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The film delivers lots of high-pitched hysteria but never manages to make its spoiled protagonists interesting.
Perhaps the best compliment that can be paid to Hunter Richards' directorial debut is that it nearly manages to make some of the most irritatingly shallow human beings on Earth seem tragic.
New York Daily News
First-time writer-director Hunter Richards? London is even worse torture than it sounds. It includes flashbacks that actually demonstrate just how miserable a jerk the main character is.
Entertainment Weekly
At least London nails the inanity of drug-speak - the bathroom chat quickly devolves from God and ''time horizons'' to coprophilia and a truly dumb confessional tirade by Statham - although perhaps this achievement is unintentional.
Bad movie. Ugly movie.
If London were a comedy, it just might work. Instead, it's a dead-serious marathon of angst from cool kids old enough to know they're mouthing cliches.
Chicago Tribune
Newbie director Richards shoots all the women like slabs of meat, and his self-seriousness throughout London--some of it tries to be funny, a lot of it is funny by accident--borders on the delusional.
New York Post
Syd is a jerk whose anger does not make him interesting. The only reason to keep watching is because you hope someone will drop a piano on his head.
The Hollywood Reporter
There's absolutely nothing fantastic or transporting about London, an endlessly ponderous relationship picture that also has zilch to do with the British city.
London is the independent film world's equivalent of a fiasco.

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