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Chicago Tribune
One of the more intelligent, better-made new movies around right now, but, despite everything, it doesn't really connect with the nerves and heart. It's a romance without anguish, although the pain of love is really what it's all about.
The actors, especially Binoche, do their damnedest to bring urgency to their roles. But despite Minghella's admirable attempt to tackle major themes on an intimate scale, the film goes down like weak tea. There's no kick in it.
Breaking and Entering is a bourgeois movie full of bourgeois problems presented bourgeoisly.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Breaking and Entering is smart and smartly done, as it describes these inter-circling worlds - the well-to-do Brits and the newly deposited foreigners, trying to shake off their homeland tragedies and start anew.
New York Daily News
There's a great deal of potential here, but like Will, Minghella loses his bearings whenever he wanders too far from home.
The story is complex enough to be absorbing, but its pedantic quality makes it -- and its lessons -- all too easy to forget.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Minghella is a smart guy with splendid intentions but, ultimately, he's a victim here of his own liberal contrivances.
However admirably Minghella urges a break from complacency and an entry into a state of local/global compassion, his characters are position holders rather than people.
The story, like the protagonist, floats along in a noodly sort of way, intelligent, benign and ineffectual.
Breaking and Entering starts out powerfully, then falls apart by the time it reaches its too-neat conclusion.
Wall Street Journal
Starts busily, and soon becomes a bafflement -- such an interesting cast, such technical excellence, so many intricate details and parallel plot threads, yet so little clarity or urgency.

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