Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) Poster

Plot Keywords

band dating
high school hipster
rock band underage girlfriend
obsession death
guitarist battle
critically acclaimed legs
shared bed lens flare
hero murders a woman comical female death
lesbianism mixed martial arts
karate chop fighting
disarming someone sword duel
stylized violence kung fu
brawl fistfight
violence tough guy
action hero hand to hand combat
subjective camera cult film
slow motion portal
crushed to death japanese
castle good versus evil
anti hero x rayed skeleton
teleportation telepathy
telekinesis clothing store
teenager knife
character's point of view camera shot gin and tonic
drugstore coffee
after party hallucination
disappearance monster
wings vampire
fireball autograph
sharing a bed coca cola
music industry music producer
telephone number cooking
unconsciousness knocked out
male male kiss apartment
saying goodbye fainting
showdown montreal quebec canada
beating infatuation
listening in on a telephone call egoism
self centeredness egotist
whipping alleyway
vegan police pizza parlor
roulette wheel male slaps a male
blog reference to an academy award
ex girlfriend ex girlfriend relationship thrown into the air
filmmaking film director
haircut unemployment
applause spotlight
reference to liberace reference to stephen stills
reference to neil young drummer
drums karate
watching a movie on tv watching tv
hoodie roller skater
roller skating roller skates
nightmare bolt upright after nightmare
book holding hands
park video arcade
pac man fighting with self
broken eyeglasses women's bathroom
laser sword ray gun
flaming sword girl fight
lifting someone into the air dumped by boyfriend
dumped by girlfriend supernatural power
apology murder
envy insecurity
explosion gay seduction
men sharing bed library
gay identical twins
rock 'n' roll backstage
guitar despair
text messaging lesbian
flash forward duel
rock star voice over narration
animated opening credits montage
chinese friendship
friend drinking
animated flashback green hair
ninja gay roommate
song singing
singer twenty something
teenage girl catholic school
catholic vegetarian
boy with glasses girl with glasses
canadian lesbian stereotype
female orgasm man with glasses
sword fight jumping through a window
stalking tea
making out interracial relationship
wetting pants mallet
raised middle finger slacker
cut arm gash in the face
falling down stairs self respect
back from the dead impalement
stabbed in the back face slap
character says i love you limousine
desert microchip
dragon twin brother
bar drunkenness
orgasm man punching a woman
woman punching a man subtitled scene
head butt police
levitation glowing eyes
psychic dream girl
thrown through a wall stunt double
skateboard finger gun
film set film within a film
coffee shop phone booth
skateboarder bus
kicked in the head kicked in the face
kicked in the stomach punched in the stomach
punched in the face exploding body
fast motion scene flashback
e mail computer
woman in bra and panties cheating boyfriend
amplifier cell phone
gay sex gay kiss
bare chested male self referential
dying hair pink hair
animated sequence party
record contract american
urination ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship
prologue falling from height
repeated event character repeating someone else's dialogue
repeated line drum set
female drummer guitar playing
bass guitar cartoon violence
bleeped dialogue box office flop
altered version of studio logo toilet humor
absurd humor slapstick
absurd violence death by orgasm
fight to the death gay friend
dream nightclub
battle of the bands swing
coin music store
roommate brother sister relationship
jealousy snow
vegan words on screen
part animation bisexual
blue hair surrealism
sword actor
fight homosexual
boyfriend girlfriend relationship break up
split screen video game reference
video game parody versus in title
martial arts onomatopoeia
musician toronto ontario canada
indie rock stabbed in the chest
demoness delivery girl
based on graphic novel based on comic book
based on comic character name in title

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