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The Mystery that will never become History

Author: springsunnywinter from United Kingdom
18 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A terrific crime thriller from a great director Vikram Bhatt. The whole film is charged with unpredictable heart pounding suspense. It is a bit similar to "The Fugitive" but "Jurm" is 1000 times better. At the start there were so many questions like "Did he kill his wife?", "If he didn't then who is the killer?", "Why is she murdered?" and "Is she even alive?" all of them were answered very properly with many twists & turns. Bobby Deol, Milind Soman and Gul Panag were the best, Lara Dutta was OK but I really found her funny every time she was scared especially when she was running up the stairs with her shopping bags. Songs are excellent the best song is the very first one "Nazarein teri nazarein" sung by Adnan Sami. When Avinash found out that his wife is alive and she was with Rohit the whole time he took is revenge in a very cleaver way, exactly 200% like what they did to him. The best scene in the film is the last song "Dil dil haye" when they were wearing scary masks.

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Double Jeaopardy! Beware of who you trust! Keep your friends close & your enemies even closer!

Author: Sherazade from United States
12 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You cannot punish somebody for the same crime twice now can you? That's the case here, just like in the Hollywood movie Double Jeopardy, only this time the roles are switched, and the person doing time here is the husband not the wife (as was in the Hollywood version).

Bobby Deol plays the husband, Avinash Malhotra, a successful business man whom the evil eye has cast a glare upon when we recounts the story of the death of wife from a holding cell in central Mumbai. We initially meet Avinash as he awakes from a nightmare in which his wife has just murdered him, only to awake to the realisation that in a drunken rage, he has in all reality murdered his wife Sanjana (played by India's most perpetually pageant-like beauty Queen Lara Dutta). Okay, let's branch off for a second, honestly speaking Lara Dutta is a perpetual beauty queen! There is no film I've seen her in, no matter how glamorous the role or how daunting, she is always looking like a million dollars, and this film is no exception. Okay, back to the plot, Hehe! So, Inspector Vishnu Patnaik (played by Ashish Vidyarthi) plays a team of cops and investigators trying to recover the body of Avinash's wife as well as shake down the reason why the man has killed his wife.

While in detention, Avinash recounts the tale of how he came to meet his wife Sanjana and the whirlwind that surrounded them disguised as romance, subsiding only after they were married. During these flashbacks, we come to understand that Avinash rebuffed the affections of his very close friend Sonia(played by Gul Kirat Panag) whom everybody thought he would marry until Sanjana came along. And from that point of view, it becomes very easy to see where Avinash made his greatest mistake. He fell in love with the wrong woman.

Avinash's best friend Rohit (played by sexy Milind Soman), who is also a lawyer comes to his friend's aid in jail and tries to clear him of the charges. But when a mysterious witness to the crime shows up in the form of Sanjana's uncle Chamanlal (played by Shakti Kapoor) Avinash's fate becomes sealed. Sonia's supposed decomposed body is soon discovered and Avinash is sentenced to life in prison. While in jail, Avinash signs over power of attorney to his Rohit in order to keep his businesses running but little does his know that this is the worst move that he could have ever made compared to the crappy way he had handled his life so far.

A tacky escape from prison soon than later, then reveals to Avinash the true nature of his best friend Rohit. A few months past and Avinash gets wind of the fact that Rohit has relocated to Malaysia and is living large with his (Avinash's) money. Horrified, scorned, and ultimately hellbent on seeking revenge, Avinash packs up with the help of Sonia and heads for Malaysia with the intent of murdering Rohit when they get there but he is halted when he realises that his wife Sanjana is not dead after all, but very much alive and living large in the arms of his best friend Rohit.

The costume designers deserve a lot of kudos for they way they handled the film's wardrobe. The songs and dance were good and very well themed. The locations were very beautiful and believably a part of the plot. And just like I've always maintained, you can always trust the Bhatts to bring it! They are an asset in Bollywood film making, especially in the 'whodunit' genre. This film yielded one of Lara Dutta's and Bobby Deol's best performances to date.

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thrilling,riveting,great music and performances

Author: toughie from mumbai
29 March 2005

A thriller which is riveting, nice music with a good suspense and nice performances by BOBBY DEOL,LARA DUTTA, MILIND SOMAN, The locations in Malaysia are exotic and the film grips you from the beginning, falters a little in the middle but picks up post interval,the songs have been choreographed well, the music is splendid,the film is ably directed , the screenplay is taut,only thing lacking is some comedy in the first half else this would have been a complete entertainer, never the less a must see for thriller lovers. Bobby deol excels in a first rate performance, Milind soman is the surprise packet, Lara is also good, Gul Panag makes a good debut.

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Unnecessary Long But Worth A Watch Because Of Bobby Deol

Author: M MALIK from Pakistan
18 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i love Bobby Deol he is a great actor better then anyone in Indian cinema i have ever seen when it comes to serious acting this man surpasses everyone he can outclass any Hollywood actor i say since 90s when i was a kid i became a fan & watched almost his every movie there are some that i have missed but the main thing is the music is best always in his films regardless of the film being remembered.

this film came in 2005 but i recently saw it again Vikram Bhatt directed this Vikram is actually my most favorite director in the world the way he tells his stories are amazing the guy is underrated.

the plot:Avinash is a rich guy who gets married to Sanjana they start to live a happy life but after some time Avinash suspects Sanjana is having an affair and she is hiding some secrets one day he drinks to much the next morning he wakes up only to find out that his wife has been murdered,all evidence goes against him Avinash gets into a deep mess he gets arrested & gets a life time in prison how will he find out who set him up the answer is in this film.

the cast:Bobby Deol looks awesome giving another best performance as always,Gul Panag looks lovely but Lara Dutta is a main highlight here she plays a negative role a evil villain along with Milind Soman.

the story is not new its been done before in Hollywood and many other TV shows and worldwide you know people cheat each other for money the problem is its unnecessary lengthy for no reason editing was required at a lot of places but another bonus is the music all songs are nice but one song is my favorite O Sanam O Sanam.

to put it simply if you are looking for something nice from Bollywood try Jurm a.k.a Once Upon A Crime 2005,my rating is 5/10.

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Good Mix, Bad Principle !

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
2 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here The Fugitive meets Double Jeopardy, and of course – since it's an Indian movie – The Count of Monte Cristo !

The final outcome is entertaining yes, except for some matters. To instance : the point of providing a corpse for the police was passed by as trivial ! The absolute trust in the taxi deriver for nothing but being an Indian ?! Then how that driver helps the lead out at "killing" without any objections ?!! Look how the lead turns into Neo from the Matrix at the end, beating up 100 men solely. Or how his enemy runs from the law without even changing his name? Sure naiveties like that make me angry, and the movie crack !

However the biggest bothering point was the violent solution. The way this lead chooses KILLING FOR ALL provokes me. I recall another Indian Count of Monte Cristo (Dharmendra in Jeevan Mrityu "1970") where he didn't get to kill anybody. But after 35 years, we moved from too-shy-to-kill heroes to ruthless insatiable killing machines ?! I don't know, maybe things had changed to bloody? Maybe being a monster brings more money? Or maybe, the audience suffers in their lives tough problems that need to be cured, in unreal way, by only a sadistic slaughter !

The direction is beautiful. I loved how everything is intensified. And the cadres did amuse me. Utilizing the dazzling locations of Malaysia was big part of the movie's clever entertainment. The editing was fast yet sane. It managed to be sad, breathless and surprising. (Meri Chahato Ka Samudar), performed by Abhijeet & Alka Yagnik, is one in a million song. And the manner it was used is brilliant; see how it differs according to the feel of the situation it expresses; that deepened the effect, brought some peculiarity, and most of all was lovely to listen.

Unlike similar Indian fares this one has no problems at acting. (Lara Dutta) was pretty and talented too. (Milind Soman) portrayed a stereotype evil man capably. After being the loving friend he tuned into the mean opponent, and all the difference was taking off the glasses and showing off some acting muscles. Well, it's very rare to watch someone from a younger generation succeed as the same as the classic Indian cinema's kings of evil. (Bobby Deol) reminded me of (Dharmendra), as a sedate loving type of a lead. He was convincing whether as angry husband, sad prisoner, backstabbed lover or gritty avenger. His performance reached the top while seeing his wife live again and in the arms of his once-sincere then-disloyal friend. He did his entire job seriously, until the matrix reloaded started abruptly! (Gul Panag) wasn't that pretty, but – interestingly – her character seemed agreed with the lead's violence and bloody revenge, in another movie she would have been his conscience, rationality, etc.. but here, she wasn't.

Here's a mix of many movies, but boy, did it work? It's watchable rather captivating twisted-crime-movie. I just didn't feel comfortable with the revenge celebration of the third act. The thing is its blood seemed too much for me, especially when the lead got away with it eventually, winning a true love as well; as if it's a reward he wouldn't deserve without a massacre first !

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Not bad

Author: AishFan from San Jose, CA, US
21 May 2005

This thriller has quite an interesting story filled with several shocking twists and turns. Just when you think Bobby's life can't get any worse, another bombshell drops on him breaking his heart even more. The second half is clever, intriguing, and different. Although I admit that Bobby Deol had to suffer a lot, I personally thought this his thirst for revenge was a little extreme and not healthy. You may disagree. Lara Dutta has given an excellent performance. Milind Soman and Bobby also did a nice job. Songs are also good. My favorite is "Mere Chahaton Ka." "Dil Dil" has been picturized and fitted into the story well.

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Terrible story, direction, and acting

Author: Moi-me from Aarhus, Denmark
27 March 2005

"Jurm" is a film which is supposed to be a thriller, without actually being one. The film is very easy to predict, and lacks of suspense. Even though the film begins promising, it completely fails and falls in level afterwards. Vikram Bhatt is not able to maintain the suspense through out the film. The main problem with "Jurm" is that it has absolutely nothing new to offer. What you see has been seen several times before. On the top of that the chemistry between the actors is miserable as well. This is one of the few films where even Bobby Deol isn't able to play his part with conviction. Lara Dutta proves that being beautiful and sexy doesn't necessarily mean that you can act. Thank you! Gul Panag hasn't got much to do in the film. Milind Soman plays extremely artificially, and falls flat in front of Bobby Deol, in spite the fact that he is not playing well either. It is truly sad to see an actor of Ashish Vidyarthi's calibre to choose such a low level film, where he doesn't get the chance to play even 10% of what he is capable of.

"Jurm" is a terrible film with terrible acting and has nothing new to offer. This one doesn't even qualify as being a time-pass movie.

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