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Somebody call PETA!
Syl29 June 2005
I caught glimpses of this show which feature a gay male couple and their dog, Liberace. First of all, they come across as the most stereotyped gay couple that I have seen and yet they are real. I couldn't watch them with their dog as they took this tiny lap dog (I mean the dog weighed under 10 pounds and was not fully developed) and pushed into these contests. I thought Showbiz Moms and Dads were ridiculous but this young gay couple are obviously immature and neglectful of Liberace. I understand that some people want to place their animals for show but don't put Liberace on for show like a doll. Liberace is a dog and a small one. I had a rabbit who weighed more than this dog and I wouldn't put it in contests. Liberace isn't even attractive. Look I know people love their animals, I still can't get over the loss of my rabbit but even I have a good sense about what she wanted. I don't think Liberace wants to be paraded around like show dog. He probably just wants to sleep and then when they started going on about his penal development, I just cringed and prayed for somebody like the PETA people to see this as animal abuse and cruelty. If they don't conclude that, I don't know what else is my opinion. Poor Liberace, he is the one suffering the most. As for his owners, if they want to parade dogs, they should get bigger sized dogs which show interest in performing.
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