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Very good sports drama set on the Philadelphia gridiron
SimonJack9 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Based on a true story, "Invincible" is a first-rate sports drama. Touted as the story of a 30-year-old bartender who becomes a pro football players for the Philadelphia Eagles, the film actually is two stories in one.

The major story is that of Vince Papale, a pro-football "walk-on" for the 1976 Philadelphia Eagles. Initially shunned by his "pro" teammates, Papale was welcomed after a spectacular special teams play. In the regular season home opener against the New York Giants, he tackled a punt receiver, causing a fumble, and then picked up the fumble and ran it 30 plus yards for a touchdown. The overlapping story is that of the hiring of Dick Vermeil as head coach of the Eagles.

Both stories take place mostly over a single year – 1976. This is a Disney film, and as with any Hollywood production, some of the details are fictitious. In a nutshell, Papale played three seasons for the Eagles and retired after the 1978 season due to a shoulder injury. He played wide receiver and on specialty teams. It took Vermeil a couple of seasons to turn the Eagles around from a losing team, but in the third year they made the NFL playoffs. That also was Papale's last year playing ball. Two seasons later, Vermeil's Eagles made it to the Super Bowl, losing to Oakland, 10-27, on Jan. 5, 1981. After retiring a couple of times from coaching, Vermeil took over a losing program at St. Louis and took the Rams to Super Bowl XXXIV, and a win on Jan. 30, 2000.

Here are some interesting facts and true details about how Papale and Vermeil got connected. Papale attended St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. The school didn't have a football team, but he excelled in track and field. He won or placed in several events during track meets. His highest clearance as a pole-vaulter was 15 feet, 1 ¾ inches. In his senior year, he won events in the long jump and triple jump.

Papale never played college football, but he played both years that the World Football League existed. He was a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Bells in 1974 and 1975. Dick Vermeil saw video of Papale's play for the Bells and invited him to try out for the Eagles. Of course, he had to prove himself and earn the spot on the team. And, that's what is most prominent and accurate about the movie.

Here are a couple of interesting tidbits about Papale. He was nicknamed "Rocky" by his friends – a reference to the fictional boxer in the Sylvester Stalone movie who rose from the rough side of Philadelphia to become world heavyweight boxing champion. Papale is six feet, two inches, and Mark Wahlberg is only five feet, eight inches. But, Wahlberg, himself a tough guy with a tough upbringing and past, gives the part the guts and fire that Coach Vermeil says he was looking for and saw in Papale.

When Papale made the Eagles roster in 1976, he was 30 years old. Outside of kickers, he was the oldest rookie NFL player in history to not have played college football. He played in 41 of the 44 regular season games of the Eagles in 1976-78. He had two fumble recoveries and one interception for 15 yards. His teammates elected him special teams captain. In 1978, the Eagles named him the team's "Man of the Year" for his support of many charities.

Dick Vermeil was named "Coach of the Year" for his coaching at four levels – high school, junior college, college and pro ball. He took over three losing professional teams and turned them around. Beside the Eagles and St. Louis Rams, he revived the Kansas City Chiefs, building that team into a contender from 2001 to 2005.

This is a very good inspiring and entertaining sports drama.
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A very good movie based on a true story! 8 Stars from me!
huggibear8 September 2017
I liked it and I watched it right after my favorite NFL team lost their home opener of this year (2017). Ironic for me to end up watching a movie about the NFL after I decided to leave the NFL for good due to my team's inability to remain true to themselves and me. Goodbye NFL....not loyal to me, not loyal to you...reap what you sow!
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maggiechristine25 June 2017
OK, so this movie is probably one of the best "sports movies" that I've seen. Everything was perfect from the actors to the script to the score, everything. And I am NOT a fan of football or the Philadelphia Eagles but I loved his movie. I would suggest to anyone who likes a real underdog story, this movie is one that you should not miss. Really great storyline, kind of reminds me of older movies that really thought about character development and heart. 10/10 stars!
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Overall review of movie
Drew Hinkens22 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What we have here in the movie Invincible, directed by Ericson Core is one of those classic sport-underdog-defying-the-odds movies that's been done over and over hundreds of times. But hey it always works, that's why a company like Disney Studios would make a movie like this, because its destined to always bring money to the box office. What makes it better is the movie is enhanced with the "based on true events" story line that helps connect audience more to the overall plot of the movie.

I must first give credit to Director Ericson Core because he was precise and specific with the plot of the film. Core graduated from USC's film program as well as a degree from the very prestigious Art Center College of Design. Throughout Core's college education he was surrounded by the world of sports. Overtime he was able to grow strong knowledge in the world of sports which helped him develop a movie that showed the economic hardships of one city, along with that how a hometown resident was able to make a name for himself. Something that was unusual was Core was also the Director of Cinematography in the film. It's honestly impressive to direct a movie and also to be in charge of the motion-picture photography. I thought this showed a deep passion Core had when producing this film, and it made the movie more enjoyable to watch.

Within the plot and production of the movie it was able to capture the financially pressed hardships of South Philadelphia in the mid-1970's. The movie gives an authentic feel with the cheap beer, flowed back hair, ugly cloths, and the horrific carpeting. What I thought was the crucial part in the production of the film was the number of scenes that showed the economic hardships for the residents of South Philly. The movie showed scenes of workers protesting outside of factories and it made a connection to the audience of how depressing people's lives were during the mid-1970's. These crucial connections that Ericson Core incorporated throughout the movie would help increase the emotion the audience would feel when watching the film.

What set this movie apart from other sports movies was the character Vince Papale being played by Mark Wahlberg. I say this because Wahlberg has the body and physicality of a NFL Football Player. Along with that, all the scenes were shot with real football players and Wahlberg did his own stunts, every welt and bruise was the real deal. Wahlberg went to the next level and was able to make this movie feel more accurate to real life events. He took on the duty of making the audience feel his pain and struggles through the main character Vince Papale. Wahlberg took an extensive amount of preparation before the film was shot, he spent months of training physically to replicate what a traditional NFL football player would look like. Another important point was Wahlberg mentally prepared himself to understand the hardships that these players go through during the season. With the extensive preparation he took, it increased the level of catharsis I had towards Vince Papale. With the inspirational plot, true to life characters, exhilarating scenes, and easy to follow dialogue, this movie gets the thumbs up as a must watch film.
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great sports film from Disney
Both Mark Wahlberg and Greg Kinnear are such naturals in delivering their characters. When in fact, from the production notes, Wahlberg went through actual football training/coaching, being there with the team for every play and practice, gaining insight into his portrayal of a real living person. Both met their inspired 'hero'. For Kinnear, he received confirmation when Vermeil's son indicated that he got his father's mannerism/cadence spot on. The operative word here is 'genuine,' caring and intensely so. They worked hard preparing and learning to correctly portray the two NFL notables.

The film focuses on our hero and to a large degree his neighborhood friends and what it was like for a 30 year old bartender who only played organized football in high school and how he showed up one Saturday at an unprecedented open try out for a professional football team and how he was selected....not selected to join the team automatically.

No, he was only selected for a spot to possibly be on the team. It took a few weeks of being with the team and surviving 'cuts' until he was actually part of the team.

The fact that he did make it, against all the odds, is certainly your classic fairy tale come true.

Disney manages to show rough guys from a rough part of Philadelphia and rough professional football players realistically without ever having to utter one profanity on the screen or use gratuitous violence or vulgarity to do it. That's an accomplishment Disney should be proud of.

Honestly, as a movie buff, it's been a long time since I've gone to the movies where I was able to stay engaged throughout the running time of the movie.

The movie isn't pretentious nor does it take the easy way out in telling its story of rough blue collar characters-by employing vulgarity, overt sexuality or excessive violence.

It relies on tried and true methods like a good story line, taking the time to establish a good foundation in the beginning of the movie, letting the audience get to know the characters involved and then when the bigger more dramatic moments come it doesn't need to rely on over the top special affects to get the audience involved.
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Good inspirational movie.
santiagocosme21 February 2016
When the hard times come, and they are gonna come in truckloads, what can you do? just try to fight them and find a way to get back up. This is the story of a man who struggles to make ends meet, who is abandoned by his wife, and at the age of 30 is still asking his dad for money. He hangs around a pub with his jobless friends, and plays backyard football with them for which he seems to be better than any.

One day, a call is made by the city's football team. They are looking for new players and are willing to give a chance to anyone to do a trial. And guess what, the protagonist makes it to the team!! A true story. Vincent Papale is his name.

If you are looking for a Rockyesque type of movie, the type where an average man makes it to the top out of the blue and inspires a generation, this is it.
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4th down and 17 yards to go for this film
jwb00129 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Lots of problems with this film:

* Feels too formulaic. The director just went through the motions to get the film done without putting in extra effort to make it distinctive.

* Unnecessarily depressing until the final scene. Depressing dialogue. Worst of all - the color of scenes in South Philadelphia is filtered to produce a depressing brown tint in a misguided attempt to "set the mood".

* Weak character development. Vince and the budding romance with Janet are handled well. Johnny, who is Vince's nemesis, feels formulaic again. The bar owner Max and the other neighborhood buddies, whose names I can't even remember - that gives some indication of the weak character development - seem two dimensional at best.

The only redeeming aspect of this film is its 1970s rock soundtrack.
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Great Family Movie
adonis98-743-1865038 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I wonder why Mark Wahlberg makes so many meh movies this days he needs to go back and make great movies just like this one. Disney and sports combined in an excellent film with a great cast what more do you want? The film gives you hope that you should never give up that you should keep moving forward the story of the film is about Vince Papale, a 30- year-old bartender from South Philadelphia who overcame long odds to play for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles in 1976. I just hope the movie was even bigger it ended kinda rushed and we didn't see more games that the team won but still a pretty good film for the whole family. Final score: 10 out of 10.
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You come away from this one feeling like the you can do anything and that's always a good thing
juneebuggy29 October 2015
I've seen this a couple times now over the years and always really enjoy it. Its hard not to, another one of those inspirational sports-underdog stories that has you invested and cheering for a down on his luck local hero.

Mark Whalberg puts in a great performance here as Vince Papale, he's a hero we can relate to, just an average neighborhood guy trying to get by in a tough economy, working as a bartender after he loses his teaching job due to budget cuts, his wife has just left him (and a "nice" note) proclaiming he will never amount to anything. Vince gets his chance when the Philadelphia Eagles announce open tryouts for the team. At 30 and never having played college ball he doesn't expect this to lead anywhere, instead just decides to take the opportunity to stand on the same field as his idols.

The story here is very similar to 'Rocky' with the Eagles taking the place of Apollo Creed (actually when I think about it there's too many comparisons to count so I won't go there) It's a great movie regardless, lots of interesting secondary characters to get invested in, with the whole neighborhood garnishing hope from Vince's success, a budding romance, a coach that is very likable (Greg Kinnear) yet also out of his depths with this losing team.

This has been put on by Walt Disney Pictures so there is a certain amount of sugar coating to how this story has been told. The soundtrack is excellent transporting you back to the mid 70's I especially enjoyed the real footage cut in of Papale after the outcome of that all-important Big Game. He looked ecstatic.

You come away from this one feeling like the you can do anything and that's always a good thing. 10/19/15
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The Best Sports Movie Ever!!
KalKenobi836 October 2014
Watched Invincible Featuring Featuring Mark Wahlberg(The Departed) as Vince Papale a Struggling Bartender, The Lovely Elizabeth Banks(Spider-Man 2) as Janet Cantrell , Greg Kinner(Little Miss Sunshine) as Dick Vermeil A Rookie Head Coach for The Eagles . Vince Papale giving a quiet performance of a deeply injured man who manages to finally succeed at something - being chosen by the failing PHILADELPHIA EAGLES football team when a new coach Dick Vermeil tries a desperate attempt to enliven the team by holding open tryouts. Vince's friends convince him to make the effort, the bar owners relative Janet adds her encouragement as does Vince's father . Of course the obvious happens or the film wouldn't have been made! Vince becomes an Eagle and soars, not only for himself but also for his father, his friends and his new girl.This Definitely My Favorite Sports Movie also Inspired to wear the Jersey number 83 also Made me an Eagle Fan A Triumphal Sports from Disney 9/10
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Over the hill in the NHL
Prismark1014 June 2014
This is an interesting sports movie set in the past. Its nothing to do with racial integration! 1976 was a good year for Philadelphia not only does the fictional and over the hill rookie call Rocky Balboa get to fight for the heavyweight championship of the world but here in this supposedly true life tale, part time bartender Vince Papale at the age of 30 goes for tryouts and makes the cut for the Philly football team.

Papale lost his job as a teacher, his wife leaves him and his dad helps him out for rent money. He plays football with his friends and the whole city is in an economic malaise with strikes and lay offs. This one shot given by the new coach could be his way out of the slums.

I understand that the film really stretches the truth, however the way Wahlberg plays him even sexing up the story cannot ascend him from anything but a shy if dull everyman who is in a team that dislikes him especially the black players for some reason.

The film is actually pedestrian, even though he has no interesting personality he gets a hot girlfriend, moments of crisis which is only alleviated when he spends time playing football with his boys in the hood and a climax when he can actually block players running with the ball.

I suppose this could had been a better and more melodramatic television film. As a movie its OK but someone other than Wahlberg needed to play Papale.
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It's no Rudy but it works
SnoopyStyle2 February 2014
It's 1976 after another horrible season, the Philadelphia Eagles hires couch Dick Vermeil (Greg Kinnear). To shake things up, he announces an open tryout. Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg) is a struggling 30 year old part time teacher. He gets fired with the latest cutback and his wife leaves him. He reluctantly goes to the tryout.

This is simply by the book underdog story. It's no Rudy, but it works on it's own level. Mark Wahlberg delivers a solid if somewhat uninspired performance. Greg Kinnear is also solid with a little more color. Elizabeth Banks is lovely as the love interest. The movie is solid and full of clichés. Cinematographer Ericson Core takes the director's chair for the first time and proves himself very capable. In a way, he's the Vince Papale behind the scenes.
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dude flick to bring a date too.
crgdan30 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up in the Philly area and remembered this story happening. it was a great trip down memory lane for me. but I was a kid then. I remembered the state of the economy at the time and how important the Westinghouse strike was, so I fully understand the sometimes dull droning on with the local economy in the movie. the love story conflict was more between the Giants and the Eagles than the boy and girl which was fine because that is the way it was then. I felt the focus on the blue collar working environment was right for the day and time the story takes place. Besides we all want to see the good guy win once in a while. this takes the place from Rudy as the best football movie ever.
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Feel Good Movie
steveroma5 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this film. I am a child of the 70s so I really like the music and how they moved the story along so passionately .. Walburg gives his best performance in this movie and he looked awesome to boot. It's great to see a small town guy able to make it big when his life is falling apart . It was a tear jerker at times but overall great movie in my eyes .. If you like football and who doesn't . you have to see this movie. Being that it's based on a true story it make's it even more interesting. I like the fact that all the actors in it , seem like there small town but it's really philly It's great to watch before football season starts :)
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Tremendous, Movie Sports Film
mediapeertime17 July 2013
I like Mark Wahlberg in some movies, others I think he is just okay. In this one, I thought he was just great. he plays a truly likable former high school football player (who never played in college), but still hits the "gridiron" in pick up games in South Philly in the late 1970s. He's lost his job as a high school teacher and his wife left him, leaving a note that he will never go anywhere in life. Well, things change rather quickly when Dick Vermil (played strongly by Greg Kinear) takes over for the desperate, losing Philadelphia Eagles. Vermil decides to give walk-on tryouts to Philadelphia natives, as a publicity stunt. One person gets called to camp, and that's Wahlberg's character. This is a definite inspirational story, which is based on a true story, where the guy actually makes the team. Wahlberg's character has speed, intensity, passion, and will, and he becomes a special teams expert, playing 3 or 4 years in the NFL. Only downside,as I have learned in many of these "biographical" movies, is that while it was close to the truth, there were many things in the movie that turned out to be just plain false. but if you're watching Invincible as just a movie, and not a biography, then this is great one, which didn't get the critical reviews it deserves.
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How it is
dreamer_1299731 May 2013
in my opinion it was generally likable and very easy to follow. The actors did a great job portraying these people as if i actually knew them. some people would say its just another football movie, when its not. Its a amazing story of a man who wanted a dream and did everything in his power to achieve. sorry people no spoilers. but this movie i could watch over and over again. its not heart wrenching but rather heart warming and its a great movie to let the kids watch. it will teach them no dream is out of reach. but honestly its got a pretty guessable ending, and is really sometimes just out there. It may have some flaws but what movie doesn't.
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Its official Mark Wahlber Cannot Act
M MALIK18 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
this film proves it all the time he was on screen making faces like he suffered from diarrhea.the story of a 1970s era gone real bad

this is a sports film starting mark whalberg & Elizabeth banks,the story of Vince papale if you don't know who he is Vince is the real life American footballer who played with Philadelphia eagles now i am not American myself & don't watch football but i do know sports a lot i did not know Vince papale before this movie introduced me to him.

Vince(mark) is a bartender & wins a Chance to be in the football team.if you search for this film after you seen it its different from what happened in real. the movie changed everything & claims to be the best film what a joke this is.every five minutes we see mark wahlberg crying out loud & to be honest i don't like these types of was extremely boring & the action i was expecting never came they used some old footages of the game.& the only this i started to like was Elizabeth banks she was gone after a kissing scenes plus it makes a foreigner lost interest in football watching films like this.just Skipp this film for your good.

might as well go for the real football stadium & enjoy a match there this movie is a waste of time.

my rating is 1/10 invincible is for incapable only.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! -
Tss507831 March 2012
Invincible is the story of Vince Papale, a thirty year old bartender in the 70's, who won a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles, after attending an open tryout. Disney used this little known story in an attempt to re-capture the emotion and inspiration of their other sports films like The Rookie and Miracle, but sadly, they failed. Even for a sports movie, Invincible was very slow and drawn out. Mark Wahlberg does an adequate job of portraying Papale, but doesn't really bring much to the table. This was supposed to be an inspiring tale of overcoming the odds, instead it was the story of some guy who once made the Eagles, and didn't really do anything special. It wasn't impressive or inspiring in anyway. Invincible was simply about an old sports story that really wasn't anything special.
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Classic Feel Good Underdog Flick
Joseph-gabo24 June 2011
The movies backdrop was football. Yet this movie really wasn't a football movie nor really a sport movie so it shouldn't be summarized based upon that fact. The story really is centered about a down and out guy named Vince, who seems to not have anything really going for him after losing his job and marriage. The only glue in Vinces sanity to keep him going is friends and brother and also their love for the NFLs Eagles in Philly. With great luck he as well as the city gets a chance to try out for the beloved team. So the story goes on with character build up making you feel sympathy for the guy and in that sorrow you start rooting for him to do well with the team. Its a classic underdog story, even to the understanding that the underdog will triumph at the end. I must say though that after further research on the real story, certain liberties were taken with the film but that is to keep the movie flowing and to entertain the audience. Even though this movie does not garner any awards its a good film to enjoy again.
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The Working Class Football & Philadelphia Life
MySportsComplex4 March 2011
I'll have to admit bias on this one. Not so much because I grew up a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but because even more than that I am a huge fan or the underdog and outsider. Even better, Invincible is based on a true story of a man walking on to his hometown NFL team.

In the drab and recession-laden mid-1970s, the lowly Philadelphia Eagles are so bad that their new head coach, Dick Vermeil, announces team tryouts open to the public on live TV. While every Eagles fan and football-obsessed yahoo in town lines up, one standout athlete, a 30 year old bartender named Vince Papale is good enough to make the team and go pro.

In a style reminiscent of Rocky, the film's character struggles not only with his past failures amidst a new challenge of making the cut day-by-day, but he also grapples with his new role as a star and outcast in his own microcosm of working class Philadelphia life.

Greg Kinnear and Mark Wahlberg are both convincing in their roles, and even if you're a Giants or Cowboys fan, you will be inspired to root for Papale as the underdog that delivers on game day.

written by Andy Frye,
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Well Cast Sports Film With Realistic Dialogue
Chip Gallo (cgallo)20 February 2011
Mark Wahlberg continues to surprise and impress. This ostensibly is a sports film based on a true story, but the excellent cast delivers effective character driven scenes that elevate the proceedings into a watchable relationship drama. I love a good "walk and talk" scene and there are several. The director and editor are not afraid to have a fixed 2-shot during dialog (director Ericson Core is also the Director of Photography), more of a treat today in a world of herky-jerky hand held photography.

Period music is blended into a realistic background, especially in the bar scenes which are a backbone to the first half (heh) of the movie. My only quibble might be the casting of Elizabeth Banks as the love interest. The first time we see them in the same frame, well, the outcome is obvious. Ms Banks does a credible job and it is no negative reflection on her that she creates an attractive bar maid.

There is an interesting interview with Vince Papale over at DVD Fodder:
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Just perfect..!!
Anky razdan20 September 2010
It's not perfect, but Invincible works well as an uplifting study in hard work, humility, and perseverance. I hate to use the word "hero" when talking about sports icons, but if you have to idolize a guy who throws around a ball for a living, Vince Papale is the one to pick. The film plays out perfectly, hitting every note with practiced precision. Its score deserves special praise, a stellar mix of period specific rock and some of the best underdog makes good orchestral I've ever heard. Like everything about this film, it's a moving, uplifting, and a surprise. Sports movies are a dime a dozen, but Invincible lifts itself beyond the genre to tell the simple, true story of a man beating the odds through sheer force of will. Maybe Vince Papale isn't a hero, but like Rocky, Rudy, or any of the other classic sports figures we idolize, but he comes damn close.
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Rocky on the Football Field
markymark7020 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Who doesn't like an underdog story? A story where the hero comes from nothing to make it at the very top. Rocky did it - but that was from the brain of Stallone, a fictional story and character. However, Invincible is about a true life Joe who overcame all the odds to be a pro-football player.

I'm from the other side of the pond - Ireland - and football to me means something completely different. Neither do I have any interest in American football and not much knowledge of the rules / set-plays / special teams etc. etc. But this movie transcends all that and delivers a message centered around belief, never giving up on your dream and most importantly of all - friendship.

Mark Wahlberg is very good in his portrayal of Vince Papale - a 30 year old barman from Philidelphia who makes it on to a professional football team - Eagles - after an open try-out session organised by the new, desperate coach. Wahlberg has really improved in his acting as his career develops. Sure, he has duds (Planet of the Apes anyone?) but he has successes too (Basketball Diaries, Four Brothers, Shooter). This role is perfect for him. Even though he looks a little small to be a footballer, it simply adds to his likability. He is certainly well-built but his hangdog, everyman look fits so easily here that I, as a viewer, could totally buy into the fact that he was a down on his luck, out of work teacher trying hard to make his way in tough times in a tough city. He plays the role with such respect and pathos - that's its hard not to root for the guy. When he eventually makes it - I felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Mission accomplished from his point of view.

The direction of the movie is above average. First time director Ericson Cole does a good job on the scene setting, football sequences and some nice touches of CGI for some of the stadium shots. The opening montage depicting life in 1970's Philly to the backdrop of Jim Croce's lilting music is a fantastic introduction to the movie. I'm sure there are some liberties taken with the 'true' story but for dramatic effect there has to be - so no complaints here on that score. After all, for me, it is a movie first and a true story second.

Banks does a nice job with her (slightly underwritten) part as does all the buddies from Max's bar. Kinnear too is good as new coach Vermeil. But without Wahlberg stepping up to the mark - the whole thing could have gone down the toilet. But he is brilliant here. Even though Wahlberg has had his troubles down through the years (I could not stand him as Marky Mark) he has matured a lot and has a little rags to riches flavour about his own life too. Yet, he doesn't seem to act like a movie star. He projects the image of a quiet, hard working, prepared individual who knows how lucky he is to be where he is today and is not about to get all 'showbusiness' and lose it all.

Overall, the movie is an uplifting, inspiring story with some great gravitas and excellent performances. The only quibble I have is the sheer number of scenes in the film which show Wahlberg walking alone down a street, away from the camera. Not sure if this was supposed to signify something or not but it just got a little tiresome after a while. However - that is a small gripe. The other downside to the film is it's promotion over in Europe was very low key. So low key in fact that I do not even remember if it had a cinema release or not. I know it's a tough sell because of the American Football element but the DVD could have been pitched better too. Not a criticism of the movie per se but rather of the distribution of it.

Great movie, great performances, inspiring stuff. 8/10.
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Nothing wrong with a good underdog story
allan1471 September 2009
Very much in the 'ROCKY' style where an unknown gets his dream shot. I never thought i'd end up watching a Disney film on T.V at 1am but this had me hooked from the start, and also being a sucker for true story's it kept me watching. mark wahlberg was pretty out-standing, with the rest of the cast doing a fine job's. Maybe Hollywood has taken liberties with all the facts but that doesn't make it a bad movie. The film is paced just right and for me the sound track was spot on. This film defiantly tick's the underdog story box but also ticks the feel-good box too. And by the end i found myself giving a little fist pump for Vince. The only thing i didn't like was the sepia tint on the camera, maybe it was an effect to give it a more retro feel, but it is only a minor criticism.
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best football movie
peterlubit5 May 2009
I did not watch this until now because I expected it to be just another football movie. Boy did I almost miss the best.

I love the character development and the angles of the camera when showing the football plays. I felt like I was on the field, which I never felt watching other football movies. Most importantly, this movie shines for displaying why football matters to the local fans. Perhaps, that was the main theme of the movie. I also liked the fact that it was based on real story and real people.

Most movies these days are just trash or remakes, utterly lacking real purpose and originality. Like other viewers, I was engaged with this movie from the beginning to the end. And this without violence, sex, drugs, explosions, etc.
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