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File This One Under: Maybe Hits Just a Little Bit Too Close to Home!?!
KissEnglishPasto25 October 2013
............................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL

Certainly, there have been moments in my life when I've felt as though people were looking at me and thinking,"Where did this guy come from...Film Geeks'R'Us?" Have any of you had similar moments? Film Geek paints a most unflattering portrait of our young protagonist, Scotty Pelk (deftly portrayed by Melik Malkasian). Open the Cinema Dictionary and you'll see Scotty's photo under "Encyclopedic knowledge of the cinema".

For those of us who aren't afraid to hold up a mirror to ourselves for a circumspect soul-search, we'll probably catch a fleeting glimpse of Scotty Pelk in some recess of our psyche. Most of us might envy his seemingly limitless depth in everything cinematic, but who would want it coupled with a total and utter lack of social skills?

Movies are Scotty's universe...No friends, no family, and absolutely no other interests! Working at a video store, Scotty's entire life revolves around films. Watching films, talking about films and writing about films on his Zero-hit website. He also exhibits borderline stalker tendencies. For those of you familiar with the blog rule: "Don't be that guy!" Well, Scotty Pelk IS that guy.

Film Geek makes you chuckle at Scotty's lonely-loser life, but that laughter is followed quickly by pangs of voyeuristic guilt. Considering its zero budget,(Well, 10K according to IMDb Pro) Film Geek is a cinematic miracle, wherein the viewer experiences amusement one moment, a haunting eeriness the next, followed by great pathos the next.

Topping all this off is a curve ball plot twist, which would be a Spoiler if explained. To be sure, Film Geek is not without its faults. It does get off to a rather lackluster, slow and unevenly paced start. But that all rights itself within 15 to 20 minutes. Also, it seems a stretch to imagine a twenty-something possessing such a voluminous knowledge of films, but stranger things have happened...9* O.K., Film Geeks.....ENJOY/DISFRUTELA!

Any comments, questions or observations, in English or Español, are most welcome!
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Why are there no DVDs in this film?
Warning: Spoilers
I think this film is a prime example of what can be done with talent, imagination and no money. I do not subtract points because the subject of movie geekdom is "easy" for a film geek.

But I would really want to know why all the videos in this film are VHS. Since this is not a historical recreation, and a lot of the films mentioned are recent, why no DVDs?! To make Oregon look backward? Or was it because the filmmakers were not allowed to tamper with the DVDs on their location shoots? I really wish someone would explain that to me but I won't subtract any points for that either.

Oh, and I really, really liked the irony of the very last scene!

P.S.: James Westby himself (!)just e-mailed me the following message the day after I posted the preceding:

(start of message)

Hey man

The omission of DVDs was (sort of) to make it feel somewhat anachronistic and more like like an '80's after school special. I realize how pretentious that sounds.

Thank you for the nice review - it means a lot.

Best regards

James Westby

(end of message)
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Haven't you still got some shrink wrapping to do?
manuel-pestalozzi2 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It was fun watching this movie. And yet it left me somewhat irritated. The main character being a FILM geek seems to be arbitrary – he could just as well be an auto repair part geek. His knowledge of film consists mainly of data that is basically meaningless. His being an author of comments on movies with an appeal to others is not very convincing as it is not supported by anything he says or does. There is a moment when I hoped that the essence of his addiction to film would come into the open. I am alluding to the dinner at the Mexican restaurant with the girl he is smitten with. Unfortunately the scene turns out to be very short and the opportunity to provide this movie with a message (concerning the question what movies are doing to us or to Scotty Pelk in particular) is missed. I regretted that as in the end Pelk really and definitely turns out to be a pretty annoying babblemouth. Shrink wrapping does seem to be more productive. And it leaves room for introspection.

Film Geek would only have been half as good hadn't Melik Malkasian played the main character. He seems to be an actor with a lot of talent and a huge potential. Just watch him in the sequence when Pelk is getting fired! Somehow he reminded me of Buster Keaton and Jimmy Cagney, he moves equally well. I just hope some good parts come along for him and that he can be seen again soon.
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Quirky and Charming
jerry_linn4 April 2005
I saw Film Geek at the Longbaugh Film Festival in Portland, OR not knowing what to expect, but I found that I discovered a wonderfully entertaining and quirky little gem of a movie. Melik Malkasian gives an incredible performance as Scotty Pelk the film geek who is a socially lacking, movie-obsessed video rental store clerk. When he is not at work, he spends most of his time serving as webmaster for his movie review website which hardly gets any traffic, masturbating, and obsessively watching movies alone in his apartment. The rest of the time he pathetically lusts after the bratty Kaitlin and and the icy-blonde Cindy who both despise him. Being as utterly clueless as he is he continually pursues them despite their rejection of him. In one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie life hits the bottom of the barrel for Scotty when he is fired from his job at the video store. He goes crazy running about the store turning everything into chaos. For this scene alone Malkasian should garner some awards attention. He combines the perfect balance of humor and quirk that is nothing short of brilliant in this scene.

Despite the low point Scotty has reached it also turns out to be a turning point when he meets the captivating Niko. Niko is a cool, Portland-hipster who loves movies (almost) as much as he does. Unlike everyone else in his life she doesn't mind discussing them with him and connecting with him in general despite his nerdy ways. Scotty soon realizes that he might just have met the love of his life. One of the main problems is that her scummy boyfriend just isn't going to let go so easily. Will Scotty's eventual fame at having his website be discovered enable him to win Niko in the end? Or will his clueless ideals and delusions just keep getting in the way? James Westby does an impressive job with his direction, writing and heartfelt realization of the many memorable and engaging characters and situations that make up Scotty's odd, crazy, hilarious and yet at times somewhat sad story.
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Scotty is wonderful
jraypdx7 April 2005
Wow....two weeks later and I'm still amazed at how good Film Geek was. It's just good clean and sometimes not so clean fun. If I had a DVD copy of it I would rearrange my collection and place it right in-between Rainman and Napoleon Dynamite. What a character study. Scotty was a believable little weirdo the entire movie. He's the kind of character you just fall in love with. I found myself at the video store where the director works "Videorama" searching for a movie and I thought to myself, what would Scotty rent. A must see for anyone who loves a good off beat character study....checkout Film Geek. I want to watch it right now, I guess maybe I have a little bit of Scotty in me. Hurry up and get it to DVD!
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Lame Remake of The Last Laugh
Scott Andrew Hutchins24 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Being a film geek myself, I was expecting to see a lot of myself in Scotty, but he got on my nerves, going into things that I would rarely say aloud to keep from alienating people. His tastes are also pedestrian and mainstream. The essential story is that a man gets fired from a job that he loves, is forced into another job where he is completely out of his element (in this case, an auto parts warehouse), then has an improbable ending. In F.W. Murnau's _The Last Laugh_, to which I'm surprised the film makes no explicit reference, a man is forced out of a job as a doorman that he loves to a job as a washroom attendant, in which he is ashamed, although the pay is higher. In that film, which is silent with text only in the mise-en-scène until an intertitle punctuates an improbable (in the film's own words) ending in which the man wins the lottery, which he was never shown entering. This film takes the same structure, only it's punctuated with Scotty nude and masturbating before a sink (there are several previous egregious such shots in which he has his rear end hanging out--Mr. Westby, did you really need so show more than Scotty going into the bathroom with a picture of a girl?) rather than a cinematic device. In this case, it reveals that Scotty's Hollywood ending was pure, unmotivated fantasy, even though it at least worked in a semiplausible "how."

This film is alternately cloying and cringe-worthy, with most of the cringing coming from Scotty's alienating persona, and cloying when he discusses his love of film. The biggest laugh I got was when he whispers in his neighbor's ear that Niko's ex likes scat, in reference to a scene earlier in the film in which he saw her while trying to abscond a video that she essentially stole from him.

The most likable character in the film is the beautiful Tyler Gannon, but even she is unpleasant in the way she uses Scotty, and is essentially a bahng-smoking ne'er-do-well who wants to make her boyfriend jealous. If the film were more satirical, it would work, but it seems to want us to like both Scotty and Niko, and fails miserably.

It's easy to understand why Scotty would be fired from a mainstream video store, less so that a niche video store would refuse to hire him, when he clearly has the credentials to do a job. Kim's Video in New York would probably hire this guy in a second, but this guy lives in Portland, Oregon.

Overall, the characters are incredibly flat. There is nothing to Scotty beyond his interest in film, and though Niko is a collage artist, we mostly see someone else's paintings and only get brief flashes of any collages, presumably because nothing suitable could be obtained or made in time for the shooting.

I disliked _Napoleon Dynamite_ immensely, and the comparisons between films are fairly valid, even though the likable girl in that film seemed almost out of place.

If the film had been darker or more satirical, it might have worked, but it mostly goes for cheap laughs with cardboard characters that essentially fall flat. The film is mired in mediocrity. Why didn't Scotty at least try to study film in college instead of live in a tiny apartment as a video store clerk? At least then, the temp services might offer him something more than a warehouse job, although in the current economy, probably not. The film does seem set in another time, probably the late 1990s, as DVDs are only starting to infiltrate the store. As Video Connection is not a niche store, by 2005, it would probably have abandoned all of its VHS regardless of whether a DVD of a particular title was available. These days I know of no walk-in video rental stores with the exception of a few niche shops or a Blockbuster franchise.
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Lets Speak Geek
fwomp24 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Watching something like FILM GEEK makes me feel good. Sometimes I sense my social skills slipping, but watching Melik Malkasian play Scotty Pelk in this flick boosted my confidence several rungs. You see, I'm into films, too (pretty obvious since you're reading this on a film review site, eh?) Undoubtedly, I compared some aspects of the Pelk persona with myself. Thankfully, I couldn't make many connections (Whew!)

Pelk is a video store employee with an encyclopedic knowledge of film and film history. Trouble is that's all he knows (he even has a zero-hit website devoted to film reviews, film history, and comparative film theory). He drives everyone around him nutso. Employees. Store patrons. Passersby on the street. No one is immune to Pelk's social ineptness. And dark days are headed his way. He's fired from the video store and is forced into a job at an auto-parts warehouse where he continues his film history harassment to anyone within earshot. But then he runs into Niko (Tyler Gannon, THUMBSUCKER), a funky artist who takes a strange liking to Pelk. They meet. They go out. And Pelk becomes enraptured to the point of stalking. He's so infatuated with her that he masturbates daily into his bathroom sink while staring at her picture. Obviously this isn't going to work. When Niko's old boyfriend shows back up, Pelk is on the outs again and has a meltdown. He tears up his little apartment and falls back into more masturbatory behavior ...only to have his phone ring. On the other end is a newspaper editor who wants to do an article on him and his website. The FILM GEEK becomes an overnight success, his website gets massive hit numbers, and movie-goers comment on his accurate film assessments. Even Niko comes back to him ...or does she?

Director James Westby lets us make up our own minds about what happened in the end. Did the FILM GEEK actually become popular? Or was his mind spewing forth fantasies while he let loose his physical emissions into the sink? The dark humor is deftly handled (no pun intended) and the scenes involving Pelk's discovery of his own social limitations are pulled off very well.

Comparisons to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE are appropriate here. Both movies had limited budgets. Both had quirky characters with poor interpersonal relationships. Both main characters succeed (?) due to the very thing that makes them so dysfunctional.

Although FILM GEEK had lower production standards than Napoleon Dynamite, FILM GEEK certainly ranks up there with it in terms of script, acting, and freaky character development.
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Clerks for the current DVD generation
DJJOEINC20 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Film Geek - a pleasant surprise- a funny indie about a video store clerk obsessed with movies.Sadly his social skills and over-eagerness make him a pain to work with - so he gets fired from the one job he seems to be cut out for.Lots of funny stuff in this one- as we watch his doomed courtship with the cute artist who likes Cronenberg and electronica.His attempts to catch up to her hipness are also funny. I work at a video store so I get an awful lot of the inside jokes in this one- but there are enough funny moments that are universal that folks that enjoy smaller films should enjoy this one also.The DVD also has a humorous short film The Autuer which is basically a porn director shooting commentary for his recent epic. B+
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Spoiler is in plot description
chrisleb12 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
To say in the plot description, "The story of Scotty Pelk, a socially inept video store clerk who gets fired from his job and becomes a sensation as an online film critic," is itself a spoiler.

Thank goodness I watched the movie without taking a look at its IMDb page.

I would rather see something like, "The story of Scotty Pelk, a socially inept video store clerk who gets fired from his job and tries to find another way to put his encyclopedic movie knowledge to good use."

I thought the movie was rather sweet, and a useful portrayal of a misfit who I assume suffers from Asperger's Syndrome.
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A movie in dire need of entertainment value
Knuckle26 November 2006
Film Geek, from writer/director James Westby, has all the hallmarks of a film that has been made with absolutely no compromises at all and as such comes off as an incredibly self-indulgent exercise on Westby's part. He got every scene and line of dialog he wanted but didn't really bother to let the rest of us in on the joke.

Scotty Pelk (played by Melik Malkasian) is the titular geek whose life we are supposed to find fascinating. Everything from his monotonous droning about movies to his box sniffing is supposed to endear us to this man but succeeds in doing nothing more than reminding us why it is most people who are labeled geeks are social outcasts. He's not funny, he's not charming, he's not sweet, he's not anything but a pain in the butt and we get to be subjected to his nonsense for almost two hours.

And while Scotty is most certainly in the running for the title of Most Annoying Thing About This Movie, the winners, far and above the tepid acting and predictable plot line, are the little bits of dialog that rear their ugly heads from time to time to remind us that Westby has a horribly overdeveloped grasp of melodrama. The only thing worse than hearing Scotty drone on and on about movies is hearing Scotty drone on and on about his dreams and aspirations.

Perhaps if somebody had told Westby (preferably at the script writing stage), "You might want to try to entertain someone other than yourself," it would have been a better film. Since this movie is supposedly based upon Westby's days as a video store clerk, it's easy to see where this narcissism comes from.
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Not even enjoyable for a true film geek
tomq5p28 January 2008
I wanted to like this movie, but I didn't. It was simply too low budget to be enjoyable. The acting was generally pretty bad and the story was relatively formulaic.

There was a smattering of funny one-liners (most of which involved the word "basically"), but not nearly enough to get me through the 70 minutes without checking my watch.

Of course, as a film geek, I appreciated the references to lesser known directors and films. In fact, I would have loved it if that aspect of the film was played up. Instead, we get to see a corny pseudo-romance unfold and watch countless "Napoleon Dynamite" wannabe jokes fall flat.

The film doesn't work because the acting and storyline are subpar and the protagonist is a caricature who is far too one-dimensional to be even remotely believable. However, the cinematography is decent for a movie that seems to have been made for about $1000. The music wasn't too bad either.

If someone edited this down to only the obscure film references (which would probably run about 10 minutes), it would be funnier and much more digestible.

I wouldn't even recommend this one to cinephiles.

3 out of 10
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Just plain bad
Conrad Billings7 February 2006
This movie is quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. The whole story revolves around one Scotty Pelk, a man whose only outstanding qualities are his encyclopedic knowledge of movies and his complete lack of social skills. In the course of this torturously bad movie he learns about life, love, blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes you can find a redeeming feature of a movie, no matter how bad it is. In this case, there isn't even one. The acting was ham-fisted and bad. The writing was either cloyingly sweet ("I love movies more than anything. Movies let you be other people." ACK!), just plain bad, or BOTH.

A lot of comparisons have been made to Napoleon Dynamite, but I think the closer comparison would be to High Fidelity. Both movies are about a young man who has trouble getting on with his life due to an unwillingness or inability to grow up. Both movies feature a protagonist who has allowed his fetish to become the sole source of comfort and empowerment in his life and as a result they alienate everyone around them. The big difference between Film Geek and High Fidelity, however, is that only High Fidelity is worth watching.

1 out of 10 stars - and this movie was lucky to get even that.
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Westby is Brilliant
RUBBERGASH6923 January 2006
Film Geek is a film that comes around once in a lifetime. Director James Westby's grasp of Cinema is overwhelming. The film is everything that Napolean Dynamite should have been. The lead is a dork, loser type, but played to brilliance by Malik Malkasian. If the distributor of this film has a brain, they will roll it out on a grand scale. The movie is short, only 75 mins. But in that time frame, I laughed, I cried, and I was so deeply drawn into Westby's world, that I hoped the movie would go on forever.

If you get the chance to see this gem on the big screen, don't miss it. Westby and Malkasian could be the next Scorsese/De Niro.

5 Stars, A+, A perfect 10!!!!
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Don't be fooled - this is a horror movie!
endymionng5 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
At the same time this ranks as both one of the scariest and saddest movies I have ever seen. Scary because current trends, makes me think that there is an increasing number of people like Scott Pelk or at least heading in that direction. The thing is that geekiness like this doesn't have to be about movies, but could be about a number of other things (games, anime, cars, books of a particular type, religion, etc you name it). The line where a healthy interest in a particular subject turns into either fanaticism, isolationism or other otaku-like behavior is getting easier to overstep in the internet age so this movie hopefully can serve as warning :-). Although the movie has its tragicomic moments and in-jokes to the movie-buffs, it really is primarily a sad story. Especially with the twist ending that leads me to believe that he has finally lost it.

As others have pointed out the movie doesn't make it clear whether Scott has usable knowledge that can be creative or an autistic knowledge, that is more like a party trick. Reviewed be a geek who can see some scary similarities, but one who does try to have varied interests, some of which require social interaction ;-)
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Charming and Cute Geek Film
xwolven14 May 2016
This a really low budget film, like say Primer style low budget. But like Primer it's executed perfectly for what they have to work with and it comes out really entertaining and feels more real and personal this way. This is a very cute film. Melik Malkasian is just perfect as the film geek and although not of equal caliber actor, he really reminds me so much of Rami Malek from Mr. Robot. He plays this role with just as much conviction as Rami in Mr Robot. (See I didn't even notice that their names were also similar til now)

This film is kinda embarrassing at times because Scotty can be so socially awkward but it's never pushed like in other bad films to levels that are overly uncomfortable like say Jim Carey has done in the past or the Wayan Brothers do in virtually every movie they make. Its just the right amount to seem realistic. Even Napoleon Dynamite did this a bit too much and made it hard for me to enjoy that film. If your a fan of movies like Revenge of the Nerds, you will really like this one even though its low budget, the message of the movie really comes across well. That message being that even though you may be outside what's considered "Normal" by society; if you're a good person, passionate, and good at something, eventually you'll find a niche of people to appreciate what you can do.

The world is full of different kinds of people and there's a place for everyone. Very well done movie!
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Has Some Flaws but It's Certainly Charming
Michael_Elliott11 May 2014
Film Geek (2005)

*** (out of 4)

Extremely uneven but slightly entertaining look at film buff Scotty Pelk (Melik Malkasian) who finds his life going nowhere when he's fired from his video store job. Things start to look up when he meets a young woman (Tyler Gannon) who appears to have a love for movies as well. FILM GEEK, by the title alone, is a movie that film buffs are going to want to check out and while there are some nice ideas scattered throughout, there's no doubt that a much better movie could be made on the subject. With that said, there's no question that I found a lot of it to be charming and even got a couple nice laughs out of it. I'm sure most film buffs will laugh when they see Scotty trying to explain "black bars" to someone who doesn't care or seeing him trying to talk two teenage girls into checking out foreign films. I think the nature of Scotty's knowledge is rather ordinary as far as a film buff goes but it's still fun just seeing someone with a love for film. Throughout the movie we get some text on the screen showing off some of Scotty's favorite directors and their top five movies. With that said, there's no question that there's more heart in the film than actual greatness. The lead character is extremely nerdy to say the least and he certainly has a lot more problems than just his love for movies. They probably could have toned this down some but at the same time Malkasian is extremely good in the part. The supporting cast doesn't feature any great performances but they all fit their roles nicely. FILM GEEK isn't a complete success but considering its budget, the thing kept me entertained.
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Pure Inspiration!
Kylegrnwd10 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie starts off a little slow but it's strange obscure style grows on you as you continue to watch it. The story is quite realistic, while portraying the rarely attainable fame and fortune mentality of today's society. Overall this movie is entertaining, and awe-inspiring in it's own weird geeky way. I had a few good laughs with the occasional care of character build up in this move. This movie also shows the kind hearted side of people and how they can look past themselves, but who often get distracted by irrational decisions in their life. This film helped me put things into perspective in my life including the inspiration that I need to declare a major in college!
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Squeeze one off
Joe Bob Jones1 October 2012
Film Geek is an excellent fantasy for any guy who has stood at the sink and squeezed one out. You know you have.... I did just the other night. That said, what the hell is wrong with a well made nerd done good story? Nothing, if it is spot on, and Film Geek is. Of course it is improbable, yet it is such a genuine sad sack coming of reckoning film, you have to like it. The absolute geek manner of Scotty, at times he even causes you to roll your eyes, whose genuine nature draws in the nerd viewer due to the purely over the top dumpkopftnedness (new word), is wonderfully earnest. He fumbles, he is quite simply retarded, he knows no boundaries. Still, this allows all of us to rest humorously in the viewing security that we ourselves, surely, didn't do so blatantly badly with women, or even the most basic social situations. In that way, we all fall in love with Scotty, which is part of the whole directive. Awkward nerds rejoice, we can still find a hopeful and victorious way out. Why not love this film? I did.
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Only a spoiler if you didn't watch the trailer. Quirky indie drama/comedy.
roldog2726 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Somewhat autobiographical tale about a young man w/ an encyclopedic knowledge of international film. This robotic young man's fascination w/ film is shared only by him, as he swiftly spews forth the info on varied popular and esoteric films and directors. He irritates people, though he means no harm. He actually is a "nice" guy. Alas, he loses his job as a clerk at a video store. Now he's faced w/ greater social isolation and the challenge of building a life outside of film alone. This film will appeal to anyone who's ever been on the outside, considered a geek or nerd, or who loves film. The Film Geek (Scotty) is worse off than Napoleon Dynamite because, unlike Napoleon, Scotty doesn't have ANY friends or family. Film is set in Oregon, shot on location, in a documentary type style, but well-produced. Bonus features: interesting notes about the cast and crew in a making of feature, and a hilarious spoof starring Malkasian (who played Scotty). In the spoof (referred to as a short film in the menu), Malkasian shows off his acting skill playing an Italian porn film director who's giving the DVD commentary for one of his films. Funny because such shallow material is treated w/ such seriousness. Worth your time. Trailers for 3 other indie films: most noteworthy: Mongolian Ping Pong (drama about what happens when children in an isolated tribe of Mongolian indigenous people find a ping pong ball), and Agnes & My 4 Brothers (German comedy about a sex-addict)
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sweet_12318 January 2007
This really was the worst movie I've ever watched. I actually finished it, although I had a strong desire to turn off the DVD player many times throughout. It's a BIG waste of your time. And the scene with him in the bathroom was absolutely disgusting. Anyways, don't waste your time unless you are some king of film freak like the dude in the movie. Its really a bad movie. Interesting why it was in the "pop flicks" section in the public library. I am absolutely astonished. There is hardly anything exciting going on in Film Geek, it was very dull the whole time. I am surprised it won an award from the Sarasota Film Festival!
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I absolutely loved it!!
beachblonde20059 April 2005
i can't say enough good things about this movie. It reminds me of Napolean dynamite except i liked it even better. Partly because its got a more complicated story,and people who are more weird and screwed up in it. i loved all the characters and excuse me for saying so but scotty is hot!! i thought it was so adorable how he knew so much about the movies and everything. The actor who plays him lived in Portland well I guess he's going to be famous now since the movie is gonna play at more theatres then in portland soon. i wanna see the next movie hes in I can tell you that! What a hottie. long live the film geek! there should definitely be a sequel.
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Geekly Masterful!
meeza10 November 2006
Geek Alert! Geek Alert! Geek Alert! We have discovered one of the most entertaining & quirky film geekettos in film history, Scotty Pelk the protagonist of the independent pelkicula "Film Geek". Pelk is a walking encyclopedia of film facts. He is the epitome of cinematic obsession. Melik Malkasian's performance as Pelk was mesmerizing. Malkasian's breakthrough work will gateway him to the Melik Way of independent film stardom. Pelk is a clerk at a video store named Video Connection. He is the king of T.M.M.I. (Too Much Movie Information) as he annoys the customers with obscure facts on avant-garde directors and screen imaging. "Scottytape" has definitely watched way too many movie videotapes throughout his lifetime. He also has a film fascinado website whose hit list is in the same list as what some of his co-workers have him on, "the zero list". Pelk gets "cut" from his Video Connection dream job and aimlessly searches for another video store gig. He also falls for an attractive female artist named Niko who thinks he is the dweeb poster boy but finds a "reel" attraction in him. The film follows Scotty through his trivial film world and it becomes a playground for film freaks & geeks, present company included. Writer-Director James Westby's love letter to film connoisseurs is a marvel effort that has to rank as one of the supreme independent films in cinema history! I hope to see more flicks from the "Wild Wild Westby". Join the great geek gods of film and take a peek at "Film Geek". ***** Excellent
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Be Kind, Return this movie
thesar-211 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As a "film geek" myself, I was drawn to see 'Film Geek' in hopes of seeing the like. I, too, have a vast array of film knowledge floating on upstairs, I have worked at a video store (two movie theaters and was a reviewer for both my high school and college papers) and I am definitely considered a geek. But that's where the similarities end.

This movie-proclaimed "Rain Man" of movie trivia seems more ill or anti-social than annoying; though it was hard it was to watch this "Napoleon Dynamite/Lucas" character.

You'd think it was basically a PG or PG-13 film, until the first of many masturbation scenes. I haven't seen this many since, well, never in movies. And you throw in kinky sex, acceptable to some, disturbing to many – personally, I say to each their own, though I would never want to be part of that, it seems to go off target in to some weird tangent, that I expected some shocking closing where the main character, "film geek" Scotty, blows everyone away in the video store.

The movie starts with Scotty working at a video rental shop who annoys customers, coworkers and his boss with his textbook movie knowledge and eventually gets fired. Though what seems to be a gay character – all of his clichéd mannerisms point to that, they sorely prove that wrong with his infatuation with both his female neighbor and an artist/movie-lover girl he met on public transportation. The movie then aimlessly shows him masturbating and hanging out in his underwear while attempting to woo this artist girl, make that stalking her, mostly over the phone.

Thankfully, what started as one of the worst closing redeemed itself in a "surprise conclusion." That was probably the best part of this movie – because I was about to discount the entire movie due to the shockingly bad climax, until the final few seconds.

Problems: It was released in 2005? This must have been made years prior: note the extreme number of "VCR" tapes; heck, I was surprised to see CDs. Speaking of the time, his website looks more like 1997 than 2005. And he gets bit by a dog in some strange scene and hence, wears a bandage. It's hilarious how it's in one scene, then gone and then back again.

Finally, the "Making of" the "magic" 3 minute documentary basically showing the main star, Malkasian, all but denouncing the film (as did the director.) I had to laugh at that, and of course the additional scenes of him jerking again. I'm beginning to think of this as less "Film Geek" and more "Porn Geek."
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