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That the film succeeds as well as it does despite a series of coincidences that strain credibility is a credit to a fine cast and a joie de vivre that pervades even the most implausible moments.
New York Daily News
Rarely has Paris seemed more enchanting than in Danièle Thompson's optimistic ode to Gallic romance.
Thompson's stories are familiar, but she weaves them together with such assurance and good humor that they're equally soothing and thoroughly enjoyable.
The film uses effective acting, deft dialogue, and a sly wit to entertain, if not educate.
All of the actors are on point (Dupontel and Morante are particularly good), the individual story arcs are involving, if not exactly complex, and Thompson keeps the proceedings moving along at a comfortable clip.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Avenue Montaigne is not a film to be taken too earnestly, but it would be a mistake to miss its bittersweet undertones. The movie is as airy as a spun-sugar dessert, but Thompson's observations on the artistic life are both affectionate and knowing: Beauty and wealth, though inevitably compelling, are appreciated as means to humane ends, not goals in themselves.
The Hollywood Reporter
Bookending the film is the relationship between Jessica and the grandmother who raised her. This role is delightfully played by Suzanne Flon, who recently died at age 87. The film is dedicated to the veteran actress.
For Yank color in her soap-bubbly movie, director Daniele Thompson has her pal Sydney Pollack appear as...a famous director.
Has a breezy, Altmanesque air, as it tracks the mini-dramas of its crisscrossing characters.
Chicago Tribune
Originally titled "Orchestra Seats," Montaigne takes a page from the "Amelie" playbook, without the fancy visuals or magical realism.
Wall Street Journal
It's formula stuff, to be sure, but full of feeling for the sweep of the past as well as for the unsettled, yearning present.

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