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Jon Heder and Will Ferrell learned how to ice skate for this movie. They trained extensively with Michelle Kwan's coach, Sarah Kawahara.
The writers claimed that "88.773 percent of Will Ferrell's dialogue is improvised or changed in some way to suit his persona."
Jon Heder spent two years in Japan as a Mormon missionary, and learned to speak Japanese fluently. He showcased this talent during the press conference when he responded flawlessly to a reporter's question posed in Japanese.
Will Arnett and Amy Poehler (who play siblings in the film) were husband and wife at the time during this film's release.
1980 Olympian Lisa Marie Allen was not only the Assistant Skating Choreographer on this movie, but she also appeared in the film as the blonde "Sweater Mom" who gets licked on the face by Will Ferrell's character during his Stockholm solo.
Jon Heder broke his ankle while training to ice skate for this movie.
Ben Stiller was considered for the role of Chazz Michael Michaels, but he decided the character was too much like other roles he had played.
At the Sex Addict's Anonymous meeting, the "Sex Addict's Prayer" (as shown on the prayer card) is, "God, Grant me the serenity to not have sex with my friend's girlfriend, the courage to go home tonight without having sex with my friends girlfriend, and the wisdom to walk away from my friend's smokin' hot girlfriend."
Jay-Z and Kanye West used excerpts of this movie in the beginning and middle parts of their single "N****S In Paris" from their Watch The Throne LP, "We skate to one song and one song only", and "It's provocative; it gets the people going!"
Chazz Michael Michaels' skating style was inspired by the skating style of Elvis Stojko.
This movie was directed by the same duo who are responsible for the Geico "Caveman Commercials".
According to the flags being raised, the four medalists at Worlds were from the United States, South Korea, and Sweden. South Korea has never medalled in men's singles at the World Championships, and Sweden has not medalled in that discipline since 1929. Furthermore, in the event of a first place tie, there would be no silver medal handed out, only the bronze, meaning that Sweden would have to suffice with a bronze, and South Korea would have been left empty-handed in fourth place.
The song that plays at the beginning of this movie is the same song that Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) sings at the end of Step Brothers (2008) at the Catalina Wine Mixer. (The only difference is in this movie, the song is in English.)
"Chazz" is also the name of Will Ferrell's character in Wedding Crashers (2005).
The name "Van Waldenberg" was taken from the family name of one of the writers of this movie.
All of the scenes at the World Figure Skating Championships were shot at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.
The hotel that Jimmy and Chazz stay in when they are in Montreal is actually a famous building called "Habitat 67", designed by Moshe Safdie in honor of Canada's centennial. In reality, it is not a hotel, but a privately owned condominium complex.
Although Jim Lampley, who made a cameo as the principle commentator at the ice skating competitions, had provided commentary on coverage of the Olympics for various networks, he is probably better known to viewers as HBO's anchor for boxing.
For eight years, Craig T. Nelson was the title character on a sitcom called Coach (1989). In this movie, his character's name is "Coach".
This film was shipped to theaters under the name "Partners".
Stephanie Courtney (Flo of the Progressive Insurance commercials) made an appearance as Melissa Kelly, an ESPN2 reporter, in this movie.
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Will Ferrell and Craig T. Nelson appeared in Get Hard (2015).
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Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler appeared in The House (2017).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Due to problems with the 6.0 system, Chazz and Jimmy are forced to share a gold medal, a reference to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games figure skating scandal.
Although it is only referred to subtly throughout the film, the filmmakers intended for the characters of Coach (Craig T. Nelson) and Jesse (Romany Malco) to be understood as romantic, as well as professional, partners. Some indications of that include the stained glass window in the kitchen showing the Coach and Jesse together (surrounded by hearts) and the triangle-shaped rainbow ornament visible on their shelf during one scene.
In a website online, Johnny Weir commented on the fact that Jimmy and he have the same style. The peacock outfit was actually based on Weir's swan outfit from the 2006 Winter Olympics. Both of the costumes incorporated the skaters' arms as the necks and the hands as the beaks of the birds. Jon Heder apparently made an off-hand suggestion, and was surprised to find that the costume was being created for him.
Stranz and Fairchild plot to injure Chazz "below the knee and above the ankle", references the attack on Nancy Kerrigan prior to the 1994 Winter Olympics.
Goof, not a point of trivia: The welt on Chazz's forehead after Stranz hit him with the tire iron is on the wrong side of his head.

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