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Village Voice
Beautifully acted and handsomely mounted, this gorgeous period piece is an intelligent and intriguing exploration of "the dark arts" -- less dependent on mere hocus-pocus than on the convincing journey of the soul undertaken by its hero.
Entertainment Weekly
The Illusionist looks rigorously styled and measured, and every one of Norton's postures feels chosen. Yet the interesting actor has chosen so thoughtfully that we're riveted.
Outstanding production values and mysterious subject matter give the film a surprisingly opulent feel for an independent Sundance entry.
By the end, the canniest viewers may not be fooled, but--and you can believe this--they may be mesmerized.
Rolling Stone
Edward Norton is at his best here, chalking up another boundary-stretching performance this year in the wake of the unfairly overlooked "Down in the Valley."
An infectious mix of romance, mystery, and magic.
A bizarre story of intrigue, magic and murder in turn-of-the-century Vienna casts a considerable spell in The Illusionist.
The A.V. Club
The results are reasonably clever and impeccably executed, but one of these days, Burger is going to have to pull more from his hat than just the rabbit.
While it might have made a good short, as a feature film The Illusionist comes across like a magician whose tricks are transparent.
L.A. Weekly
The movie is leaden and self-serious, with an unusually hollow performance from Norton, who's not for a moment convincing as a man of raging passion. Far better is Paul Giamatti.

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