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I admit, I enjoyed this film anyway.
gunsha4 June 2005
As a hardcore fan of Amisha Patel I can say I still enjoyed this movie. I have seen worse (like Yeh Hai Jalwa). There can be no denying that Zameer is technically really bad, imprecise cuts, shrill sound effects reminiscent of the old Mahabharata shows. And the plot is hilarious and neurotic.

It is about Suraj (Ajay) as a visiting lecturer who loves Supriya (Mahima) who suffers a strange paralysis (reminescent of the hysteria known from Sigmund Freud's late 19th century), but she is otherwise a lovely woman and Suraj is as committed to her in love as anyone can be. But Pooja (Amisha) the college girl is after Suraj with such determination and intrigue that things get completely out of and reasonable behavior.

How then, can one possibly enjoy this movie? If you take all that craziness for what it seems to want to represent, i.e., as the day-dreaming of an love-drunken teenager, it is not so far off the mark. The music is not too bad at all. With the two lovely leads Amisha and Mahima and all the pretty college girls, some people will find enough eye candy to get through the show to a somewhat rewarding closure.

Just leave any reason behind and enjoy.
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Nice attempt but doesn't cut it
arundathi5 January 2007
It was really boring and stupid. I sat for 1/2 hour and could not stand it. Amisha practically destroyed the movie. She had such an annoying attitude. It's fine that an actor or actress tries a new role but this was not an "Amisha" role. She is normally sweet, innocent, and kind of mindless most of the time but this time she went overboard. Ajay is okay in this movie and so was but I'm sure there are other better movies with him in it. This is my first Mahima movie and she did not really appeal to me. On a different note, I don't think if I have seen enough of the movie to rate the story line but from what I saw, it was not too bad. Better luck next time Amisha!
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Low quality cinema is thy name!
AishFan18 May 2005
This movie is one of the most stupid movies I have ever attempted to see. I forced myself to sit through around one-and-a-half to two hours and then finally gave up. The worst part of this movie is definitely Amisha Patel. She did such terrible acting. (Her hyperventilating while crying has surely become a trademark by now.) On top of that, her character is EXTREMELY irritating!! She is very immature, nagging, whining, selfish, and insensitive. Ajay Devgan's OK. Mahima's acting was also not impressive. Songs are awful. The technical aspects of this film are also terrible. It seems like its coming straight from the '90s.
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AKeeb5 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The plot was ludicrous, and incidentally, had nothing to do with the intro - so don't be fooled.

The acting was laughable and I feel like I have had two hours stolen from my life.

I hated this film at the end.

Spoiler Warning

A college girl falls in love with her lecturer who has a fiancé. The college girl tricks him into marrying her and has a kid. He finds out it was a trick and dumps the college girl. He comes back 5 years later and finds she has died and the woman he was with at the start has adopted the kid. And named it after the college girl. Cue song.



Like the plague.
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