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Desu toransu
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Reviews & Ratings for
Death Trance More at IMDbPro »Desu toransu (original title)

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33 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

everything but the kitchen sink- cool, fun - but empty

Author: fritzlang from Durham, NC USA
19 February 2006

I have seen a lot of Asian films and understand that genres get mixed together a lot. But this one takes the cake. Think of putting in John Woo, Billy Idol (!), Wuxia, Kiss Me Deadly, Hellraiser, Evil Dead 2, and Mad Max into a blender and add in a heavy metal soundtrack, and this will give you just some idea of this movie.

This is directed by the person who did the fight scenes from Versus and it shows. Almost all of the fight scenes take place in a forest. Hmmm..

interesting is that there is very little bloodshed. A lot of fighting with the blunt edge of the sword!! Not sure why this was done except to cut back on some special effects.

Saw it's Southeast premiere and the audience seemed to really enjoy it too. Lots of 'ooh', laughter and clapping.. Can't remember the last time I remember that in a theater.

Forget the plot (what little there is), and marvel and sheer audacity of some of these scenes. Very enjoyable, very 'cool' and in some cases, very very funny. Just don't expect anything meaningful.

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20 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

Very good Debut for Shimomura

Author: thedude_153 from United States
6 July 2006

I personally enjoyed this movie a lot. The best way to look at it is to go in with expectations of watching something basically the same as Versus. Don't expect some great story, because its non-too deep, however it does keep you entertained and interested. The action scenes are once again amazing, thanks to Tak and Yuji, both great at what they do. Any major fan of Tak will love this movie. Also, I have to say the ending is quite entertaining and original. Plus the soundtrack adds a good affect, since its pretty much ALL Dir en grey songs. It includes the new single "CLEVER SLEAZOID" by them, which goes along very great with the film. In all, any fan of Kitamura or fans of Asian cinema should enjoy this film, if only for a fun flick.

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16 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Final Fantasy meets Storm Riders

Author: TheHarshAndLastWord from United States
8 August 2006

So what can I say about Death Trance, personally I loved it. I am huge fan of anime and most importantly of the final fantasy series and to see someone have the balls to pull off this sort of genre is a statement in itself. Unfortunately we do get the bad apples like "ultraviolet". The overall story is comprehensible to a certain point, only real problem I see was there was not enough back story to support what is going on. It's like being kidnapped and strapped onto a roller-coaster with a blind fold on, you know what's going on around you but you're not exactly sure how you even got there in the first place. Tak Sakaguchi does well as Grave, his demeanor suited this character more so than his counter part in "versus". The supporting cast do a great job of filling the void of this somewhat empty world and in typical Sakaguchi fashion the fight scenes can be somewhat lengthy. But seriously seeing a lone samurai smacking the crap out of Zombies with a stick in a forest full of vampiric spidermen is just classic. The heavy metal music sets the mood for the battles and fit in perfectly. It's not the greatest movie in the world but I guarantee you play this at a party and people will have their eyes glued. Death Trance's special fx is without doubt AMAZING, no ands ifs or buts. If the lack of story is what hinders the movie, the SFX more than make up for that. If you're looking to run through a quick final fantasy-esquire like story then rent it at blockbuster. If you really like it then keep it and pay the rest. That's what I'm doing, this is definitely a good "unknown" movie to pull out on your friends. Overall I dig this movie, they stepped out and tried something new with this movie and I think they pull it off nicely.


and that's the final word.

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Visually stunning movie...

Author: Melinda Elsing from United States
9 March 2007

I think this movie was really great. First of all, unlike the previous comment, I love both Versus and Death Trance. Unlike him I realize Death Trance is NOT Versus 2, it is a completely different movie with its own plot, which I found highly interesting. Both are action movies and both contain unique plots, but in Death Trance there is not nearly as much gore.

The thing that hooked me was the visuals of this movie. It is highly stylized. The costumes especially are amazing. And yes, there is also a ton of action but not much gore, which I guess if that is all you are looking for don't check this movie out.

I really don't want to give anything away because I think it is definitely worth checking out. So if you like an interesting story line, some over-the-top action (minus ungodly amounts of blood), amazing visuals, an obscenely awesome soundtrack (it's all Dir en Grey-good stuff), and one hardcore actor (haha, what can I say, Tak Sakaguchi is bad ass) then you should probably get a hold of this film. enjoy ;)

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

No grave for Grave

Author: unbrokenmetal from Hamburg, Germany
17 February 2007

The hero drags a coffin behind him, an overwhelming number of enemies attack him, but only when the coffin is opened, hell really breaks loose... sounds like the summary for "Django" with Franco Nero, but actually it's "Death Trance" with Tak Sakaguchi. This rare coffin motif is something that will make you remember a movie which otherwise is fun, but not outstanding. Lots of fight scenes in a fantasy world where sticks and swords meet guns, motor bikes and an ultra-cool rocket launcher. Calling it a "historical costume movie" as its star did in an interview is not quite true, but few in the audience will care about history as long as it is fun. And it sometimes really is, e.g. when Grave (Sakaguchi) enters a "saloon" followed by a maybe 6 year old girl, orders a big glass of milk for himself - while the child drinks a whiskey. Or when Grave kills vampires by biting their necks in turn. No grave yet for Grave. Don't expect a masterpiece as "Death Trance" hasn't got the depth. Still worth a look if you like such kind of things.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

A live action comic book

Author: udar55 from Williamsburg, VA
31 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This insane genre hybrid from a majority of the team that brought us VERSUS is quite a surprise. Grave (Tak Sakaguchi) steals a coffin from a monastery and drags it around (shades of DJANGO) with a little kid following close behind (shades of LONE WOLF AND CUB). A lone monk pursues him in order to regain the coffin. Everyone thinks the coffin will grant you wishes but it actually houses a Goddess of Destruction who was banished from heaven. Director Yuji Shimomura, who choreographed the action in VERSUS, should get credit for making such a unique film that, despite sharing the same lead, sets itself apart from VERSUS. It is essentially a period piece except people sometimes use guns and ride motorcycles. There are some truly surreal set pieces (a human spider forest, a sword fight where blood floats around the participants, dead angels falling from heaven) and great fights. But the most surprising film is the amount of dry comedy featured in the film. One of the co-stars is Steven Seagal's son Kentaro who is quite good as comic relief Sid. Unfortunately he has inherited his father's hairline. Poor kid.

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12 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

The Action Movie of 2006?

Author: running_with_scissors from Liverpool
19 July 2006

Death Trance is from the action director of Devil May Cry 3, if you've played that game then you should know what to expect!

Death Trance is a completely O.T.T. fantasy action movie, a few have criticised the plot but I found it to be good and the humour is genuinely funny which is something that Versus failed at. If you hate the plot then rest assured, it's the crazy action scenes that provide the entertainment and there's plenty of them!

My only disappointment with the movie was Steven Seagals son, if he takes after his father then it doesn't show, he has a small action scene at the beginning, and it's nothing special.

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Goddess, samurai, vampires, zombies, monks....bunch of nonsense

Author: Destroyer Wod from Quebec
11 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK , first of all i guess you want to know if the fighting is good right? Answer is yes... Its good. But do the movie has a lot of it? Not really. The few fights in the movie are well choreographed for sure, but the problem is with all the rest. This movie is nonsense from beginning to end. When the coffin is stolen from a monastery, a young monk which seem to be away at that time is given the task to take it back by the surviving member. He goes after "the coffin man" which the legend says a bunch of thing... for a warrior that just stole it, and eventually not only will he join force with him, but also with other characters you don't really understand much about.

The movie is set in an unknown period... Well yeah it is, it seem to be the feudal Japanese era but they use guns and bazookas, and what we taught would be the main foe actually turned main protagonist eventually use a katana turned shotgun with unlimited ammo.... OKAY !!! I could past all these nonsense if the story was fun to follow and made sense, but it does NOT. You care so little about that bunch of characters. The only way the movie find to introduce them is to show them beating some random foes to make think there great fighters, but never do we bond with them at all. At some point what i tough was a main character died, and i just didn't give a damn about it.

More the movie progress, more the story get confusing and at the end i was just waiting for it to end. It seem a bit like a manga on screen, maybe it will appeal to some people, but if you are looking for a good story and characters to root for.... well this is not it. Call me traditional, but i need a reason, something to get drawn to the main protagonist, and this movie had many of them(or i tough so) and none of them ended up appealing me at all... This movie is just a confusing mess, with a couple good fights thrown it, but too few of them to be noticeable.

No matter how independent, how underground or how Japanese the movie is, its just not to my liking. They throw so much stuff on screen just for the sake of having it. For example main hero being bitten by vampires, only to bit them back and show how "supernatural he is" or when he pull out his katana turned shotgun only to kill the "zombies" that seem to not fall down to any hits... In the end all of this do not matter in the movie. Even the last fight, our hero get defeated by the goddess, she goes to heaven to slaughter angels... i think, and he rise up and some character say he is the hope... yeah but he just got defeated... whats the point. No really, i know Japanese can make good movies, but this is not one of them.

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Death Trance

Author: Phil Hubbs from UK
30 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An apocalyptic samurai, ninja, sci-fi western fantasy with characters that wouldn't look out of place in 'Soul Calibur', 'Mortal Kombat' and various other Japanese RPG videogames, that is how I can best describe this eye popping flick, odd title though.

The main star here is again the ultra cool Tak Sakaguchi, here in a kind of supernatural samurai mode as a mythic character who drags a coffin behind him everywhere he goes (and an odd little girl in your typical Japanese 'The Ring' spooky fashion) as he basically slaughters all who stand before him. His name is 'Grave' and he searches for the ultimate battle...rock on that!

This film is pretty similar to 'Versus' in the location (a forest), it stars Tak as some kind of super hero again and the fact the story is really quite bizarre and makes no real sense, plus it appears to be in a place and time that don't exist. So basically Tak has nicked the coffin from a temple and is taking it to a spot in the forest so it can grant him anything he seems the coffin can do this. Or does it? a monk is also after Tak and the coffin to stop it being opened and releasing the Goddess of destruction who will kick start an apocalypse...that's not a good thing. The monk is aided by...wait for it...Steven Seagal Jr. yep that's right, or his real name Kentaro Seagal (sounds like a 'Mortal Kombat' character), all of them battle bandits and non human creatures to reach their respective goals.

The film is fast and furious with fights breaking out all over the show and many of them being...well kinda average actually. Most seem too frantic and you can see the hits aren't making contact, also to be honest Tak isn't really a well built guy, he's cool but he doesn't really come across as tough and never really looks like he could really be whipping hordes of bad guys endlessly.

The look of the film is really what sets this apart, all the costumes are a kind of cross between traditional Japanese period wear with 'Mad Max' 'Water World' 'Conan' 'Krull' and many other fantasy type films throw in, it all looks highly stylish. Add to this a complete 'Army of Darkness' approach to the dark humour, camera work, extreme supernatural entities and wickedly evil looking weapons which do also include a kind of samurai boomstick.

Put it this way, the director of this film is Yuji Shimomura and he was the action director for 'Versus' (eh see, you see I came full circle there) and 'Devil May Cry 3' so I think you can get the gist of what I'm trying to explain here, the film is pretty much an explosive visual video game. Its probably better than 'Versus' in my personal view as I reeeally didn't follow that a tall, this is easier to follow plus it looks ace. I dunno why but the Japanese are just good at this kind of stuff, had this been a Hollywood flick with the usual overpaid names it would have been trash.


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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Shimomura is no Kitamura and this is not Versus

Author: sidiousuno ( from Earth
25 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was rather disappointed with this film.I was expecting something at least as good as Versus or Aragami and I got this post apocalyptic mixed bag.The fight choreography was weak,the plot incoherent.Don't get me wrong,I love watching Tak Sakaguchi kicking ass for no reason at all but this is just too repetitive.He doesn't actually kill anyone till the last 15 minutes of the film(Spoiler:he fights with a sheathed sword that turns out to be a rifle when unsheathed)and even then that cool sequence was spoiled by the fact that he's shooting zombies that don't even look like zombies but rather like Buddhist monks crossed with Frank from Donnie Darko on Valium.Worth watching just for die hard Sakaguchi fans

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