The Illusionist (2006) Poster

Plot Keywords

prince duchess
love magician
supernatural power illusionist
nineteenth century illusion
crown prince class differences
19th century afterlife
the other side gemstone
manifestation shooting
suicide by gunshot disappearance
austrian soldier obsession
deer antlers excalibur
pipe smoking cigarette smoking
neck wound footlights
austrian empire austrian
crown prince leopold of austria film projector
pocket watch newspaper
beggar vapor
eating food
letter wood carving
carpenter frog
flute card playing
seed lemon
bird investigation
friendship nudity
orange tree backstage
money castle
lantern search
rifle gun
suitcase train
skepticism skeptic
gaslight morphine
candle hypnotist
hypnosis drinking
drink wine
girl horse and carriage
trick horse riding
fiance fiancee relationship boy
spiritualism spiritualist
kiss first love
breaking and entering steampunk
vienna austria rural setting
voice over narration reunion
paranormal phenomena undressing
flashback false accusation
faked death teenage love
star crossed lovers secret love
sadness sex scene
photograph male nudity
love affair friend
female nudity broken heart
theatre audience argument
victorian era showmanship
revenge pistol
nonlinear timeline magician's assistant
loss of loved one london england
electricity young lovers
shot in the head mirror
magic trick fake beard
face slap austrian alps
apparition angry mob
suspense soul
royalty murder
detective death
conspiracy tryst
tree theatre producer
theatre sword
suicide stable
rose river
train station police surveillance
police inspector pickpocket
painting orange the fruit
nobility magic
lost love locket
jewel jealousy
interrogation hunting
horse handkerchief
ghost forbidden love
egg doctor
disguise coup
coin card trick
butterfly broken engagement
based on short story balcony
assault arrest
1880s 1870s
independent film title spoken by character
surprise ending

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