Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Poster

Plot Keywords

pageant vow of silence
california drugs
speaker motivational speaker
loser book
graduate student beauty pageant
van cross country trip
cross country on the road
vw bus talent contest
journey winner
redondo beach california gas station
beach gay
suicidal homosexual
heroin child beauty pageant
tween girl directorial debut
social satire black comedy
directed by several directors bechdel test passed
highway travel roadtrip
girl with glasses gay pornography
three word title reference to marcel proust
mcdonald's glasses war wound
suburb irreverence
fired from the job teenager
talent show talent pageant
talent audition stripping
mute mute boy
drug snorting reference to friedrich nietzsche
no opening credits quest
parenthood deadpan
beauty contest affection
writing wheelchair
watching tv waitress
uncle niece relationship uncle nephew relationship
telephone call teenage boy
tears teacher
teacher student relationship suffering
sprite speech
song sister sister relationship
singer scottsdale arizona
sarcasm running
remote control reckless driving
reading pushing car
pride popcorn
pier pay phone
packing optimism
old man motor bike
mother son relationship mother daughter relationship
money miss california
mirror master of ceremonies
make up magazine article
innocence husband wife relationship
hospital waiting room highway patrolman
helmet hair styling
grandfather grandson relationship grandfather granddaughter relationship
garage freeway
freak out food
flight school fat
father son relationship father daughter relationship
family relationships eyeglasses
eye test drug use
dressing room doctor
death of grandfather dead body
dancer crying
convenience store computer
cigarette smoking cell phone
car horn businessman
biker begging
bandaged wrists auto mechanic
audience argument
apology answering machine
ambulance albuquerque new mexico
porn magazine homosexuality
screaming notepad
fried chicken dysfunctional family
driving porno magazine
new mexico brother sister relationship
arizona striptease
volkswagen bus singing
road trip road rage
police motel
mental hospital ice cream
hospital hatred
failure drug addiction
diner death
dancing color blind
child star car trouble
death of father independent film
title spoken by character

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