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Mid-Level Poker Show
Doug-73722 December 2006
The UPC is a mid to lower level poker show. The prize money is not for millions, but thousands, usually in the $50,000 and below range for the winner and a lot lower for the 4-9 finishers.

You do see a few name stars at the final table like Jennifer Harmon, Ted Forrest or Meng The Master, but usually the final table is made up of mid to lower level pros or amateurs.

Production is OK but well below what you see on some other shows, they do have some big name pros do the color commentary with Chad Brown as the normal lead play by play person. You will find that some of the big name stars are not that great at doing the color and you start to wish for Norman Chad or Howard Lederer pretty quickly. I was looking forward to hearing Chris "Jesus" Ferguson commentary for one show and found him quite average or below average...not that he didn't try, but it does take an "Outgoing" verbal personality to do a good job for the color commentary and many of the pros don't qualify for this. Ted Forrest and Kenna James are better than most I have seen on the show as for as the color goes. Chad Brown is fine and tries to make up for lack of "Color" as best he can.

Much better than the Heartland Poker Tour and can give the up and coming professional "Want-a-Be"s a look at what mid-level tournament poker is all about and the payouts you can expect if you can reach the final table which are nothing like you see at WPT or WSOP events.

If you need a poker TV fix, then UPC is OK, if Poker Superstars, WPT, PPT, High Stakes, or most of the other shows are on, you will be more entertained by them.

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