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Beautiful, but leaves you wanting a little more......

Author: duncan903 from United Kingdom
28 July 2005

The film, or more reasonably, a short (at under an hour), harks back to the times of feudal Japan and the mysticism that surrounded political and warring factions of the time. The story itself revolves around a child known as the Kai Doh Maru, a figure of importance to a few warring parties.A good mix of action and romance ensues. Those who like Ninja Scroll and other such "sword heavy" anime may feel disappointed but that might be missing the point of the film. The short is incredibly well drawn and animated and ranks, for me, with "Blood: The Last Vampire" and "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" in terms of digital animations and sharpness. It would come as no surprise that the production team behind all three of these creations is IG Production, who created the original Ghost in the Shell. Whilst being a creation of startling visuals, the plot may leave some wanting more, as some loose ends and "legend" aspects are left unexplained, and not in a way that would be easy to figure out either! Overall though, the film presents a beautiful, if slightly too mystical slice of anime, which showcases the talents of it animators incredibly well. 8/10

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Dull story in a technically well animated tale

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
5 June 2008

This is a story set in Feudal Japan. Kintoki flees her uncle into the mountains and is rescued by Lord Raiko and his men who raise her to be a warrior. However her past comes calling...

This is told with computer animation that mixed flat with 3D. The coloring is very deliberate and makes you swear that something is wrong with your TV set, its not, it, like the design of the film is made to look of the art of the period the story takes place in. It looks good if really odd. If you like Japanese art then you are going to really enjoy the film purely on a visual level.

The plotting is such that, well, let me put it this way, The DVD I was watching was damaged and wouldn't play past the middle of the movie and I didn't care. I could have returned it for something else instead I just went on to another movie. It wasn't bad, its just that what was happening on screen was not living up to the visuals.

Honestly is worth a rental but its not worth a purchase unless you are interested in the art of the time period, or the different styles used in different types of animation.

Interesting Technically, but not emotionally

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Overall, not bad... (English dub)

Author: nvserv from Long Beach CA
12 January 2006

The animation is very good, though a bit pale in places. I can get into the storyline fairly well, but the English dub is so stilted, it makes it difficult to get into the story. Also, it would have been better to refer to characters as -san rather than Mr -insert name here-. Honestly, it flows better.

A lot of this may have to do with the Western habit of doing dub work with the actors in a room on their own, with no one to play off. The Japanese practice is to have the actors all in the same room, where they may act off each other's performances.

I'd be interested in seeing a reworking of this with a different dub performance.

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A drab wash out

Author: WraithApe from London, England
18 September 2015

Whilst it makes a nice change to see an anime set in ancient Japan rather than some mech-infested near future, it's unfortunate that this particular anime is so stultifyingly dull. The makers of Blood: The Last Vampire have created a finished film with Kai Doh Maru, but at least with Blood you could imagine what might have been.

The washed-out visuals, a stylistic choice presumably intended to endow a kind of far-off mysticism on the film, only adds to the general torpor that sets in from the get go. The fact that the plot, supposedly based on Japanese folklore, is somewhat contrived borders on irrelevance as you will have long since been comatised by characters with less charm and guile than a bag of spanners.

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I found it rather bland

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
10 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Kai doh maru" is an animated 45-minute film from almost 15 years ago. It was directed by Kanji Wakabayashi, who is an experienced animation filmmaker and also contributed to the pretty successful "Steins;Gate". Writer Nobuhisha Terado, however, is not even close to Wakabayashi's experience and this also shows here I guess. The style and animation all isn't bad, the voice acting is fine too, but I just never really could get into the story, which was a mix of supernatural elements with problems that exist in the real world as well, such as greed, corruption and murder. The whole think looked rather bleak, but this is not necessarily a criticism if the atmosphere and story comes in the same tone as well. However, as a whole, this is not a disastrous watch, but also not a good one. Thumbs down.

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Not all that!

Author: SwiftyLondoner from United Kingdom
3 January 2008

I recently bought Kaidohmaru on DVD and was really disappointed with it. You see...i'm a fan of Manga entertainment (more specifically, old school Manga e.g. Street fighter, Akira, Ghost in the shell, etc. )and i found Kaidohmaru's animation very bright and grainy. I also had a problem with the way this film had been edited. Every time a scene had ended and a new one began, it seemed like it was edited by someone fresh out of university. I did like the story (it's not all bad). The storyline was good, but it ended half way through the story (Kaidohmaru ends like there's more to be said), this feeling is made worst by this film lasting under an hour.

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Incredibly disappointing!!!!!!!!

Author: justmakeitblue from Cardiff
31 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First let me say: the plot idea is actually extremely good and interesting.

The problems I had with this anime is that it was very very slow and it actually wastes a lot of time BUILDING UP ON NOTHING. There are a multitude of unnecessary pauses topped off with horrible dialogue and poorly scripted fight scenes (excpet one, the carriage scene). Oh, it was also WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too short, which left potentially amazing facets unexplored.

If you also have a keen eye you can see, in many instances the animation tags. These are used to help the editing team sequence the film during production and are meant to be totally gone in the final film. They're not absolutely obvious. But a sign of sloppy editing.

This anime relies on its so called look of "antique Japanese art filmed through gauze" to pull up an interested crowd. They actually added this feature digitally. Lazy animation team? If anyone actually knows or has watched actual antique Japanese art films. You'll be left wondering, "Why would you apply that technique to an animation of this type?", It just doesn't make sense. You end up losing a lot of detail for nothing. And no, you can't save it by saying it's an artsy original manga anime. It's not. It has a quite modern animation design theme, and it doesn't touch on any deep philosophical or emotional sources. Ruling it out as an "art film".

The only good thing about it? is the plot. Although the plot is more for people aware of the ancient general courts system.

A total disappointment. A movie cannot be saved by the last ten minutes of it. Which is what this tries to do. But I do applaud the plot once more.

If you want an anime with a deep story like this one failed to bring out, have a look at => Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Ghost in The Shell {both} and Tokyo Godfathers. Just one more suggestion => House Of Flying Daggers. If you like Anime you will absolutely LOVE it.

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