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Affairs Of State: An Interview With Eric Valette

Released in France on November 25th 2009, "Une Affaire d'Etat" is a suspenseful, action-packed thriller in which three characters cross paths: a corrupt politician (André Dussolier), his henchman (Thierry Frémont), and a hard-boiled female cop (Rachida Brakni). Before you read the lead actress' interview, we'll start with the director, Eric Valette, maker of three other feature films. His first, "Maléfique", was a French production awarded by William Friedkin himself at the Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival. The two others films were made in Hollywood: a remake of Takashi Miike's "One-Missed Call", released in the Us (unfortunately not the director's cut version) and "Hybrid" which involves a devilish car and another action queen (Shannon Beckner); there is still no release date scheduled for this film. In this exclusive interview, we focus on "Une Affaire d'Etat", Eric Valette's most personal work so far...

Frédéric Ambroisine: How did you discover the book
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Adam Lambert: One Week Later

A change in appearance post-ama.

It's been a week since Adam Lambert made much of the world collectively clutch its pearls and gasp in shock. Nearly everybody and their brother has managed an opinion on the subject, including me. Now that we've all said something, have we, as a society, reached a consensus on what happened, and what it means?

The short answer is no. We're all still clueless about the broader societal meanings of The Great Crotch Snorkel of 2009. It would probably have been over by now if not for CBS blurring out the kiss, which really wasn't at issue, at least not until their lame excuse for doing so. (Their silly explanation was destroyed by the man who had the first gay kiss on a morning show.)

So as things stand, we're still talking.

The anti-gay Liberty Counsel has filed an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission about the performance.
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Gays of our Lives (July 7, 2009)

Another week and another edition of Gays of Our Lives brings you all the clips, news and spoilers you’ll need about soaps all over the world. In Gool Theater, meet cute and cheeky Lucas Sanders in Good Times, Bad Times, see some really tense moments between Kyle and Fish on One Life To Live and the long awaited return of Phillip Chancellor III to The Young and the Restless.

Speaking of Y&R, Gool Scoops And Spoilers has all the dish on yet another close moment between Rafe and Adam. Meanwhile, will Kyle out Fish on One Life To Live?

In Gool Newsbeat, just what is the deal with gay professor Mason on As The World Turns? And will we ever see hot French dramedy Clara Sheller again? Plus, as always, Snapshots and our Soap Stud Of The Week!

Table Of Contents

Gool Theater

In My Humble Opinion (Imho
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Gays of our Lives (April 13, 2009)

To help readers navigate the "Gays of Our Lives" column, we've decided to add a handy Table of Contents. For those of you who love to read the entire column, start to finish, nothing has changed. But if you're in a hurry and want to check out this week's spoilers right this minute, all you need do is click on "Scoops & Spoilers" and you'll be whisked away! The same goes for each Gool feature including "In My Humble Opinion", "Gool Theater", "Gool Newsbeat" and all the rest of the great Gool content.

Table Of Contents

Feature: The Gool Hot 12!

Gool Theater

In My Humble Opinion (Imho)

Scoops & Spoilers

Gool Newsbeat

Bits & Pieces

Ratings & Rankings


Question Of The Week


The Gool Hot 12!

In honor of’s Hot 100 voting currently underway, I've decided to choose the 12 hottest soap guys we cover weekly in the Gays of our Lives.
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Gays of our Lives (March 1, 2009)

In The Spotlight – Degrassi: The Next Generation, Clara Sheller, and River City

This week we look at three very different series that hail from three different countries. But all have one thing in common: each tell interesting and intriguing stories about the lives and loves of gay men.

First up, Degrassi: The Next Generation and ‘The Life of Riley’.

Riley Stavros, played by Argiris Karras, is the long running Canadian teen drama’s latest entry in its much-lauded history of depicting the lives of gay characters. But two recent episodes clearly showed Riley is very different from Degrassi’s last gay character, Marco (out actor Adamo Ruggiero). Where Marco was openly gay and never struggled with his sexual identity, it’s been nothing but a constant battle for Riley. In fact, he hates being gay and desperately wishes things were different. But as we see in this first clip, he
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Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (February 27, 2009)

It's The Best.Gay.Week.Ever! But In Designer Clothes!

Oh, the irony of having me write a fashion-themed Bgwe! Why so ironic? How about because it's 5 Pm and I'm currently wearing Target slippers, Target lounge pants and a ratty sweathshirt. Did I mention these are my good clothes?

Not fair! I actually shower every single day! Mostly...

Why the sudden interest in fashion? Well, there was Fashion Week having taken place last week in New York and the Oscars in L.A. on Sunday, but I was really inspired by last week's episode of Ugly Betty which ended with Betty finally "getting" that fashion isn't just about expensive clothes but is actually "art" and about taking what's on the inside emotionally, spiritually, etc. and putting it on the outside.

I guess she's feeling wing-y on the inside?

I found that an interesting way to look at fashion and thusly
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Gays of our Lives (February 23, 2009)

Chatting With … Sri Rao

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sri Rao, the former head writer of last year’s best soap opera on either daytime or nighttime television, General Hospital: Night Shift. In addition to discussing his work on that gay-inclusive, critically acclaimed show, Rao also shared his thoughts on the depiction of gay characters in the genre, who should write gay characters, how As the World Turns handled the Luke and Noah storyline, as well as news about a new project very close to his heart.

[While very interesting and worthwhile, this interview is five pages long. To skip directly to this week's In My Humble Opinion, Gool Newsbeat and Scoops And Spoilers click here.]

Sri Rao

Photo credit: Entwined Studio You were the head writer for General Hospital: Night Shift. Had you written for soaps before that?

Sri Rao: No, this was my first foray into the soap opera genre. I had been watching General Hospital for my entire life. I’m a long-time fan of the show so I was very familiar with it.
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Gays of our Lives (February 16, 2009)

In The Spotlight – River City

When we last took a peek at BBC Scotland drama River City, gay graphic designer Scott Wallace had lost the child he cared about — not to mention the guy he cared about. Since that storyline wrapped up, Scott has pretty much disappeared; however, a few weeks ago, the show introduced an intriguing new gay character in the very nice form of construction worker Nathan Simpson, played by James Daffern.

When Nathan set up shop in River City, he immediately found himself attracted to bartender Rory Murdoch, played by out actor David Paisley. While Rory was flattered by Nathan’s attentions, Rory is straight … or so he says.

David Paisley (Rory) and James Daffern (Nathan)

When Rory arrived in River City for Christmas back in 2007, he found himself clashing with his father, Lenny, the local gangster in town. Rory has never been involved in his father
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Gays of our Lives (February 09, 2009)

Degrassi: The Next Generation has a long history of prominent gay characters and this season is no exception. Earlier this year we met Riley Stavros, a teenager struggling with his sexuality, unable to accept that he is gay. With an episode featuring Riley set to air this week on The N, we decided to chat via e-mail with Argiris Karras, who plays the troubled young man, to get his thoughts on his role.

Argiris Karras Tell us something about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? What do you do for fun? What kind of music do you listen to?

Argiris Karras: I'm 19 years old and I was born in Toronto, Ontario, one of the greatest cities around!

For fun I often chill with my friends and do a whole bunch of random things such as play soccer and video games, watch movies and listen to music.
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Gays of our Lives (January 26, 2009)

Getting To Know … Shameless

The love life of gay teenager Ian Gallagher (Gerard Kearns) on the U.K. series Shameless has never been easy. Whether it’s having to steal a bed just so he can have sex with his hot new boyfriend (somehow landing in prison because of it), trying to keep his ongoing affair with a married man a secret, or that fling with a homophobic drug dealer who has a strange sexual quirk (big surprise), something always comes along to make finding love (or just getting laid) a trying ordeal for poor Ian.

Gerard Kearns as Ian Gallagher

Shameless, which airs on Channel 4, the same network that brings us Hollyoaks, is a dark and perverse comedy/drama about the twisted lives of the extremely dysfunctional Gallagher family, as well as their friends and their enemies. Created by Paul Abbott, who is also the executive producer, the series
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Gays of our Lives (January 12, 2009)

In this edition of Gays Of Our Lives, we introduce “In The Spotlight,” a new recurring feature where we examine in depth a particular series, character or storyline of gay interest.

First up, Casualty’s Dr. Toby De Silva, played by Matthew Needham, who bid goodbye this past week to the long running BBC medical series after a story arc during which the character struggled not only with his sexuality, but with his decision to become a doctor as well.

When Toby first joined the show in September 2007, his conflict over whether or not to be a doctor was quickly apparent as we learned that his overbearing parents had forced him into medicine. And while his relationships with women were rare, fleeting and usually disastrous, there hadn’t been much of an inkling regarding Toby being gay – at least not until he was found in bed with Ben Harding (Mark Letheren
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Gays of our Lives (November 17, 2008)

It’s been a busy year for soaps and dramas featuring gay characters (you should just see the number of shows I have to watch). A lot of it was good, much of it was bad, and some . . . well, that’s the point of this week's survey. We’re looking for your opinions on the year's best and worst in soaps and dramatic shows featuring gay characters. From Best Series to Worst Storyline to Best Couple to Most Shocking Plot Twist, we want to know what you loved and hated in the shows featuring your favorite and not-so-favorite gay characters. The results will be announced in the Dec. 15th edition of “Gays of Our Lives.” And please, if you feel there’s someone we’ve missed, you can write in your own choice!

Best Show

Best Show

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Most Disappointing Show

Most Disappointing Show

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Best Storyline

Best Storyline

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