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Miami Herald
What is evident from the film is that there was never any chance these two peoples could make a peaceful coexistence.
Formulaic film recounts the tumultuous birth of Israel.
As overstated and expository as a historical pageant, from the drippy music to a sputtering, running gag involving funky old jalopies to cliched speeches and teary-eyed deaths and a final voice-over crying out for peace. Why not add a song score and an exclamation mark in the title?
Features some first-rate cinematography and solid acting, but absolutely no sense of emotional boundaries.
Alas, it aspires to be an epic drama but suffers from an acute identity crisis: It can't decide if it wants to be history, drama, or a cry for peace in the Mideast.
Village Voice
Imagine watching Otto Preminger's equally silly 1960 "Exodus" now and you'll have O Jerusalem, minus Paul Newman's blue-eyed wink.
The New York Times
Whether on a Middle Eastern battlefield or the streets of New York, characters converse in stilted, expository mouthfuls that smother emotion.
Makes the mistake of including too sweeping a scope in too small a movie and with too few resources.
The Hollywood Reporter
O Jerusalem has the virtue of energy, but it suffers from superficiality, particularly with regard to the characterizations.
Chicago Tribune
As a pocket history of the battles over Jerusalem in the '40s, O Jerusalem is serviceable enough. But all the melodrama cheapens the real drama, and turns a war-torn region into a soap-opera stage.

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