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"Battle Royale," if you've never seen it, is a fantastically sadistic and unapologetically brutal Japanese film from 2000 about miscreants dropped on a jungle island with orders to kill each other for a reality TV show. The Condemned is pretty much the same thing with half the satirical wit and twice the number of wrestlers.
The Condemned isn't post-modern junk, smirky junk, faux junk or clever junk. It's pure junk, with a certain integrity to it.
Steve Austin is conspicuously inarticulate and uncharismatic. Former soccer lout Vinnie Jones, whom no one will ever mistake for Laurence Olivier, acts rings around him.
There are stretches when it becomes tedious and insufferably self important. There's even a late scene in which the movie turns preachy.
Condemned is, if nothing else, an object lesson in how to punish women for fun and profit. But it's all for a point, the filmmakers would have us believe. One suspects that's a point of sale.
This is the worst kind of movie, one that insults its audience by purporting to condemn violence while simultaneously reveling in it.
The wrestler carries himself with decency and without self-seriousness, the qualities that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star. Austin deserves better material than this. So do we.
Chicago Tribune
A real stinker. It doesn't have the courage of its own bad taste, or that of its villain.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It is hard to say what is more despicable about The Condemned: the overtly racist portrayal of Brekel-Goldman as Jewish-media bloodsuckers, or the film's sleazeball attempt to pass off lovingly attentive sequences of ritual torture - often scenes of incredible hulks bashing cowering women - as a critique of media violence.
The Hollywood Reporter
D-grade "Running Man" ripoff.
The film is smugly hypocritical at every turn, loudly preaching the evils of sick voyeurism while encouraging its audience to cheer every gruesome death. It's not only morally bankrupt but, between the ludicrous script and Z-level acting, scrapes the bottom of the entertainment barrel, too.
Just watch Austin on "WrestleMania" instead, avoiding the shower this movie leaves you wanting.

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