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Plot Keywords

death island
fight to the death desolate island
dystopia implied rape
violence against women most dangerous game
game of death last man standing
game of survival modern gladiator
fictional game show fictional reality show
battlefield semiautomatic pistol
pistol machine gun
foot chase horse chase
horse ak 47
fistfight brawl
pump action shotgun shot with a bow and arrow
duel knife fight
wrestling mixed martial arts
martial arts disarming someone
combat hand to hand combat
cult film bald
ambush gunfight
guerilla warfare gun battle
shootout showdown
muscleman strongman
battle f word
blood splatter warrior
one against many one man army
tough guy action hero
hero box office flop
vomit underwater
rain neck breaking
jumping off a cliff chase
tower title appears in writing
threatened with a knife strangulation
spit in the face face slap
shot in the shoulder rope bridge
punched in the face punched in the stomach
presumed dead airplane
murder knife in the chest
jumping from a helicopter husband wife relationship
hidden camera handcuffed woman
greed federal bureau of investigation
explosion exploding man
exploding airplane duct tape
death of wife covered in blood
corpse collar
cigar smoking camouflage
burned alive brutality
boyfriend girlfriend relationship blood
arrow in chest wrestler
website webcast
waterfall surveillance
suplex special forces
revenge reality show
reality producer jungle
double cross death row
camera attack
violence loss of loved one
internet throat slitting
suicide stabbed to death
stabbed in the neck stabbed in the chest
shotgun shot to death
shot in the chest shot in the back
rape person on fire
molotov cocktail knife
killing spree kicked in the crotch
impalement falling from height
exploding helicopter exploding body
contest bunker
broken leg bow and arrow
bomb betrayal
beaten to death title spoken by character

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