Days of Glory (2006) Poster


Plot Keywords

soldier arab
sergeant love
alsace nazi
food french soldier
italy volunteer
fraternity equality
liberty private
money corporal
injustice muslim
african algeria
french army north african
army nazi occupied france
nazi soldier military uniform
dying young german abroad
vosgian forest maghreb
allies free french
year 1944 year 1945
racial segregation segregation
cannon fodder moroccan
booby trap one word title
world war two in italy encampment
ammunition self respect
party colonel
mule staff sergeant
military officer trip wire
military jail jail
education mirror
shaving medal
war reporter ship
poverty rifle punch to the gut
drummer flute
theatre audience theatre production
map vichy
horse riding bus
mother son relationship tombstone
grave marker civil rights
souvenir pocket watch
campfire mountain
airplane stewardess ballet dancer
ballet drinking
drink whiskey
knife held to throat paris france
swastika word of honor
betrayal humiliation
milking a cow village
head wound wallet
la marseillaise dancing
dancer song
singing singer
robbing dead body pacification
immigrant politics
algerian mortar
battle binoculars
foxhole artillery
flash forward military police
firearm awol
deserter arrest
arm injury hand injury
forest iron cross
race relations massacre
french military crucifix
catholic church
bridge cigar smoking
kiss celebration
liberation captain
tent target practice
marksman sharpening knife
red cross cigarette smoking
dead horse dead dog
dead animal corpse
photographer camera
provence burial
grave graveyard
reference to charles degaulle freeze to death
snow illiteracy
dying newsreel footage
nazi occupation german occupation
berber injury
cultural difference class differences
cross arabic
wound patriotism
tears crying
saving a life eating
photograph letter
racial prejudice prejudice
justice robbery
theft thief
reference to allah prayer
reference to god french flag
military training hand grenade
knife rifle
gun mutiny
colonialism blood
dead body murder
german soldier morocco
africa local blockbuster
uniform military
automatic weapon armor
machine gun fire
explosion death
bazooka world war two in africa
ethnic slur military enlistment
combat north africa
1940s world war two
steel helmet infantry
title spoken by character

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