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The Muppets Detailed Character Descriptions and New Images

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The Muppets Detailed Character Descriptions and New Images
Disney has unveiled detailed character descriptions and brand new high-resolution images for its upcoming The Muppets, which comes to theaters November 23rd.

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Gary (Jason Segel) is loyal to his brother Walter-the two do everything together. "Gary is from Smalltown, USA," says Jason Segel (TV's How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), a longtime Muppet fan who created the role with himself in mind. "He's very na&#239ve, sweet and innocent, and he's very much in love with his girlfriend Mary. He's torn between his brother and growing into a new phase of maturation where it's time to be with his girlfriend. He's lived with his brother forever so that is his big struggle."

The plot thickens when the trio decides to take a vacation. Says Jason Segel, "The movie starts out with me and my brother Walter, whose wildest fantasy is to meet the Muppets.
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