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great examination of the social division between people in Hawaiian culture....
Daniella22 August 2006
Lovey is a social outcast, speaks pidgin English, has an unruly Afro, wears coke bottle glasses and is too shy to speak out against bullies who ostracize her. This film is part fantasy/part stark reality. I loved this movie, mostly, due to the fact that I (and I am sure MANY of us) was once Lovey in my formative years. The brutal pains of teen angst, the sense that you belong nowhere and the inability to articulate that pain are all universal feelings that transcend race, culture, and class. This is another film that is very difficult to find on the shelves at the video store (most likely, you won't!). If they ever air this on PBS again, I recommend you time your VCR (or TiVo) and videotape it. This is truly an example of beautiful film-making.
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