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Duck Duck Goose Goose
abaughn21 March 2006
Wow! I must admit that this short caught me off guard. I was at a festival and struggling through a series of low budget, poorly acted shorts when I came upon this one. Most shorts aren't short enough... with Duck Duck one felt it wasn't long enough. The effects and dream like feel make it look like a much more involved, high budget picture. I was simply amazed at the production value most of all but as it went on I found it to be a fantastic little piece of entertainment. The crowd at the festival gave it a standing ovation. I haven't checked but I am sure it must have won some awards. I recommend this and give it my highest rating. Not at all your typical short. Congrats to the filmmakers.
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A laugh out loud short!
lmsmedley4 March 2005
It's tough to get laughs from a short flick, but this one managed to get me to fall into its wild and wacky premise from the start.

Clever,witty, engaging with the kind of lightning pace of a Malcolm in the Middle episode.

Strong writing, directing, and great comedic performances by the cast. The tone is set right from the start -- this is an over-the-top farce -- and never lets up. Farces aren't easy, either. They either try too hard or just plain aren't funny.

Tech credits are strong.

Shorts are a dicey medium -- most don't work, and the ones that do work don't work nearly as well as this one. Nice job!
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Simply adorable!
SheilaB808828 February 2005
A friend dragged me kicking and screaming to this film short screening in Los Angeles. I usually hate film shorts. I expected some 20 minutes of naval-gazing with arty camera angles. But, what I saw was a well-crafted and breezy story, some good acting, and most importantly - a funny film!

It centers on three single people who meet via speed dating. (Never heard about that before, but my American friend assured me it was a common activity in L.A.) One thing leads to another and you have three rather silly characters at odds. I would write more, but it's a short - don't want to spoil it for you. What makes it so enjoyable is the fast pace, the retro look of it and the MUSIC! Wonderful French classics with a spin. The opera singer was hysterical!

I should think it will do well in festivals. Too bad they didn't have the budget for 35mm, though. The story is larger than Super16. Too much grain.
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one of the funniest and wackiest romantic romps you could hope for on a Saturday night.
billyrobertbrown25 March 2006
I had the opportunity of seeing Duck, Duck, Goose! on a big screen in Hollywood, California and it was a blast. We've all seen stories about love triangles, but this one was startlingly absurd yet absurdly real--plus full of twists and turns, and eminently entertaining. I was "on board" and savored every moment of the ride. Oh, and I loved how perfectly faux French was spoken throughout and used to great effect. All the actors were commendable; but whatever you do, you must watch out for two of the leads --DC Douglas and Robin Meyers. Far more than just up-and-comers, they've GOT THE GOODS, man! Expect to be seeing them on the biggest SILVER SCREEN close to you in the very near future. If their talent went public, I'd buy shares!
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Saw it in Snata Cruz
staff-3829 May 2005
I'm a big fan of short films and thought this one was pretty dang good. Saw it at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Definitely has some big laughs in it. The rest of the time I was smiling. It's a fun ride with some weird characters.

I think they had pretty good production value, though you'd think a film from L.A. would be on 35mm. I mean, come on, they must have connections! The speed dating part was a nice ride, and the music was great. Loved the whole subtle "duck, duck' metaphor,too.

All in all, a nice package. Should be a good calling card for the director.
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Ear candy, too.
Charoncita22 March 2006
Not only is this fun farce visually delightful, it's a treat for the ears, too. Be sure to listen for the hilarious lyrics while the action speeds on. It's one of those films where you keep discovering stuff with repeated viewings, and each new thing makes you giggle (kind of like the first time you watched "Airplane" with the sound off, remember?). The cast is nimble, with sure timing; Robin Meyers is a delight. The direction is strong and fluid. The opera singer is a hoot! I love well-done short films, and am always ready to be amused or touched, but usually have to settle for not wanting to throw stuff at the screen after I've watched, but this little gem just keeps me in stitches and wanting more!
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