The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008) Poster

Plot Keywords

fbi psychic vision
psychic priest
staff physician pedophile priest
catholic brain disease
pedophile hospital
2000s ice bath
scalpel hand axe
bare breasts live severed head
dragging a body human experimentation
grader acepromazine
foot chase kennel
seizure held captive
bible quote bare chested male
car crash boy in a wheelchair
police dog frozen lake
bell 206 jet ranger helicopter d box motion code
second part snowplow
kidnapping human experiment
claim in title paranormal phenomena
cross cell phone
washington d.c. stem cell
stem cell therapy stem cell research
shaving off beard scratching face
rowboat reference to proverbs
reference to proverbs 25 2 reference to jesus christ
reference to j. edgar hoover reference to google
reference to george w. bush reference to bugs bunny
praying prayer
photograph newspaper clipping
mourning one's sister medical doctor
ice helicopter
gardening tool footprint
female doctor driving car
dorm room dog
black man beheading
beard attacked by dog
apartment complex cult film
federal bureau of investigation blizzard
surprise during end credits scene during end credits
vivisection virginia
terminal illness stem cell surgery
sick child same sex marriage
rescue prophecy
police chase old flame
mailbox guard dog
general store doctor
car accident cancer
brain surgery west virginia
tranquilizer skepticism
redemption psychopath
police officer killed faith
crisis of faith bleeding from eyes
axe title appears in writing
swimming pool surgery
shaving sex offender
severed head severed arm
russian pistol
organ harvesting nun
murder missing person
impalement frozen body
fbi agent falling from height
dismemberment blood
snow abduction
based on tv series sequel
title spoken by character

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