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The Hollywood Reporter
Nicely balances action and adventure with American Indian wisdom and a modest romance to provide a graphic-comic-book movie experience for males in urban markets.
Urban and Bloodgood make the most of their parts, locking eyes and arms, and occasionally using American English as if the snowy 10th century were another way of saying, "Where the après ski?"
After the first 1,000 or so beheadings, impalements and severed limbs, Pathfinder's slash may just induce sleep.
Chicago Tribune
A bizarre, bloody adventure movie.
It's undone by a murky palette, silly horror-movie cliches, dumb dialogue and a confusing climactic sequence.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Pathfinder is aimed more at the action-figure crowd than the history buffs.
Pathfinder's moody, muddy look is courtesy of music-video director Marcus Nispel, who doesn't distinguish between people and tree trunks when it comes to emotional content.
All cinematic creativity seems to have focused on devising the most repellent ways to maim and murder.
Miami Herald
Too small to be a spectacle, too humorless to take seriously and too stupid to pass muster at a middle school writing workshop.
The movie takes us on a journey to an ugly, contentious period in our misty, ancient past - all the way back to four months ago, when "Apocalypto" came out.
No more than a minute into this, and it becomes obvious that the next 98 are going to be trouble.

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