appealing to some stranger guy who ... as they were walking to them, yelled "Next" before they got there, or "Next" as soon as he got a "closer look at them", or "next" after he put them through some juvenile ridiculous challenge.

For every minute the girl lasts, she got a buck. One dollar. (I cannot tell you how upset I am over the connotation of that!) On this particular episode, one little beach type vacant minded blonde lasted 15 minutes or so, and her choice was $15 dollars or another date with him. Both were as equally degrading to me.

On the bus, the women talked about each other, or kissed with each other (of course, one contestant wanted to go out and see him due to the fact that she was "horny" and the other girl who had seen him said "Don't worry, I'll take care of you".) Oh my goodness, gracious me! I am so disappointed in MTV to have chosen a production like this (FYI - "Flavor of Love" on its sister station VH-1 was my worst program until I saw this!)The President of this network needs to be fired, and placed out in a town square for folks to stone, that's how strongly I feel about this.

Music television (MTV) was ground breaking with music videos, cutting edge animation and led the way in young adult reality programing sch as "The Real World". In the past 10 years, it has ALL been flushed down the toilet, and if this is one of those influencer for young adults, MTV and all executives attached should be ashamed - either that or move over to the SPICE on demand network.

Shame on you all for choosing this for your network.

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Not the greatest, but is fun and beats the heck out of elimidate.

Author: skellumsorrowtears from United States
16 August 2006

I've seen about 13 episodes of this now, and It's fairly well. The whole plot is there is one dater, and 5 date options. The options are on a bus and go out 1 at a time to see the dater and he/she can spend time with them and ask them on a second date, or "next" them which makes them go back on the bus and the next date option strolls out. The show does have homosexual episodes, guys or gals. These are actually more entertaining to watch because while you are viewing the whole date with the dater and date option, they also show you what is happening on the bus a lot as well and if it's a homo episode then the bus parts are funner to watch because its more like two dates sometimes. The whole just seems to draw you in more than others, although Blind Date is still fun to watch due to all the visual make fun of effects they have going on. Definitely something you should try out at least once if these date reality shows are what you like.

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Cancel the show

Author: td4411 from United States
25 March 2007

Someone in that MTV front office who is calling the shots on what show to put on the network need to get fired for even allowing a show like next on the air.MTV is a good network but these dating reality shows need to go.People on next are not mad at the person taking the money it's what was left on that bus they could of been spending time with.The show is not totally scripted because if it was everybody would be chillin after the taping is over.Are people on next is that damn broke especially when i saw a spring break episode when that 4th female took 11 dollars.To get dissed for 11 dollars in a springbreak episode now i know most females on next don't have no class anything to do with kallissa miller is fake she is not 4real.I hate next with a passion they need to cancel the show if people going to get greedy like that.

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