Invincible (2006) Poster



Tommy: Even if you're down there for an hour, you're down there.

Janet Cantrell: Hey, I grew up with five brothers, but I have no problem hitting a girl.

TV Anchor: This is even stupider than I'm used to.

AC Craney: People don't want heart Dick, they want wins.

Carol Vermeil: What was it that you used to say to your kids at Hillsdale High? That character is tested when you're up against it?

Dick Vermeil: Yeah.


Dick Vermeil: And that's not the problem here. He's got plenty of character.

Carol Vermeil: Who said I was talking about him?

Frank Papale: You know how I used to tell you about Van Buren scoring that touchdown back in '48?


Frank Papale: Yeah, I know.

[waving hands]

Frank Papale: I know. That touchdown got me through 30 years at that factory. Got me through all those times your mother being sick. When I told you not to get your hopes up... didn't mean that I wasn't.

Vince Papale: Excuse me my name's spelled wrong.

Locker Room Ganitor: Nothin personal but by the time I'm through with this is it really gonna matter.

[last lines]

Dick Vermeil: Thats the sound we were looking for.

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