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The movie works like thrillers used to work, before they were required to contain villains the size of buildings.
San Francisco Chronicle
Knowing nothing about "X-Files" is no impediment to appreciating this for the well-acted, adult piece of work that it is.
Miami Herald
I Want to Believe provides a welcome reminder of what made Carter's franchise a pop-culture gem.
The Carter and Spotnitz's credit, such weighty concerns aren't the stuff of most mainstream genre movies. But they're also not sufficiently gripping to transform a middling thriller into something truly provocative or haunting.
The truth is, the mystery pales next to the best "X-Files" plots. But fans will appreciate sly references to past episodes, an unexpected appearance from an old friend and the still-poignant bond our heroes share.
Older and sadder, Mulder and Scully are no longer sure they've got the energy to even ask if the truth is still out there. And it feels as if Carter is skeptical, too.
In not knowing who it needs to please, I Want to Believe pleases no one.
It feels like a wan version of the show -- one that has lost its otherworldly edge.
Anderson, who's turned Brit in a number of TV series and films, including "Bleak House" and "The Last King of Scotland," is compelling in her white lab coat and surgical scrubs, and she brings some real tenderness to her tete-a-tetes with Mulder.
The Hollywood Reporter
Overall, the film plays like an improbably skewed but comparatively routine criminal procedural that would have served the original show well as an extended season opener or sweeps-week contender.
Chicago Tribune
The story is both a muddle and a drag.

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