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12 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Sci-fi back to the roots

Author: gianluca-ruggiero from Italy
23 April 2007

Let me first explain my vote. Sunshine is NOT the best sci-film ever. As many others stated, it's not setting a new standard, as it recalls many other movies in the past. So what's the value in it? Exactly the fact that it recalls the best sci-fi movies ever, with the highest standard. As in "28 days after", where director Boyle made one of the best Zombie movies ever, Sunshine gets the best of the best genre movies in the past (2001, Solaris, Alien...) and eventually succeeds. Sunshine is a must-see for those who are nostalgic about the good ole movies where the outer space is used as a mean to explore our fear for the unknown. It's amazing how Sunshine made me feel uncomfortable and scared, in this period of Japanese horror movies remakes that make me laugh at every single scene. That's because the movie makes you actually feel like you're on a Mercury's orbit, waiting to be thrown at the sun. Because it succeeds to make you feel alone, with no hope to stay alive. And this is a breathe of fresh air again, after an era of sci-fi pop-corn movies such as Armageddon, easy rollercoasters where the only thing that can give a spark of emotion is Aerosmith's soundtrack.

Now, let's play, just because other did, the game of setting the point of references Danny Boyle studied(and widely used) to direct Sunshine; of course, the movie is plenty of scenes and moments borrowed from 2001: A Space Odissey, Solaris, Alien and, yes, Event Horizon.

But I would add another clear source of inspiration: the fantastic video game "System Shock 2". The hydroponic areas are EXACTLY as those in the game, and Pinbacker's character reminds me that of Capt. Korenchkin (and its name reminds me that of the ship Rickenbacker).

All in all, a must-see sci-fi movie, for those who love the genre and hate all the Armageddons and Missions to Mars of the recent past.

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19 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

Epic, Intelligent and Dangerous SF

Author: pjhk from Sweden
3 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

..This ain't.

This is an example of which audience you can persuade with heavy visual and sonic artillery. That's what this production is about - fighting, screaming, machismo, boom, bam. According to the IMDb rating, some of us are obviously happy with that.

I went to the theater hoping to see a film of substance, ingeniousness and general mind-jarring strangeness. Sunshine is a simple and dumb action flick. At times visually entertaining though.

Most of the characters are aggressive, emotionally unstable and with a few exceptions act to their own desires. Anyone familiar with military training or for that matter business management knows that a failing team is a failing mission. What on earth were those who selected and trained this team, for a task that would end or save humanity, smoking? That's the basic premise on which this film fails. A story about a mission in space or a hostile environment must have a group of people that are credible as scientists, astronauts and mot of all *crew* members (as, for example the characters in 2001, Alien or Contact are).

The crew in Sunshine (well, except the man who dies repairing a shield element), is a bunch of screaming, narcissistic teenagers. Hell of a noise but neither dangerous nor interesting.

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40 out of 75 people found the following review useful:

A for Effort - 0 for Inspiration

Author: samflash from Ireland
17 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say as a fan of Mr Boyle I was a tad disappointed. Before going to see this movie I read the summary and some doubts crossed my mind initially with the storyline. Sun is burning out, off the humans rush to reignite it... blah blah blah and then I saw the line on, something happens along the way. This nugget of mystery had me suckered and I hoped with Mr Boyle's history, a unique, original and clever story ensued.

Back from the cinema an hour, well it has provided some riveting conversation since I walked out. I found it hard throughout the movie to keep quite as one malfunction after another appeared in the plot, script and character development. Now I can begin to list them all here, although any avid movie goer can honestly admit to himself that there was quite a few. At the bottom you can read my summary. The movie appears to move from what I believe had truly great potential to a faded montage of ideas from movies such as 2001, 2010, Sphere, Event Horizon, Alien and more. It lacked a clear message and little emotional intelligence. I found myself amazingly isolated from any of the characters and had no sympathy as they toppled like well placed dominoes.

The movie even takes on a pitiful self-righteous path of moral questioning about man and his role of playing God. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Leave it to the Bible bas hers and as Inspector Charmers says in the Simpsons, "Prayer has no place in our schools ... just like facts have no place in organized religion." I say to you a Sci-Fi movie made by the brilliant Danny Boyle that revolves around the human races trying to survive a burnt out sun by sending a ship with explosives to reignite it, is the last place to throw in God story of that sort. With such beautiful direction and visual effects, Sunshine had the capacity to be a Cult Classic. Sadly, I fear that it will become a classic for the wrong reason. A for Effort - 0 for Inspiration

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Houston we have a problem: the PREMISES

Author: victorsalisgrave from Italy
16 April 2012

To put it simply, the whole plot was doomed along with the poor planet Earth! Why? Easy: when the nuclear fusion process that keeps our star 'alive' starts going down the drain, the Sun does not start 'cooling off': rather, gravity wins the fiery battle and it causes a temporary collapse of its external strata. This in turn generates a renewed peak of nuclear fusion, and at that point our beloved Sun abandons the main sequence of the HR diagram and turns into a GOD-DARNED RED GIANT!!! Get it? By then our planet is destined to be turned into one single molten lava ball tidally locked to the fiery stellar cadaver! Then, after the fusion processes are long exhausted and the iron core cannot turn into heavier elements, our Sun becomes a small and 'cold' white dwarf, and what is left of Earth will solidify again into a barren, endless icy desert. Oh, yes, this means that humanity has long perished before attempting their daring rescue!

PS - and if they are using ALL THEIR FISSILE MATERIAL (switching off your brain and taking for granted you could 'ignite' your star by using what is, in cosmic terms, a grain of plutonium) for the second mission, what did they use in the first? Methane bombs or all the flames from the Internet?

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Weak , predictable ,and derivative ....................

Author: merklekranz from United States
5 February 2010

"Sunshine" is a straightforward sci-fi with a crew of eight trying to deliver a nuclear device to restart the dying sun. Everything is by the book, including the familiar "crisis of the hour", and headache inducing visuals. The weakest point is the acting and lack of any character development. The astronauts look and act like they belong in a sitcom, rather than on a mission to save the earth. You know the acting is terrible when the spacecraft's talking computer has more personality than any of the crew. The movie comes across more like a video game than a feature film. What you get is a lot of bells and whistles but zero substance, and zero entertainment. Not recommended. - MERK

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Why Do They Keep Doing This?

Author: daniel-mcgarry from United States
30 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We don't expect Nobel-Level science from screenwriters, but a little attention paid to basic science would be nice - especially common sense. I'll confess to remaining a sucker for a sci-fi pitch, but when I am forced to keep repeating: "This CAN'T be this stupid - it's GOT to get better..." and it doesn't, I can only be mad at myself. Why can't I just TURN IT OFF! Because I am an eternal optimist who stupidly hopes the plot/acting will take a turn for the better. It never does. Basically a remake of Solar Crisis (1990) except instead of short circuiting a Solar Flare with a big bomb, they want to jump-start the sun with a big bomb. Hmmm - kind of like restarting the Earth's core with a big bomb. I guess Hollywood's answer to any ecological problem is to blow it up with a Big Bomb. Must be a Bush-era thing.

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8 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

A study of Character & Motives

Author: Rabh17 from United States
13 January 2008

I finally got the DVD so I could watch it sans a theatre filled with miscellaneous Cellphone diatribes.

I won't give any of the plot away. I will say that the story is tense and close. The Sun is going out (For some reason) and Earth has sent a team of specialists to insert a 'device' to re-ignite ole Sol.

The Story is NOT about the hand-wave-ium science behind the bomb or the high technology of the time. In fact there is almost NO regular sci-fi pseudo explanation or in-depth lectures about Solar Flares or the physics of Stars. I would say that the Sci-Fi is all in the Backdrop. When you See the Ship you are seeing pretty much ALL the conventional Sci-Fi of the Movie. And I must say the ship design is good and Plausible and awesome. I give the movie an 8 because of their little oversight with "Artificial Gravity".

What I applaud the movie for that what unfolds. It's all about the uneasy thoughts and fears and motives of each of the crewmembers as they near the culmination of the mission, even if it means their deaths-- because the mission MUST succeed. . .or everyone on Earth dies.

What you see being played by the characters are studies in Fatalism, Control-Freak, Suicidalness, Madness, Helpless Fear, Cravenness, Cold-heartedness, etc. What will NOT be there will be the standard Hollywood personality staples. As you already know-- Bruce Willis is NOT on board. And even though we do have the Man of 'Johnny Storm' fame-- make no mistake: He is ACTING. There are no torrid sex scenes between the standard romantic set-ups. No improbably quirky-cute scenarios. Just people on edge.

The Backdrop of it all is the fact that Space is not just Lethal-- it's Unforgiving of Mistakes. There is no leeway for design flaws. There's no rescue from Miscalculation.

This is Hard-Sci-Fi at it's best. It's Dark. Better yet-- it's a Drama play.

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16 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

Stay out of the Sunshine ***Possible Spoilers***

Author: adrongardner from USA
29 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Danny Boyle can be great (The Beach, good (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later), and unfortunately bad (Sunshine, Life less Ordinary).

There are several issues I take with Sunshine. The characters are poorly designed. While every actor here does a great job, the logic is poor. Excuse the drunk, or stalking Astronauts from recent headlines, if you have dedicated people flying into space to basically take food to a space station, then the ones going to save humanity with a payload to the sun would be far more dedicated than what we see in the movie. Instead of professionals, we get a house of arguing personalities just like on MTV's Real World. First sign there is something amiss here.

Second issue is the plotting. Why would Pinbaker still be alive? Why would he not head to heaven where he believes we all belong? Why would he turn the distress signal on? There are may possible answers to this, but none that clarify his un-needed place in the story. The Icarus I and its crew, including Pinbaker are completely irrelevant. There are much better places to take this story than to Freddy Kruger.

Third issue, is one that includes the other two. Generally, Sunshine had thoroughly poor logic from beginning to end. Science Fiction depends on creating a world where you at least believe the film's logic if not your own. Big failure here. Good direction, effects, and acting can't save the horrible script.

In short, if you go out for this Sunshine, you'll only get burned. I know I know, but I couldn't resist.

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17 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

"Critically acclaimed... knuckle-gnawingly tense?" HAH!

Author: KPWord from Australia
27 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw the trailer for this movie on Austar. The trailer itself was stunning - the sun is dying and a group of people is sent to revive it. It was also advertised as 'critically acclaimed' and 'knuckle-gnawingly tense'. So I paid for my ticket and saw it.

I liked it.

For the first thirty minutes.

It was going okay until when they decided to visit the Icarus I. Then when the captain of the Icarus I arrived, I was incredulous. What the heck? The Icarus I had been gone for years, the power of out, so just how did the guy stay alive for several years? With all that dust drifting around and his skin in that condition he should have died from a serious infection.

Then the captain got over to the Icarus II (shouldn't the computer have alerted them to the unknown crew member?) and started killing them all. At this point I was wondering why this science fiction movie suddenly turned into a horror film.

I was also sneering in my mind at the trailer - there was absolutely nothing in the trailer that suggested horror themes. I had assumed that the mission was getting plagued by system failures, which one would expect being so close to the sun. But a killer psycho captain? Pu-leeese! A lot of the scenes in the second half of the movie I had to have my eyes closed because I hate the killing aspects - that's why I hate horror films. I had a small hope that the ending would be worth not just walking out at that moment. Boy, was I wrong.

The last guy alive was running from Captain Psycho and managed to deploy the bomb. Then it explodes and the wall of fire rushes towards him... and stops? Huh? That sequence didn't make sense as well.

The idea of a nuclear payload restarting the sun is as ludicrous as a drop of water restarting a water fountain.

The one and only redeeming good scene in the whole movie is the one where the Icarus II captain dies saving the ship. If they took the Icarus I out of the film and everyone died (if they must die) in an act of saving the ship and mission, then this would have been a reasonably good film.

But turning a sci-fi movie with potential into a horror flick. VERY BAD DECISION!!!!!!!!!

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18 out of 32 people found the following review useful:


Author: bem-from-mars from United States
7 August 2007

I really wanted to like this movie! Truly I did. I am a sci-fi junkie, and there are unfortunately too few good sci-fi films. Most sci-fi is B movies. Though this wasn't intended to be one of *those*, it might be worse because of its pretentiousness.

First of all, I want to know who paid all those people writing glowing reviews, giving the movie scores of 5 and above? I know that many of those writers didn't even see the movie because they describe things that appear on the movie's web site, but that *aren't* IN the movie!! WTF?

For having a scientist as consultant (a good idea!) it doesn't show. I am a theoretical physicist, and will vouch for numerous glaring errors throughout.

The point about the last third of the movie being both out of character with the beginning, and truly stupid, has been made by many before. I will not reiterate other than to say I TOTALLY agree.

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