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Author: Max Kämmerer from Austria
21 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I truly liked this movie.

When I rented it I was like "What? A remake of The Ten Commandments? Bulldeuce". Then I started the DVD and the menu looked cheesy as Sheol. It comes in two parts you have to watch separately, which is weird. The beginning of the movie was slow, too. But other than that, it's quite good. It has it's share of excellent scenes like Pharaoh carrying his dead son through his palace (which is unfortunately accompanied by Menerith doing the same with awfully goofy looking long hair) and Moses praying in the wilderness. The movie doesn't hide anything from you which most modern secular commentators would say has to be hidden. There's people being stoned, Hebrews killing Hebrews over their disagreement whether to follow Yahveh or not, nothing too graphic, but at least it doesn't act as if the Bible didn't say this happened.

Probably to my shame I have to say that I never watched all of the original Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, it kinda bored me, but this one kept me until the very end.

If you liked the new Bible movies that have been sweeping the market lately, like The Nativity Story, The Last Inquiry and so forth, you will find yourself enjoying this movie.

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Amazing and colorful - best version ever!

Author: junner2003 from United States
1 June 2008

This is one of the best versions I have ever seen! No overloaded special effects, no attempts to picture the myth of GOD. It is rather the human point of view playing 'between the lines' rather than trying to re-tell the Bible.

Moses sure doubts himself as leader of his people but his faith gives him the strength to get 'the job done'.

One of the most impressive things in this movie: the scene sets are very authentic looking.

If you take the time to watch this movie, I promise, you won't get bored at any minute unless you look for 'Spiderman' action. Athentic, colorful, amazing ... !

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Perfect remake of 1956 classic...

Author: mtr0118 from Brandon, Florida
10 July 2006

This TV movie about Moses' life was very moving and 75% biblical comparing to the 1956 movie. The Red sea parting scene was very realistic and original even though Cecil b. DeMille's tactics still live on. It was very humorous to to see a Christ like appearance in Dougray Scott's portrayal of Moses,but he did a somewhat fair job.Mia Maestro was SO glamorous as Zipporah.My hat goes off to Robert Halmi and RHI for a great effort in this project of the Exodus.ABC should have this film on a regular run yearly to blend with DeMille's version. Hopefully it will be available soon on DVD.If you liked this film, you should watch also "In The Beginning" with Martin Landau and "Moses the Lawgiver" with Burt Lancaster.

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Grand! An outstanding achievement for television!

Author: Clayton Van March (Hallows_Eve_Chocologic) from Perth, Western Australia
26 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Truly, this is the most grand made-for-television production ever made. It is made on a true epic scale of Biblical proportions. Filled with many spectacular riveting scenes, and eye-catching visual effects, this tells the Biblical tale of Moses like no other. What people have to know, is that this version is NOT a remake of the original DeMille masterpiece. This is a knew imagining of the inspired story, which took place 3,500 years ago. It is a RENEWING of this tale, to the modern generation. Most younger viewers these days would fall asleep through the 1956 version if they watched it now. There was a particular style of Acting, Production, and Direction back then, glitziness, and that was the only form of film allowed in Hollywood. The characters' personal lives were not even thought of to be explored. They had no personality, they were just people on the screen, that you spent a few hours staring at. But since the late 70s, early 80s, THEIR lives jumped out of the screen, and into YOUR lives. You felt sorry for them, mourned for them, shared they joy and happiness. This miniseries really used that personality technique. Never before had I understood the lives of these monumental figures as I do now after watching this.

Well-known actors such as Dougray Scott(Ever After), Naveen Andrews(Lost), Omar Sharif(Lawrence of Arabia), Mia Maestro(Alias), Paul Rhys(From Hell), and an array of many other stellar talents, not to mention 20,000 local Morroccan extras, battle the many tough characters and personalities of the Biblical story of the Exodus. Padma Lakshmi was also a superb pick for drop-dead-gorgeous Princess Bithia, Moses' adoptive mother, Matthew Sim was a top pick for the Demon-Possessed Soothsayer and his notable line "Bring down every horse and it's rider!", Karim Saleh was great as Joshua, Susan Lynch was a lovely Miriam, Linus Roache was a bold Aaron, and Richard O'Brien had a great guest appearance as the Tutor.

Acting was not the miniseries' only strong point, of course. The Cinematography was breathtaking, exploring the great beauty of Ouarzazate, Morrocco, which seems very similar to the Holy land. Robert Dornhelm's Direction was fabulous, Robert Halmi Sr.'s Production was extremely worth all the possible turmoil producing can be, and the script by Ron Hutchinson made this miniseries possible, and enjoyable. Without his great script, there would be no film, we have to remember that, and he did a very good job at it.

The costumes by Ann Hollowood made you feel like you had traveled back in time, the make-up by 9 talented artists was very down-and-dirty, as it would have been, the emotional score by Randy Edelman was splendid, and the sets were first-class. But what was truly grand, were the Visual Effects and the CGI animation, that re-created the Burning Bush, the Ten Plagues, the Parting of the Sea, the purification of the bitter waters, Mount Sinai, and the giving of the Holy Laws, it is surprising that only 5 people were on the FX team.

Filled with drama, suspense, action-packed war scenes, spectacular miracles, and amazing talent, The Ten Commandments two part 2006 miniseries is the most Biblically and Historically accurate version ever made, and I will cherish it in my home. Watch it with the Bible on your lap, or the Koran, or the Jewish Midrash, and you'll see accuracy also. Television and RHI Entertainment has finally hit Adulthood.

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Great Movie as good as the Old one!

Author: ( from United States
11 April 2006

I like the style of this ten commandment movie;I liked the realist and the close link it had with the Bible compared to the old movie. It was well produced and acted and believable. I would love to see other Bible movie created from this producer. I am a minister and I researched some of the fact of this movie, I would say that 80 percent of it was in the Bible compared to the old movie. I like the old movie but this new movie blew me away. The characters were recognizable to role played in this movie. The scene in the beginning about how the male boys of Israel was killed was changed from the Biblical account from drowning to stabbing with a swords and a couple of other other changes that really didn't take away any thing from the context of the movie. I gave a 10 rated for the over all effect it gave to me from the experience I had from the old ten commandment movie.

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Great Movie

Author: askmike1 from United States
18 April 2006

I didn't know how this movie would turn out, but I thought it was great. By far 10 times better than the cheesy and slightly boring Charlton Heston Version. All the actors, especially Dougray Scott & Naveen Andrews. The acting and story points, unlike the former movie, was believable and realistic. I like how they portrayed Moses as more of a human and less of a God-like figure. The only way I can see them improving it is if they got rid of the cheesy 80's-like clips they randomly showed (like the locusts part & the mushroom cloud).

Overall, a great movie that I hope they put on DVD and show again next year.

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Author: SVU14_1 from United States
12 April 2006

Alright so, I never really saw the Charleton Heston version of the movie (I'll try and catch it Saturday when it's on the same channel this was on) and I tell ya: this was by far one of the strongest portrayals of the Exodus story. "I think your God is cruel", "we wouldn't need to build a statue...he lives even in your heart" these are some of the most powerful quotes. In the Old Testament, God was seen as cruel "tough but fair" and this is how Moses acted with his followers and he was also able to clearly detail how everything in Judaism and Christianity came to be: the idea of a nameless God, the Ten Commandments etc. You can easily see within the story of the Exodus (no matter what movie version) why the Decalogue is what it is: There is killing, adultery, perjury, paganism and all of this lead about to the creation of the Ten Commandments (aka the Decalogue).

Watch it! That's all I gotta say!

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Another "Hollywood" attempt but still gets it wrong

Author: pleiam45-1 from United States
12 April 2006

A long time has passed since a biblical movie was made right from the pages of the Bible.

"Cruel", say you; the definition of cruel as an adjective is - lacking or showing kindness or compassion or mercy. Cruelty is not one of God's attributes. However if you want to talk about Egyptian cruelty lasting 400 hundred years and all God did was take what was God's in the first place after (Romans 8:18) repeated warnings for not releasing his people from bondage.

Moses in this movie did not have a "shining face" after receiving the Ten Commandments from God as recorded in the Bible.

Moses remarried and had sons before he died, so he wasn't completely "consumed" with the leader role as stated in the movie.

When Moses died at 120 years old he hadn't lost his strength or sight. The movie portrayed his last days as one who lost their strength.

The Israelites were made to wander for 40 years until the last of unfaithful died off except Joshua and Caleb as punishment for disbelief in God and provoking him to anger for their murmurings and complaining.

This movie is just another attempt to deceive people from the written truth. I wonder how many people actually read the Bible story after watching this movie. Misinformation is a crime and should be punished. I hope somebody sues Hallmark (c) until they put a disclaimer that says "read the real Bible story and then watch this fictitious account perpetrated by "Hollywood""

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Fine job, but second half more of a challenge to enjoy

Author: vchimpanzee
11 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I did not see the Charlton Heston movie all the way through at one time, but I eventually did see it all--years ago, so I don't remember a lot of details. In many ways this version is almost as good. In a few ways it is better. Fine acting, spectacular visual effects not available in 1956, inspirational moments that teach us a lot about faith.

The violence is definitely more graphic here than in 1956, starting with the dreams of the first Pharaoh, who is well played. The plagues are not easy to watch. And the second half has a lot of violence, including a battle with the Malachites, as well as dead bodies resulting from battle and other causes.

Quite scary: the scenes of newborn boys being snatched from their families.

The scenes of Moses' childhood are effectively done, and we are introduced to the burial chambers, including that of Joseph. I don't recall any of that in 1956.

I wouldn't want to decide between Dougray Scott and Jon Voight (as John Paul II) for the Emmy for best actor in a miniseries, but chances are there will be even more outstanding performances to choose from. Scott is not exactly Charlton Heston, but he doesn't have to be. I seem to recall the Bible saying Moses lacked confidence, and this Moses does, but he overcomes his fear quite well. He becomes a strong leader, at least publicly, but in private he still has doubts and shows anger toward God.

Omar Sharif is impressive as Jethro, the man who takes in Moses after he comes to the rescue of Jethro's family, and eventually becomes his father-in-law. The scenes with Jethro's family are entertaining and well-done. I wasn't expecting Jethro to show up again after the departure from Egypt, but in his later scenes Sharif really shines.

A truly moving moment comes when Moses finally makes his brother Aaron realize God has spoken to him.

Paul Rhys is no Yul Brynner, but he does an outstanding job as the Pharaoh who Moses orders to let his people go. I don't recall Brynner having such a sense of humor, though. And when his son died, Rhys really looked like a beaten man.

Karim Salah shows a quiet and strong faith as Joshua. Like the Quakers and other pacifists, he believes at first that he should not fight. In fact, he believes it disrespects God to show such a lack of faith. Though Moses and the others set him straight.

Naveen Andrews was very good as the Egyptian brother of Moses. Also, Susan Lynch is worth mentioning as Moses' Jewish sister Miriam, who helped lead the Jews out of Egypt. Also Linus Roache as Aaron.

I know I left out some great performances.

The Parting of the Red Sea in 1956 pales in comparison to the same event here. The visual effects here for this event--spectacular! Even shots of fish rushing from the scene as it happens.

I can't believe they got out of Egypt so fast. A lot of events apparently were added for this version that did not appear in 1956. I don't remember quite so much conflict between the Jews and others, or between the faithful Jews and those who got impatient when times got hard. The second half was hard to watch but added a lot.

When Moses reads the law to his people after his second trip to the top of the mountain (as in the first movie, he breaks the tablets after learning of the golden calf, but this time only the calf explodes), we saw certain commandments being broken in flashbacks. This was not done in 1956 and I thought it added a lot, though when the events first happened, I considered them unnecessary.

It was a worthy effort. Not better than Heston's movie, not worse. Just different.

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