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Reviews & Ratings for
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14 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

Stay out of the Sunshine ***Possible Spoilers***

Author: adrongardner from USA
29 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Danny Boyle can be great (The Beach, good (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later), and unfortunately bad (Sunshine, Life less Ordinary).

There are several issues I take with Sunshine. The characters are poorly designed. While every actor here does a great job, the logic is poor. Excuse the drunk, or stalking Astronauts from recent headlines, if you have dedicated people flying into space to basically take food to a space station, then the ones going to save humanity with a payload to the sun would be far more dedicated than what we see in the movie. Instead of professionals, we get a house of arguing personalities just like on MTV's Real World. First sign there is something amiss here.

Second issue is the plotting. Why would Pinbaker still be alive? Why would he not head to heaven where he believes we all belong? Why would he turn the distress signal on? There are may possible answers to this, but none that clarify his un-needed place in the story. The Icarus I and its crew, including Pinbaker are completely irrelevant. There are much better places to take this story than to Freddy Kruger.

Third issue, is one that includes the other two. Generally, Sunshine had thoroughly poor logic from beginning to end. Science Fiction depends on creating a world where you at least believe the film's logic if not your own. Big failure here. Good direction, effects, and acting can't save the horrible script.

In short, if you go out for this Sunshine, you'll only get burned. I know I know, but I couldn't resist.

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15 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

"Critically acclaimed... knuckle-gnawingly tense?" HAH!

Author: PG_Palmer from Australia
27 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw the trailer for this movie on Austar. The trailer itself was stunning - the sun is dying and a group of people is sent to revive it. It was also advertised as 'critically acclaimed' and 'knuckle-gnawingly tense'. So I paid for my ticket and saw it.

I liked it.

For the first thirty minutes.

It was going okay until when they decided to visit the Icarus I. Then when the captain of the Icarus I arrived, I was incredulous. What the heck? The Icarus I had been gone for years, the power of out, so just how did the guy stay alive for several years? With all that dust drifting around and his skin in that condition he should have died from a serious infection.

Then the captain got over to the Icarus II (shouldn't the computer have alerted them to the unknown crew member?) and started killing them all. At this point I was wondering why this science fiction movie suddenly turned into a horror film.

I was also sneering in my mind at the trailer - there was absolutely nothing in the trailer that suggested horror themes. I had assumed that the mission was getting plagued by system failures, which one would expect being so close to the sun. But a killer psycho captain? Pu-leeese! A lot of the scenes in the second half of the movie I had to have my eyes closed because I hate the killing aspects - that's why I hate horror films. I had a small hope that the ending would be worth not just walking out at that moment. Boy, was I wrong.

The last guy alive was running from Captain Psycho and managed to deploy the bomb. Then it explodes and the wall of fire rushes towards him... and stops? Huh? That sequence didn't make sense as well.

The idea of a nuclear payload restarting the sun is as ludicrous as a drop of water restarting a water fountain.

The one and only redeeming good scene in the whole movie is the one where the Icarus II captain dies saving the ship. If they took the Icarus I out of the film and everyone died (if they must die) in an act of saving the ship and mission, then this would have been a reasonably good film.

But turning a sci-fi movie with potential into a horror flick. VERY BAD DECISION!!!!!!!!!

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16 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

Epic, Intelligent and Dangerous SF

Author: pjhk from Sweden
3 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

..This ain't.

This is an example of which audience you can persuade with heavy visual and sonic artillery. That's what this production is about - fighting, screaming, machismo, boom, bam. According to the IMDb rating, some of us are obviously happy with that.

I went to the theater hoping to see a film of substance, ingeniousness and general mind-jarring strangeness. Sunshine is a simple and dumb action flick. At times visually entertaining though.

Most of the characters are aggressive, emotionally unstable and with a few exceptions act to their own desires. Anyone familiar with military training or for that matter business management knows that a failing team is a failing mission. What on earth were those who selected and trained this team, for a task that would end or save humanity, smoking? That's the basic premise on which this film fails. A story about a mission in space or a hostile environment must have a group of people that are credible as scientists, astronauts and mot of all *crew* members (as, for example the characters in 2001, Alien or Contact are).

The crew in Sunshine (well, except the man who dies repairing a shield element), is a bunch of screaming, narcissistic teenagers. Hell of a noise but neither dangerous nor interesting.

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17 out of 31 people found the following review useful:


Author: Bitt Faulk from Raleigh, NC
23 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

People have commented on the potential supernatural nature of the ending, the overly horror movie nature of the 3rd(?) act, the overt homage/ripoffs of other sci-fi movies, and they are all reasonable complaints, but ones that didn't particularly bother me.

What did bother me immensely is the fact that the middle third of the movie advances its plot almost entirely based on smart people doing stupid things. There are numerous instances of people sacrificing themselves for no reason at all. People make hurried decisions with no apparent time pressure.

The first instance is not too bad and I was willing to excuse, as they hung a lantern on it, but it's a clear indication of things to come. Trey makes a mistake. Making a mistake is not my favorite plot device, but, okay, let's go with it. (That said, no one is checking his work? We know that they're concerned about their psyches -- they have a psych officer -- and they let a single person make significant modifications without someone checking behind him? Free computer programs are written with better QA than that.)

The spinning tower gets destroyed because it will rotate into the unshielded Sun. They know this. Why not stop it rotating? It doesn't appear to be generating artificial gravity -- there's gravity everywhere, and even if it is, how about dealing without it for an hour or two? There could be an explanation for this, but there's none given.

Kanada sacrifices himself for no apparent reason. The shield was only minimally damaged by being misaligned, and apparently easily reparable. Why not retrieve Kanada and Capa -- they clearly had time -- put the ship back in a fully shielded position, deal with the fire, then try again. Failing that, why did Kanada not at least try to shield himself behind or under the shield fin he was repairing. (Okay, maybe he was "going to die anyway".)

After the docking connection with the Icarus I fails, they decide that they can't ferry spacesuits back and forth because once they open the hatch, the air will be gone. But later, they show Searle in a pressurized section of the ship as he gets burnt. They could have gotten at least one more crewmember off safely, assuming that there was only just the one remaining sealable compartment, which seems an odd assumption. Then they decide to carry over two other members in thermal blankets and hope for the best, but it apparently didn't occur to them to strap themselves together, or stand in single file. Then they decide that they have to leave someone behind to open the hatch. How about the guy in the spacesuit who can follow after the cabin has depressurized? All the while ignoring the fact that one of the reasons they're there is to gather oxygen and plants. Yes, maybe they were rushed because of the pressure leak, but they didn't seem to be losing oxygen too fast -- they got back and left with Searle still able to function apparently normally.

Then there are the two big plot holes, which I might otherwise be willing to ignore. None of these critical systems were redundant? I can go with the fact that the payload is not redundant, but no redundant computer? No redundant greenhouse? And then they say that the Icarus I's payload is useless because they can't pilot it because the computer is down. But then Capa successfully pilots the II's payload down without the computer functioning.

And the reason that this is all so frustrating and I didn't give it a lower rating is that the movie, generally, doesn't treat the audience like idiots. They don't feel the need to spell out every detail; they show, don't tell, which is far too infrequent in movies these days. They even tell jokes this way, with Searle's progressive sunburn. It had such a great chance of being an excellent, near perfect, sci-fi movie, and they blew it in that 2nd act with simply lazy writing.

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18 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

Really, people like this movie?

Author: vulgargrad from United States
19 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie during my semester in London and it was one of the worst films I have seen. I could live with how far fetched the plot was to begin with, but then the infamous "plot twist" made absolutely no sense. Neither plot was tied together really well to form some sense of cohesion. Let alone some the lunacy and leaps of faith that were taken, like jumping from one spacecraft to another with only lining from the inside of the spacecraft. I may not be able to comprehend the artistic creativity that was suppose to be in this movie, but I know I will not be able to get back the 2 plus hours and the $8 dollars I spent to see it. I would only recommend this movie to someone if they like to waste their money on artistically crappy films which may make you hallucinate if you are paying enough attention.

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42 out of 81 people found the following review useful:

Worst movie I've seen recently

Author: reggeduser_01 from Budapest, Hungary
26 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Contains spoilers* The basic idea of the movie, to launch a bigass bomb into the sun is just stupid. It's like old 80s movies, where the solution to everything was to nuke it. There seems to be an attempt in the movie to hit a Stanislav Lem kind of note, where the crew is made up of scientists who are smart and act based on pure reason and logic (eg. "the mission is to deliver the payload to save humanity, our lives are secondary"). This just doesn't work with the young cast and the slang script. Scientists don't say "fuck" every 2 minutes and start beating up each other every 3. Why does the captain go outside to fix the shield? He has to stay alive to complete the mission. This is not logical or reasonable. Also, why is most of the crew mentally unstable? It seems we'd send the best for such an important mission. The low-point of the movie is when the Asian guy changes the course of the ship but *forgets* to adjust the shield and all hell breaks loose. Forgets?! This goes beyond "suspension of disbelief". Then, about 2/3 of the way the movie abruptly stops attempting to be a science fiction and changes into a fiction horror: suddenly a monster comes on board and starts killing people. Unfortunately, nobody cares about the characters at this point, everybody's just waiting for the movie to finish.

As science fiction, this is crud compared to 2001 (whose spacesuitless vacuumsuck scene and HAL voice is ripped right off here). For a horror movie, it doesn't have enough horror.

As a final note, may I suggest that hitting the sun probably doesn't require an 8-men crew (esp. in a sci-fi future): the sun is massive, everything that comes near is sucked inward due to gravitation. Just aim in the general direction =).

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

A dark movie with a bright ending

Author: ( from United States
6 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Cillian Murphy takes the spotlight with his narration, depth and uncommon beauty.If you enjoyed Space Odyssey, you'll probably enjoy this movie too especially if you're comfortable with rational, albeit futuristic, films rather than supernatural monsters, for example, and the hocus-pocus dogma of various religions. It's a very human movie. The special effects are surprisingly good. They create an enveloping atmosphere. A few scenes feel a bit contrived such as the scene with the dead/dying woman sitting in a Buddha pose with a green sprout in her hand and other scenes that drag on a little more than necessary. Still, a jewel among the tons of garbage Hollywood ceaseless churns out.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

I don't know what is wrong with people, I guess they don't know science.

Author: morglumnecksnapper
18 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I picked this up seeing as how it got a 7.2 out of 10 rating, but I can't at all see how it can have this high a rating with such a lack of basic science present at all throughout the whole movie. When you make a movie based off of science-fiction, you should at least try to make it seem like you know what you are talking about. The absolute worst is the Oxygen shortfall, really.... you don't have enough oxygen for 8 people, but no one thinks to maybe close off wasted space on the ship...which seems to be about the equivalent of about 30 cubic miles of ship.....not counting the atmosphere provided for the "size of a city" payload, c'mon, really? Oh, and going though open space without a pressurized suit...just some foil wrap...and you don't explode? Just a bit of frostbite on one thumb.....nice. All hell breaking loose at the end of the movie, and everyone is off all by themselves out of contact with each other...wonderful. I spent the last half hour in utter awe of the uselessness I was witnessing from supposed trained professionals. Great computer animation should not be 6/10 of a movie. The story is weak, the plausibility is so lacking it hurts, and the intelligence of the crew is beyond redemption. Derp! Me change heading of ship, make good fuel checks, uh-oh, me forget to CHANGE ANGLE OF SHIELD, THE ONLY THING THAT IS KEEPING US ALIVE FOR YEARS... oops. Leave this one alone people if you love science, it will make your head hurt to watch it.

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Weak , predictable ,and derivative ....................

Author: merklekranz from United States
5 February 2010

"Sunshine" is a straightforward sci-fi with a crew of eight trying to deliver a nuclear device to restart the dying sun. Everything is by the book, including the familiar "crisis of the hour", and headache inducing visuals. The weakest point is the acting and lack of any character development. The astronauts look and act like they belong in a sitcom, rather than on a mission to save the earth. You know the acting is terrible when the spacecraft's talking computer has more personality than any of the crew. The movie comes across more like a video game than a feature film. What you get is a lot of bells and whistles but zero substance, and zero entertainment. Not recommended. - MERK

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Suspend this!

Author: solartaire from United Arab Emirates
29 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a rabid Sci-Fi fan and I've enjoyed many movies with plots so thin you could see through them, but this movie was simply too much. It was so bad I actually wanted to walk out of the cinema - the only other movie that's ever happened with was Catwoman, so you know just how bad I think Sunshine was. Suspension of disbelief is crucial to portraying a scene or a movie set in the future. Danny Boyle simply didn't bother with attempting to coerce and beguile his audience, he simply ramrodded this ridiculous plot through, and hoped it would be enough. It wasn't. Not by a long way. I'm sure I don't have to go through every last plot goof to make my point, there're far too many. Two that struck me as being rather silly centered on the ship's AI, which fails to mention the fire in hydroponics until queried and also entirely fails to warn of an intruder until Capa asks where all the damn air went. I wasn't the only one who was disappointed with this movie though, two friends who'd rented the DVD also expressed their disdain - and rather more forcefully than I have here.

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