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There's a sign on the way into Norway, or at least a sign that somebody from the film crew put up: "On the eighth day, God created baseball." If amen is your answer to that, then The Final Season is the movie for you.
Yes it's as corny as Kansas in August, but this admittedly formulaic sports drama is base on a true story and has something important to say about the fate of many small Midwestern American towns whose popular sports teams fall victim to school consolidation.
There are too many unearned runs to fully embrace this underdog triumph.
Follows a predictable format.
The movie is decent and heartfelt, and it eventually settles into some sharp diamond action, but the small-town homilies are dropped like an anvil. If you thought 1993's "Rudy" was too spare and unsentimental, Final Season is for you.
Miami Herald
Exactly the formulaic, by-the-numbers movie it appears to be. These Tigers deserved better.
Evans' goal is to do for high school baseball what "Hoosiers" did for high school basketball, but to mention both titles in one sentence is almost an insult to a picture that many rank as the first or second all-time sports film.
The Hollywood Reporter
Poor writing, an indifferent production and sincere but often wooden acting make "Season" one big strikeout.
Chicago Tribune
Viewers who don't flee the intrusively uplifting soundtrack and choking sentiment get just what that opening promised: a by-the-numbers, based-in-reality inspirational sports movie, thick with overwhelming pride and nostalgia for small-town farmland America.
Kind of "Hoosiers": Part 2. But the storytelling is so backassward that it's impossible to care about any of the characters or really engage in the movie whatsoever.

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