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Entertainment Weekly
Of all the shocks in the riveting and timely political thriller Paradise Now, the most unsettling may be the dignity bestowed on a pair of prospective Palestinian suicide bombers.
A thoughtful, unsparing look at a controversial subject: suicide bombing.
A powerful, poignant, provocative drama, it gets its strength from its dispassion, from an uncompromising determination to explain rather than justify or condemn, to put a human face on incomprehensible acts.
Shot in the West Bank, the film radiates authenticity. Even when he plays the action like a thriller, Abu-Assad is in search of a deeper truth.
A compelling, tightly made political thriller.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Paradise Now plays like Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," but with explosives.
New York Daily News
At the stunning conclusion, you feel as if the weight of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has come down on your head.
Chicago Tribune
It's an intricate, sometimes implausible ideological thriller that might be better as a smaller-scaled, less% preachy psychological drama. Still, "Paradise" catches and keeps your attention because of its daring subject, real-life backdrops and the intensity of its actors.
Miami Herald
New York Post
Propaganda is terror's best friend, but Paradise Now is clever enough to make that buddy work for our side for a change.
Wall Street Journal
A valuable film, provided one doesn't ask too much of it.
The Hollywood Reporter
While nothing truly new or shocking emerges, the film does bring clarity and compassion to its depiction of an act that baffles, angers and sickens people the world over.

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